Dec 27, 2009

Six Tips To Stay Self-Motivated

The dictionary defines motivation as:to move, prompt, stimulate,
induce, activate, or arouse. In order to be self motivated, one
must have the ability to achieve the above actions by the use of
their own efforts.

Sure, we can acquire some levels of motivation by other means such
as listening to well known speakers at a seminar or attending your
rah- rah yearly convention. All of this is nice, but the truth is self-
motivation is the only motivation that really matters. It is the only
kind that makes a lasting difference.

Here are six tips to insure that you will keep yourself motivated.

1. Have- a- cause. A cause can be also known as your "WHY".
It has to be that something that really matters. It must be big enough
to inspire you indefinitely instead of just temporarily.

2. Dream -A-Big-Dream. Dreams are important and it's important to
dream. You will find it impossible to be motivated if you are not
clear on what you are aiming for.

3. Be Hungry. It is not enough to merely want something, you must
have a hunger for it. It can't be just a desire for something, your
motivation should be absolutely compelling enough that it will
overcome any obstacles that comes your way.

4. Run-Your-Own-Race. This simply means to stop comparing
yourself to others. We all learn and grow at different paces as well as
levels, comparing yourself to another will only create much frustration
and disappointment. So, move at your own pace.

5. Keep-Taking-Steps. Whenever you feel like giving up, take just
one more step. Never throw in the towel by giving up. Success is not
final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts the most.

6. Leave-The-Past-Behind. Let the past be the past. Don't dwell on
your past failures or successes. Let it all go and keep moving forward.
Finish each day by knowing you have done all that you could do in that

Applying these six tips can help you stay self-motivated. Remember,
the ONLY motivation that matters is self-motivation. It will lead you
to excellence and success. So know your cause, dream big, be hungry,
run your own race, keep taking steps and leave the past behind.

To your Success,

Rena Williams

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Dec 20, 2009

This Gift Goes Beyond The Holiday Season

Happy Holidays!

The Holiday season is a time of
joyous reunions of families and
friends. But even as we
celebrate God's wondrous gift of
His son Jesus Christ, some
families happiness is tempered
by the sadness of their ill children.

Join in by helping us put smiles back on the faces of cancer kids
as we donate $1 to buy toys for when they come out of their
cancer treatment for the day. This is a cause that truly goes beyond
the Holiday season. Kids are our future, help make a difference by
donating $1 to Texas Children's Hospital Cancer Treatment Center

Your one dollar will go farther than you think. Share in the joy!
Donate at

Thank You!

Happy Holidays and wishing you your best year ever.

Rena Williams

Dec 9, 2009

Be A Problem Solver

Whatever business you are in, you must be the
problem solver before you will be a success.

Whatever solution you offer must always be BIGGER
than your promise. Your goal must always be sure
that all those promises you are making about your
product, your service or yourself is nothing
compared to the RESULTS you can deliver to them.

Do you know what happens when you do that? People
don't just come to you once to get their problem solved,
they will come to you again and again and again. And if
you run any kind of company I am sure you already know
how important it is for people to come to you again and again.

Having people buy from you just once will put money in
your pocket, but it will not create success or wealth. So, be
the problem solver and watch your business thrive.

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Nov 30, 2009

From Failure To Success

He Knew He Was Onto Something Big!
Don Standard Success Story

Texas - I started network marketing around 1980. It looked too easy to be true. I was right. It took 25 years to learn the truth about how to do it.

Making a list of friends and family didn't sound like a good idea. But I did it. I signed up one family member who quit. No friends - ever. I started talking to strangers. I hated it, but I sponsored one every 4 to 6 weeks. But I never had two people on my team at the same time in three years. The last one always quit before the next one signed up.

I went to seminars, joined different companies. I learned from each failure, but never seemed any closer to success. Then the internet appeared. MLMers from wall to wall, looking for prospects. Most potential prospects had multiple businesses - and multiple failures.

I learned to get prospects. But converting them to team members was nearly impossible.

I went into a learning and testing phase. I sponsored large numbers of people into free programs. Of course, that never made me any money. But it was a start.

Then I found the ebook, "Success In 10 Steps". I had hundreds of unread downloaded documents, but this one interested me. I printed it out and started reading. Next day, I took it to work, finished it. Every idea seemed to be opposite what I had been told. I could look at some of my previous companies and see why I had so much trouble. I read the ebook 3 times in 3 days.

Email messages got me on free training calls. I never missed a single call for months. I never said a word ... just listened.

I knew I was onto something big. From my experience, I knew the people at Mentoring For Free were telling the truth about MLM. That was good, after 25 years of failure and frustration. I used the information from the calls to evaluate network marketing companies. I googled people using the Mentoring For Free system. I found companies they may have been in and/or previous companies. I added all the other companies I knew and started evaluating.

I quickly learned to find "deal killers". Some things are so bad they can't be overcome by good things. I narrowed hundreds of companies down to five - which I compared every day for over a week. In the end, one company came up on top every time. It was so superior that there really was not a second to consider. I hope you also find a company so clearly ahead of all others that you can make the choice and never have a second thought.

Still ... could I be successful at network marketing? I joined the company. I plugged into the MentoringForFree system and got some leads. Mostly I just watched and listened ... for 11 more months. Finally, I was ready to go for it. And it worked. I grew my business fast. I sponsored as many people in a month or so as I used to sponsor in a year.

And they didn't quit. I plugged them into MentoringForFree and helped get them started. We were a team, all using the system. People just like me who had experienced failure and frustration for years were now successful.

The Mentoring For Free system changed my life and the lives of people on my team. Now I grow my business easily and consistently. Network Marketing is fun. Just the way it really should be. Click Here To Get The Same Ebook!

Nov 11, 2009

Fearless Living

This is a post from the author of The Essentials
Laws of Fearless Living: Guy Finley

Have you ever seen rage in yourself? Generally, we don't want to see certain states within us because we've been conditioned to think of them as bad for us. We don't understand that these states are part of a world that can be changed when the light is brought to them.

What happens when we see things about ourselves that we don't want to see?

In order to avoid looking at itself, the mind will seize on the rage it has seen, and it will try to explain it. It will take the initial darkness, the negative energy, and because it seems to be so bad, the mind will make something out of it that it can deal with.

When we live from a nature that does not want to see its own self, then there's no chance that self, that nature, can ever change. When we hide from ourselves the way we feel, the only thing that we're accomplishing is the assurance that these feelings will return again... only more of them! It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: we condemn and doom ourselves by being afraid of the darkness in us.

We have one thing to do with our own states, and that is to see them as they are, to catch the part of us that's afraid of being what we've just seen, to stop trying to hide anything anymore... because we're on this earth to learn.

Negative states are created for the purpose within ourselves of being changed into something else. Everything that happens within us is all part of this beautiful process: anything that we are willing to bring into the light of ourselves will be changed by the light we bring it into.

So instead of going along with the answers that you give yourself for why you feel the way you do -- instead of excuses, rationales, justifications for your state (which are the mind's way of trying to deflect the state) -- don't hide it. Just simply see it. If you don't explain yourself to yourself, then all that's left is yourself and your awareness of it. You're not talking to yourself anymore about what you see. There's just seeing.

Don't hide anymore. There is something beautiful that doesn't have fear in it that wants to touch us. Its touch is what changes us. We cannot change ourselves. All the ways in which we excuse these dark parts are efforts on the part of the darkness to change itself, to deal with it, to get around it. Stop trying to get around a negative state. Bring the negative state into the light of your awareness, and let that awareness do what it is intended to do, which is to change it, to transform it.

I Hope you enjoyed this reading!
~Rena Williams~

-- Guy Finley

Nov 2, 2009

Your Best Network Marketing Tool

Ninety-two percent of the world's population is sales resistant.
People don't like to be sold. People don't like to sell.

How about YOU? Do YOU like to be sold? How do you feel when You
walk into a shoe store and some sales clerk comes up, trying to sell
you, shove you, get you to buy some shoe that's on sale.

No, No, NO!!! You Want To Buy What YOU Want!

Most people are sales resistant. If you don't get this and you try to sell
them, you will ALWAYS struggle in network marketing. You must to
learn to listen. Again, 92% of the world's population is sales resistant.
That is an overwhelming number, if you're out there trying to sell them!

You have spent your entire life recommending and promoting things
to people. Books, movies, restaurants, websites, recipes, stores,
schools, parks, and experts The list goes on and on. Now all of a
sudden in network marketing, someone tells you to make a list of
your friends and family, call them up, let's beat 'em up and SELL them!

This upline guru leader wants to turn you into that pushy, aggressive
salesperson that nobody likes. can you see why it doesn't work?

There is a better way to reach people, its called Listening!

When you listen to people, this will allow you to build a know, like,
and trust relationship that will allow you to consistently build your
business, day by day.

As you learn the four main personality types, you can teach your
people to teach their team. This will eliminate the sales mode.
Instead, they'll be in the mode of trying to figure out, "How can I
best help this person?"

As you find out what Color type they are, you find out their
personality, and their hot buttons. Why is that so important?
Because, just like not everyone wears the same size shoe, not
every prospect will have the same needs and wants in their life.

When you listen and learn which personality types they are, you
then have the ability to communicate directly with that person
according to THEIR wants and needs. That will make all the
difference in the world in your business.

Would you like to know an Easy way to learn the personality types?
Color To Success!

Rena Williams

Oct 28, 2009

A Tip On How To Avoid A Scam

As You absorb this information it will be clear that
this Tip could keep You out of trouble by keeping
You out of 100% of all the Scams that call them
selves a Network Marketing Business Opportunity.

We are NOT talking about a McDonald's franchise,
stocks, bonds, life insurance, trading in currency,
we are talking about Network Marketing.

You cannot "pay" money to Own a Business. Let
me explain this so everybody can get this "Fact".

When You pay say, $99.00, $199.00, $299.00 or
$399.00 or even $499.00 to join a business,, You
MUST receive Something of value that You would
buy without the business opportunity attached to it.

They may try to call it a Franchise Fee or maybe
a Training Fee or a Train the Trainer Fee this is all
100% "Illegal" and will put You in big trouble.

Take a look at Most Illegal Programs. You pay say
$399.00 to be a distributor and all You get for Your
money spent is a web-site and the opportunity to do
the same "to" other people.

They have a "Hard Cost" of say $25.00 for the web-
site, they pay $350.00 of Your CASH to the up-line
that recruited You into the illegal deal.

You cannot make money sponsoring someone in
the business......The NEW person MUST receive
Something of value for their CASH spent.

No Retail able product "NO" business opportunity.

If you want more fr'ee tips and information like this
on building a great income from home all you need
to do is subscribe to the MLM Letter at

To Your Success,

Rena Williams

Oct 26, 2009

MLM Tip #23

Tip #23-Know What Your Prospects Want

This is another huge mistake network marketers
are making.

Whenever you enter into a relationship focused on YOUR agenda,
you are failing to listen to the prospect’s wants, needs, and hurts.
They will quickly see that what is important to you is what YOU want.
This is not the way to build stable long lasting relationships.

So, it is so very important that you learn to listen. That means
getting the agenda out of the way so that you may hear the needs of
your prospect. Then and only then will you start to build life changing
relationships, right before your eyes.

The best way to learn to listen is to study the personality types.
This plus much more are taught in our free mentoring classes.
Want to know more? Here's a free ebook to guide you along.
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To your success,

Rena Williams

Oct 20, 2009

3 Skills That Builds Relationships

It's amazing how tough this is for most people, but it is. The thing that builds relationships is being yourself. When you are reading from a script when you talk to people, that doesn't work. If you have a set plan, one-two-three-four, some mental checklist you use every time you talk to any and everybody that doesn't work either. What does work is to:

1. Be yourself.
2. Genuinely care for people.
3. Show true empathy for people.

The 3 conditions that destroy relationships are:

1. The need to control
2. Being judgmental
3. Being self-righteous

The Key To Your Happiness In Life And Your Success In Business Is Learning To Listen. You can learn this skill and many others absolutely free each week with Free Mentoring. Want to know more?

Here's a free ebook you can download to help you along your way.

To your success,


Oct 19, 2009

Why People Quit MLM

People quit because they believe they don’t deserve success.
They think success is outside of themselves. So they’ll blame
the upline, the product, the compensation plan, the time of day,
the month of the year.

Yet, the real reason they quit is, they don’t believe they
deserve success. If you don’t work with them on that, they
will quit. They will use every excuse. “You sponsored me
and you never called me!” They will blame YOU. But in reality,
they just know that success is outside of them.

Personal development is a must it goes hand-in-hand with MLM
success. For you to make more, you have to become more. As
you’re working with a team, a group of mastermind people, they’re
all making money. They’re learning about handling money, investing,
getting their assets protected, and so forth.

And when you’re working in that environment, around all those
people, just the fact of being there ensures that you will learn all that
stuff. You will grow to be more than you ever thought possible.

As you grow, as your people grow, your team becomes stronger and
more stable. You get staying power, which is one of the most
important criteria in achieving long-term success.

Down load your free copy of Success In 10 Steps and sign up for a free
MLM mastermind newsletter.

To your success,

Rena Williams

Oct 15, 2009

Thursday 10/15/09

Successful people learn to think from the end--that is,

they experience what they wish to intend before it

shows up in material form.

You can do the same thing.

~Rena Williams~

Oct 13, 2009

Never Be Desperate!

The author of the ebook Success In 10 Steps, Michael Dlouhy
also wrote a previous book titled "The 35 Biggest Mistakes
Everyone is Making in Network Marketing and How To Avoid Them"

Mistake #4 is"Being so desperate, you'll recruit anyone who can fog a mirror"

Because network marketing is all about relationships and not selling,
people can feel the difference. If you're not building a relationship
with them, they sense you are treating them as a number.

It's wise to be selective about who you want in your business. Find
and talk with people that already have a dream. If not you will spend
your entire time trying to motivate and inspire them and eventually
end up trying to build the dream for them.

I heard a man full of wisdom (My Mentor) say only put people in your
business that you would want to go on a one month cruise with.
Anyone other, will only drain your energy and life is just not worth all
the wasted effort.

Sounds like great advice to me!
[For more mlm Mistakes updates join my Facebook group]

To your success,


Oct 7, 2009

Overcoming Obstacles To Success

How Did They Do It?

An Ebook, Michael, 10 Hours of Weekly Training!

Persistence, it's the one word that can describe my Success Story. Thinking back to when I started looking to create an additional income takes me back to my teenage years. I always dreamed of building an empire that would pay my children's children. What was missing for almost 20 years was a plan. The statement: "Failing to plan is planning to fail" describes that time period in my life.

Overcoming Obstacles

In 2003 I decided to see what all the fuss was about making millions on the internet. I watched a few informercials and got a few websites out of the opportunity section of some magazines and I was off on my journey to discover the end of the internet!

Everything I looked at made my stomach crawl. Nothing seemed legit or legal. I finally came across a free program and I spent 6 months being frustrated. In those 6 months I had no contact, other than emails, with any of my upline. I finally headed back out on to the internet to find a new opportunity. I spent almost 2 years with my next adventure. I had an awesome direct upline that had joined 1 month before me and we clicked right away. There would still be many hurdles for us to jump over.

I was constantly scratching my head trying to figure out why the upline was so diligent in making it so difficult for us. They constantly held back information, they played the favorites game, they played people off of each other and they manipulated downlines. My team was growing and the money was trickling in, but I was really struggling.

Then through advertising, I came across a sweet lady who asked if I had ever read "Success in 10 Steps"? I had seen the ads for it all over the internet but I kept passing it over. I finally decided to download the book based on this sweet lady's recommendation.

A month passed and I finally decided to read the ebook. After being beaten up and kicked around, I was skeptical. But I could not put the book down. I immediately felt the relief. My LACK of Success was NOT my Fault. WOW!

I called the lady who had recommended the ebook. I jumped on the weekly training calls and when I heard how easy it was to talk to people about the ebook, I knew I had found the system and training that could grow my business.

With the ebook and Michael and 10+ hours of training a week, how could we not have Success? It gave us a proven duplicatable system to build our business. We have sponsored a few who have sponsored a few, and so on, and so on. I have the support of Michael Dlouhy and the dynamic team at Mentoring For Free who share information and offer guidance. Anne and I thank them from the bottom of our hearts!

Anne and I are solid users of the MFF system and have been using it for 3 years. It is as simple as 1,2,3. Without MFF and its duplication we never would have reached Diamond in our Company or been able to help others reach Diamond as well.

Click Here for the ebook!
Rena Williams

Sep 28, 2009

Leadership Principles

I believe we all have an appointed purpose and destiny in life.
Our destiny is something we must uncover, not something that
we are automatically aware of.

Along this search for our purpose, many embark upon the role
of leadership. These are usually people that have developed the
courage to endure even when the going gets tough.

Below is a list of principles that people in leadership have come
to understand.

1. It's not going to be fair-Leaders will do more than their share.
Life is not fair but, we do it anyway.

2. Leadership is an inside job-Leaders know how to feed their
own flame. They don't expect others to keep them motivated.

3. Expect Obstacles and Problems-Leaders perservere,
they keep the attitude of this too shall pass.

4. Success is not easy-Leaders understand success is earned, not given.

5. Winners play hurt-Leaders may not always feel like keeping on, but they do.

6. Role of leadership requires thick skin-Leaders stand out from
the crowd. They take a stand for what's right.

7. Purpose is the key-Leaders stand for a cause, they know who
they are and why they are doing what they do.

To Your Success,

Rena Williams

Sep 22, 2009

Figures Don't Lie But Liars Do Figure

A Network Marketing Awareness

Advertising copywriters and salespeople are trained to give specific
numbers. in order to increase credibility. And that's great, if those
numbers have any basis in reality. In network marketing, they often don't.

Here's an example:
Companies say, "We keep 93% of Our people!" They are lying to you.

This is the truth: There was an MLM phone company a few years back
that had to publicize their retention rate, because they were publicly
traded. They're out of business now, so I'll go ahead and mention their name - Excel.

Take a guess. Out of every 100 people Excel signed up, how many
were still in the business a year later? Did you guess 50%? HAH!
What about 25%? As they say in the Hertz commercial, "Not exactly!"
10%? You're getting warm.

Excel's public record showed 6% to 7% retention. That's not 67% - it's
6 to 7% retention! So you build your network marketing business for a year:

* You buy advertising.

* You do 3-way calls.

* You go to meetings.

* You talk to all your friends and relatives.

* And you wind up recruiting 100 people!

Yippee! You're almost rich.

Well, not exactly. Why? Because what you have left is 6 to 7 people
out of 100 (!) still building the MLM.

Ooops, wait - that's not all you've got. You also have:

* Smashed dreams.

* Maxed-out credit cards.

* And probably a LARGE bunch of people who hide when they see you coming!

Does any of this sounds familiar? Whatever you do in network
marketing must be duplicatable for the masses. If NOT, you are done!

To your success,


Sep 21, 2009

4 Basic Fears

Our business in life is to achieve success. In
order to be successful you must find peace
of mind, acquire the material needs of life,
and above all attain happiness. All of these
begins with thoughts in the mind, but
sometimes fear can prevent us from acquiring these things.

Fear is a universal thing. There are so many different fears
that it would be next to impossible to name them all. It takes
time to overcome most fear, it could take minutes, days, months,
years, and in some cases even a lifetime.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hills speaks about six basic
fears that the human suffers at one time or another. I'd like
to address four basic fears people encounter as they seek to
succeed in the area of their professional life.

They are:
Fear of Competition-People love to compare themselves to others.
They generally use the state of others lives to measure their own
progress or lack of it. The end result is usually they end up feeling
as if they are not worthy to compete.

Fear of Controversy-This one is most common. People are emotionally
charged and the fear of coming up against any dispute hold many
back from success.

Fear of What People Say-Personal growth/development can really
assist in this area. What people say shouldn't affect your actions
because it is none of your business what others think of YOU. The
only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.

Fear of Things You Can't Control-Shed worry and anxiety by not
giving attention to things you have no control over. Instead, fix
your mind on those that are in your control such as your attitude
and actions.

Success is not about competition, controversy or what others say.
Success is an internal job. Strengthen your inner being and the
outer will fall into place.

Rena Williams

Sep 14, 2009

Commonality of Success

Success is a goal that can be achieved by anyone.
Many don't agree with this saying, yet it is true.

If you were to ask any successful
person, one after another, how
they reached their goals, you will
more than likely have a list of the same success commonality.

To be successful you must first have the desire. A desire
to be more, do more and have more than you currently do.

Success is making a commitment. Make a commitment to
yourself that you will get from life all that you want.

Success requires these three things, to:
1. Know what you WANT.
2. Know what it will COST to get it.
3. Be willing to PAY the PRICE.

The road to success requires many additional things, but
the most important one is to be willing to INVEST in YOU.
You must learn to have right thinking about yourself. People
are their own worst critics.

Learn how to develop a strong self image of yourself. Imagine
being the person you want to become. Everything begins with
imagination. Napoleon Hill teaches that imagination is more
important than knowledge.

If you are going to be successful, you must begin with the end
result in mind. See yourself doing the things you would like to
do and being the person you want to become.

The time has come to stop wishing and start creating a life of
success. The life you were meant to have.

Most people attend our master mind classes and learn to develop
such skills for success. All for free!

Road to Success Classes

Rena Williams

Sep 10, 2009

What's Bad Business In MLM

We can agree that network marketing is
a mentoring, learning, and a relationship
building business to reach higher levels of success.

This is why, Whatever you do in network
marketing must be duplicatable for the
masses. Six to seven percent retention is not smart business.

Results like this make it obvious why we
coach people to first find a "5-Pillar"
company, and make sure you build relationships
with prospects.

It is bad business to recruit someone into an unstable company.
It is bad business to recruit someone before you have built a relationship with them.

When you recruit a person who is your friend into a "5 Pillar"
company, the two of you have a commitment to each other
and a strong chance for success.

When you try a business relationship without that personal, mutual
commitment, or with an unstable company, then your chances of
failure skyrocket.

It is the truth and it is bad business in mlm.

You can sharpen your network marketing skills all week by dialing
in to our generic mentoring sessions. We want to save you from
unnecessary failure and frustration.

I Appreciate You,

Rena Williams

Sep 7, 2009

The Dark Side Of MLM

People figure if they have a great company, great products, excellent
marketing plan, good skills, proven track record, and on and on,
success in this business should be like rolling off a log.

And then they get crushed UNDER the log!

There are some facets of this MLM business that are so obvious,
you may take them for granted and never actually DO them.

For instance, your prospects MUST have a very powerful reason to
choose YOU over all their other 650 home business options.

Relationship building is crucial, so you definitely want to build a
relationship with them. And you also want to make an impression
on them that they will NEVER forget!

I don't know your business, I don't know what advantage YOU offer
that puts you head and shoulders above your competition.

I only know that if you can't offer that kind of advantage, You will end
up ROADKILL!! With no chance of surviving in this business. None!

So, to help give you some ideas, I'll tell you the advantage we offer
our prospects that elevates us above all the competition:

I'll provide a lead generation system that brings ONLY the most
qualified people into your group, no matter what company you are
building. Then I'll train your prospects FREE, 4 nights a week - without
mentioning any product or company to build relationships and become
Top MLM Sponsors who will build YOU a lifetime residual income!

You are certainly welcome to become part of our group and use this
advantage as your own. The best part is, its all generic and absolutely

But in any event, you MUST be able to put YOUR focused advantage
into a few words to create a lasting impression and elevate you above
all your network marketing competition.

It makes all the difference!

To get more info about this program click here.


Aug 31, 2009

Check Your Gauge

People instantly look for reasons why something
won't work. Maybe it's the way we are wired.
Being negative is a behavior we don't really
give much thought to until we find ourselves
being a student of self development.

Before engaging in personal growth our words
are mostly negative than positive. So, become aware of your words.

If you find yourself constantly saying things like"this won't
work because...I can't do that because...", you need to check
your gauge.

Your positive and negative gauge can be compared to the gas gauge
on your car dash-panel.

When the needle is straight up you can consider yourself somewhat
balanced in your thinking and speaking. If it is more to the left
you are headed toward empty. That's a negative reading. When the
needle is more to the right, you are leaning towards the full mark,
which is a positive reading.

You might want to check your gauge often to see which way the
majority of your words, answers, and speech fall the most.
In the negative or positive. Where your gauge is, can make a
huge difference in how quickly you reach your goals.

Rena Williams

Aug 24, 2009

Attracting or Chasing Success

In a previous article we talked a bit about the difference
between want and need. Just like there's a difference in
the two, so is it with a burning desire and a desire that
burns you.

There is definitely a balancing act between the two desires.
When you have a burning desire you are creating the right
mindset that is going to attract to you the thing you want.

However, if that desire is connected to feelings of "I'm
miserable unless I have this thing" then your desire is now
burning you.

Just like the senario of the more there's a need to be liked
by others, the less others like you. The same goes for success.
Anytime you chase success, that success will always run faster
than you will.

Your objective should be to attract success, not chase it. When
you chase success you are repelling it and you never get what
you are chasing. The attraction and repulsion forces are always
at work. Sometimes you will attract more than you repel and vice
versa. It simply depends on which force is the strongest at any
given time.

Like any other skill, you can learn to attract more than you repel.
When you change the way you are feeling, the mental picture of the
situation changes.

The key is to go through your day without resistance, as much as
possible. Next, keep your burning desire in mind, which is your

It's important that you don't expect your goal to give you happiness.
Don't let your desire for the goal burn you by feeling bad because you
don't yet have it. It is critical to be able to walk away from it
emotionally, even when you want the goal.

If you can happy even when you don't have in your possession the
thing you want, then you are attracting it to you. If you are unhappy
because you don't have in your possession the thing you NEED, then
you are repelling it.

These are the difference between attracting and chasing success.

To Your Success,


Aug 23, 2009

Is It a Want or Need?

There is a world of difference between
and need. One attract things to
you and the other repels things away
from you. It doesn't matter if it is money,
success, relationships, or anything else.
It works exactly the same.

You see, want comes from a vibration that
says "okay, I'm happy already and I would
like to have this too."
Need sends a
vibration that says "I'm miserable
and frustrated and I need
this thing so I can be happy!"

This may appear to be something new, because you were never
taught in this manner. You were always encouraged to set the
goals, have a burning desire, and keep a positive attitude if you
want to reach your dreams. Not many teach the difference in the
vibrations of what you say you want and what you need.

I know this must sound so simple and many try to classify them as
being one in the same. But trust me they are not the same.

Have you ever noticed how some folks try so hard to get others to like
or approve of them? Maybe you have done the same yourself! This
doesn't work. The harder you try to get others to like you or if you
feel like you NEED them to like you, the less they will.

That's with anything, not just relationship. Need is a negative
emotion or vibration. So, whenever your negative need feelings
arise, just know that you are pushing away what you really want.
So quickly acknowledge those bad feelings and switch your thought
to feelings that feel good.

The reason you want to recognize the "feel bad" feelings at first sign,
is because you don't want to spend much time there. The longer you
stay in a feel bad vibration, this is where you repel your wants. The
Universe is being signal from the vibration you are holding that says
"you cannot be happy."

When you are in this state, all the affirmations, self talk, nor dream
boards are of NO effect, until you change these bad vibrations into
good vibrations.

When the things you say you want, line up with a feel good vibration,
then and only then are you on your way to reaching goals.

Get better at keeping your emotions in check, when you take part in
a Master Mind group of like minded people.

Rena Williams

Aug 19, 2009

Paralyzed By Fear?

Are you one who is paralyzed by fear or
empowered by hope?

Let's face it, there are many symptoms
of fear. There's the fear of loss, fear of
pain, fear of death, fear of failure,
even fear of success. The most
common fear of all that grips people
the hardest is the fear of criticism.

People will refuse to take chances in
business or act on any endeavor because they are afraid to
be criticized. They feel that failure will come about as a result
of the criticism, and usually it does.

Most people are insanely fearful. Can you imagine going through
your life being miserable and unhappy because of a mistake or
poor choice in marriage? The very act of choosing not to make
corrections because of the criticism that may come from the
efforts of correcting the mistake? It happens everyday.

The majority of society allow relatives, friends, and others to
influence their lives and any decision, so they cannot live their
own lives for fear of criticism.

One thing I know is criticism is highly over rated. Napoleon Hill
says it's the one thing that everyone has too much of. He went on
to say even a thief will criticize the very person he's stealing
from. Fear of criticism has been a long standing problem for many.
So much so that Napoleon Hill dedicated a whole section on it in
his classic book "Think and Grow Rich".

So, how do we wean ourselves from the grips of being afraid of this
fear? By learning to develop courage through hope. The Bible tells us
continuously to "Fear Not". We start by trusting and developing hope
in a power much greater than ourselves.

At Mentoring For Free we teach that network marketing is a
relationship building business. Well, so is life. The first and
foremost relationship needful is one with ourselves and our Source.

Learn to be empowered by hope. This and so much more can be
accomplished by being a part of our master mind group of like
minded people. By doing so you will discover hope for a better future
with no more fear.

To your success,

Rena Williams

Aug 17, 2009

The Three Stages of Truth

Within every truth, you will find there are three stages.
Let's look at it from the network marketers aspect.

As a mentor and entrepreneur, I've experienced these stages
of truth and I know you have as well. I'm talking about the
days of being ridiculed, violently opposed and finally self- evidence.

When each of us first stepped out to start our own business
or undertake anything that was new or different from the masses,
we were ridiculed harshly. Whether it was by our friends, or
family members, maybe both, it was harsh.

Those people labeled you as crazy for wanting to make a better
life for yourself. They told you not to expect much, and don't
dream big and don't get your hopes up. That was being ridiculed.

Violently Opposed
As you didn't listen to the criticism and you continued to work
on reaching your dreams, you encountered much opposition.
You even began to question yourself about "is this really for me?",
"am I doing the right thing?".

Everything that can go wrong does, in order to detour you. Finally,
you start to see some results and pay off, but not nearly what you
hoped for. At this point you hold on to your dream and trust in
yourself and your ability to perform.

You went against the grain and worked hard on yourself. When you
plan, do, review and adjust your activities, things will come
together for you everytime. Inspite of all who violently opposed

Self Evidence
Final stage, you are seeing even greater results from your diligent
efforts. Things are flowing for you and people are starting to see
evidence of your success. The congratulations and accolades are
coming in because you made it through.

All of a sudden, the dream crashers are sugar coating their words,
saying "I knew YOU would make it!", or "I believed in you all along".
You are now part of the five percentage because you had staying power.

These stages could be compared to learning how to ride a bike.
At first, you will crash a few times, even lose momentum, but you
get right back up and try it again until you are riding confidently
in the breeze.

Remember, whenever you step out to pursue your dreams, there will
always be those who criticize what you do. Reason being, they are
looking through different lenses. It's the way they view the world.

So, go against the grain and make your dreams happen. Forget about
the naysayers. "heart has its reason, the mind knows nothing about."

Live your truths, let me help guide you!
MLM Truths

Rena Willaims

Aug 13, 2009

MLM 5 Sponsoring Secrets

Steps To a Proven System

There are 5 steps to growing a successful network marketing

1. Targeted lead generation 2. Automated prospect follow-up
3. One-on-one relationship building 4. Sponsoring and 5. Training.

If you were to have a single system to perform all these functions,
so much the better. If your MLM company or upline group does not
provide system(s) to accomplish these targets, you absolutely have
to set them up yourself. But it's a lot easier to go someplace where
they understand these MLM sponsoring secrets and already have
an established, tested and proven system.

Let's talk a little bit about each secret.

Targeted lead generation. Why do you want to build the dream for
somebody else? How do you think you're ever going to make some-
body have a dream? You only want to talk to people who ALREADY
have the dreams, the goals, the desire to be successful.

These are the warriors. These are the people who will build the
business, no matter what. These are the people you want to target.

So, how do you find them?

You promote a website that has only one objective: To capture
contact information. So when a visitor comes to your site, their only
options are sign up or leave. And you do your best to make them an
offer they cannot refuse. I prefer to offer people a great ebook
because Leaders are Readers.

Automated prospect follow-up. The secret in network marketing is
in following up with people. People are busy, our lives are busy. It's
best to have an automated email system going out to these
prospects. These emails need to be written by a professional
copywriter who knows how to tweak the mind, answer questions,
create a relationship in print. You want your automated follow-up
to create a relationship with ad copy.

It's good to have an automated follow-up system in case you want to
go on vacation, on a company-sponsored, week-long trip. Your follow
ups will be in place.

One-on-one relationship building: This is your most important MLM
sponsoring secret. Network marketing is a relationship business. You
want to sponsor them one at a time and bring them in one at a time.
The only way you can do that is to build a one-on-one relationship
with those people. This is crucial because if you build people,
people will build your business.

Sponsoring. Sponsoring means we will be friends for life. So wouldn't
you rather sponsor people that you want to associate with? My
mentor told me, "Only sponsor people that you'd want to go
on a one month cruise with."

Training is absolutely the lifeblood of your business. Teaching,
training, coaching and mentoring new people on how to do network
marketing is a must.

You'd better have a team website. You'd better have a step-by-step
Action Plan, if you intend to train/teach your people in the skills of
how to do MLM.

It's mandatory that you have a system that duplicates, meaning if it'll
work for one it'll work for all. To have long-term success, you MUST
have a proven and tested marketing system for your opportunity.
I love our system because it works, it offers total training in the skills
of working with people, so that you get better and better ‚ and your
people can plug into exactly the same system, making it far easier for
you to help them as you gain more and more experience.

Need help in locating quality training with a proven system?
Go here!

I Appreciate You,

Rena Williams

Aug 12, 2009

The Why Behind Your WHY

What are your reasons for doing the things View Video
that you are doing in the world today?

We are told that our why has to be big
enough to sustain all the down falls
we may encounter on our way to the success
we desire.

Here's a video of a little fellow who has
one of the world's biggest why's.

Enjoy this amazing story!
Tell Me Why

Need help crafting your why? Join our
free mentoring group
Mentoring For Free!

Rena Williams

Jul 31, 2009

How To Choose A Coach/Mentor

There are so many opportunities in life to get sidetracked.
Having a coach will help keep you accountable and focused.

The smartest thing you could ever do is get yourself a coach/mentor.
All the big stars have a coach, some have several mentors. Each
one teach their own specialty. How do you choose the right coach?

If you were married and were seeking marriage counseling,
would you talk to someone who's never been married? I don't think so!
So would it make more sense to get coaching from somebody who has
experienced what you are seeking, or somebody who hasn't?

Many of the coaches today in network marketing have never built an
organization. Or they built it 5, 10, 15 years ago, but they can't
build it today. So these network marketing coaches go out and teach
people how to do what they can't do. What they did 10 years ago
worked 10 years ago. But it doesn't work today.

So instead of being on the cutting edge of technology and learning
and USING the state-of-the-art in network marketing business-
building, they hold themselves up as a coach!

If you're going to be coached, you want to be coached by somebody
who is currently doing it NOW, someone who is active today.

It's crazy, but there are even "coaches" who promote it as a virtue
that they no longer do network marketing. They'll tell you this lets
them be objective. They'll tell you that you don't need to worry
about them recruiting you into some other business.

Here is the truth: there's a lot more money in network marketing than
there is in coaching - IF you can actually do network marketing, then
you can do the coaching anyway, while you're building your business.

So why isn't this person in network marketing anymore?
Easy. It's because they can't do it. Plain and simple, they can't build it.

It is completely insane to choose as your coach someone who is not
currently successful at network marketing. You are being ripped-off,
plain and simple.

Here's another thing, 90% of these coaches tell you that YOU have to
change. They say you have to get out of your comfort zone, become
this "A" type personality. And THAT is the reason it doesn't work.

Most top business people have or once had a true mentor, someone
who's done it before and knows what to do. The person with a mentor
has a big advantage. I would be honored to be YOUR mentor, no
matter what company you are in.

As your coach, I will believe in YOU until you can believe in yourself!

Rena Williams

Jul 28, 2009

Big "AL" Gives Great Advice

A member of Tom's forum had an interesting question.
Does this sound like something you'll like to ask?

I've been using a few company-provided free leads and I've also purchased leads (local market and real-time leads) with little to no success. I've also used postcard leads with no success.

Where are the best places to post my business opportunity on the internet to drive potential leads to my website? It seems like every free or economical place to post specifically says NO MLM posts or else ...

I'm trying to build my business and I'm getting very discouraged with all the hurdles out there. Any assistance and suggestions you all provide will be greatly appreciated and I thank you so very much in advance!

One more thing - my business is primarily internet and phone driven (nationally) with no face-to-face presentations.

Big Al replied on the Discussion Forum:
Leads are just people.

You have tried many types of leads, and none of the leads worked.

That's the problem. It is not the lead, it is what we say and do with the lead.

Here is my experience. When I first started, nobody was interested. Everyone I talked to was lazy, unmotivated, busy, skeptical, etc.

Hmmm, what was the common denominator here. Me!

I was at the scene of the crime every time :)

It was only after I learned the skills of what to say that my "luck" changed.

I didn't need more new leads to ruin. I just needed to say the right things.

So give yourself a test.
1. What is the first sentence you say to introduce your business to these leads? Can you write it down? Has it worked?

2. What are the sentences you use to get the leads to agree to listen to your opportunity? Can you write it down? Has it worked?

3. What "Ice Breaker" do you use to get your leads to ask you for a presentation? Can you write it down? Has it worked?
If you can't write these three things down, chances are this could be one of the problems.

We have to invest the time to learn the skills of our trade/profession. And this forum is a great place to start.

Tom's forum is a wonderful place to learn success skills.
Another great place is a our Mastermind group!

To your success,

Jul 25, 2009

It Worked, Simply Worked

You Gotta Believe! Like Sarah Thompson

Florida - I was the oldest daughter of 12
children. I worked a lot from the time I
was very young. But everything I made
went to support the family. Since I was
a little girl, I always wanted to be free.

Later, While raising four children of my own, I signed up with the latest, greatest, can't-fail home-based business. I had house parties and called on family members, with no results. I switched companies and tried calling Aunts, sisters and cousins to buy my weight-loss products. No success.

I got divorced. After night school, I got a lucrative corporate position in the late 1980's. But it turned out not to be the dream I wanted.

Back to Network Marketing. I studied, analyzed and joined countless programs. I was told

  1. Buy leads.
  2. Make a list of friends and family.
  3. To be successful, I'd have to get 100 "no"s in order to get one "yes".
  4. Make more calls.

After 14 failed attempts, spending thousands of dollars for guru "secrets", I was pretty discouraged.

In late 2007, I ran into "Success in 10 Steps" by Michael Dlouhy. I looked at the table of contents and thought, "Huh? Where is step 1, step 2, and all the other steps?" The chapters had titles like ëYour warm market has ice in their veins," and "Give your prospects a puppy".

Oh, right, Michael. This is REALLY going to help. NOT!

A few days later, the phone rang. Michael Dlouhy himself is calling me?? Must be someone using his name. Must be a sales call. Somehow he must know I have a few dollars left on my credit card.

We talked for a few minutes. He invited me to listen in on a free training call. Weird. He never tried to close me.

He called again, a few times. I was suspicious. But still no closing. At least it didn't cost anything. And somehow he began to make sense.

He called again and tells me he knows I am quiet, need data and then more data, that I'm slow to decide, well organized, and do not like calling leads. What is this guy, a mind reader? He says, "Sarah, you're perfect to do this business just the way you are." Now he has me. But I refuse to let him know.

Next call, I break. I tell him about my 14 failed attempts, my lead buying, my collection of no's, and how all 14 uplines told me I was not working hard enough.

Michael patiently explains how to evaluate an MLM company. Bam, wow I get it! My failure in MLM really was not my fault. So I ask, "How much to continue, Michael?" I mentally brace myself for his reply. "No payments. But you have to follow our training program."

After the call, I get an e-mail with four audio links, and no place credit card numbers. I listened to the audios several times. I have a notebook full of notes. On the next call, I asked questions. Hmm. Sounds like the real deal. I start to attend the training sessions. I get addicted.

Michael calls again. Now, it's like we're old friends. He says " Sarah, Linda and I will believe in You until You believe in Yourself" The most powerful words he could have said. How did he know I did not believe in myself?"

That is exactly what Michael and Linda did - they loaned me their belief until I found my own. It worked, simply worked, because it is simple and true.
Click Here For Free Ebook


Jul 24, 2009

Spillover, Is It A Myth?

In network marketing the word "Spillover" is a very popular word.
What is the real meaning behind this word and the people that so
graciously speak of it? Here's how Michael Dlouhy explains it.

A caller recently told me he's joining an MLM company because they
promised him spillover. I said, "They are lying to you!"

The guy called me back later and said, "I point-blank asked them
if I'd get people put underneath me, and the guy said, ëWell,
we can't guarantee that.'"

Spillover - Creating a Welfare Mentality

Good people don't want welfare. They want to build it themselves.
They just want to learn the skills they need to build this business
and create residual income, money that's coming in week after week,
year after year, and they can will it to their children's children.

When you look at a lot of network marketing websites, you often see
that word "spillover." The proposition, more or less, is, "get in now,
today, and you'll get all this spillover."

In my 30 years, I have never, ever, ever seen anybody get spillover,
having somebody build it for them.

And if you look closely at the compensation plans of the companies
that promote spillover, you'll find out that those who get spillover
usually don't get paid on it. There are other hoops to jump through
to get paid on that spillover, and these people rarely ever qualify.

So it's the person who actually does the work who gets the pay, what a
novel idea!

Companies and reps use "spillover" as a tool to drag in people who
think they can build a business without doing any work. In other
words, no sponsoring, no recruiting. It targets that type of person.

When You Say "Spillover", You Are Targeting Quitters!

When you see a network marketing company that promotes spillover
on their website, they're looking for welfare-minded people. The
problem for you is, you can't build with these people, unless YOU do
all the work! That's what they expect. And when you don't build their
business, they'll be off somewhere else, looking for a better welfare plan.

So really, when you or your company promote spillover, you are
targeting people who will not be with you long-term. And in network
marketing that makes absolutely no sense. The failure rate will be 100%.

And Here's Why The Leads You Buy Tell You To Go Pound Sand!

The quickest way to build a huge list is to offer the moon and require
nothing (no money, no work, no purchase) in return. You'll see
companies promoting "we've signed up more people faster than
anybody else in the history of network marketing." Problem is,
there's nobody ordering any product. It's just a bunch of names on a
list - but now they can call these people "network marketers."

Then they turn around and sell this huge database of worthless names
(an "MLM geneology list") For $10,000 each to 10 different list
brokers. BAM! That's $100,000 profit! And then the list brokers sell
these "leads" to all the people in network marketing who want to build
their business -including YOU!

So you pay $2-$3 a lead for these people, you call them up, and they
tell you, "Hey! You‚ are nuts! I've never been in network marketing!"
They don't even know what it is. They just opted in to some
pie-in-the-sky list, hoping to get something for nothing.

Conclusion? Run like heck from any company focused on "spillover"
and ALWAYS generate your own leads!

So do you think spillover is a myth? I believe this message from
is worth listening to. It sure answered a lot of questions I had
on this subject. Learn to generate your own leads for free!

To your success,

Rena Williams

Jul 23, 2009

Prospecting Rejection Free

Most people consider prospecting to be
tedious, because of the high rejection rate
that comes with it.

Wouldn't prospecting be more fun if you could
locate quality leads and talk with them rejection free?

I agree!

I'm going to share a couple of ways you can learn how
to enjoy talking to your clients risk free. First and foremost
you should tune in to our daily Mentoring for free training.

Here you will learn the four basic personality types, where
you can better identify the people you are connecting with
and how to master it.

Then there is a legend, who is the king of rejection free
training and seminars. Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, a dynamic
trainer. He shares over 30 years of experience.

He travels the world teaching network marketers better ways
to build their businesses. Tom's generic training shows you
how to prospect rejection free.

Visit Tom's website to see when he will be coming to your
city or a nearby location. Sign up to get his free reports.
He's a legend you will want to follow and learn from.


Jul 20, 2009

Expectations-Traditional Path

In your network marketing
organization, you will find at
some point in time, each
person in your organization
will go through a stage of draw
back or uncertainty.

Now, how do I know this to be so? Because it is the traditional
path that networkers experience after joining their company.
I went through it, you went through it, as well as people on my
team. So, expect your organization members to encounter the same.

Here are the stages.

1. First is the Excitement stage. This is when they take a look
at the business and become excited because they can now see
network marketing as a way out of debt, or as a way to get the
car they've been wanting, etc. At this point they are fired up
because they see a solution to a problem.

2. Second, is the Criticism stage. They come to the point in their
business where they are not getting the results they hoped for. They
are finding no support from family and friends, none of them are
buying into their business. All they seem to get is criticism from them.

3. Last is Self Doubt stage. Now they are asking themselves the
magical questions, "what did I get myself into?" "Can I get my
back?". They seem to feel uncomfortable, this is requiring
them to grow.

When these feelings creep into your mind, don't allow them to drive
you away from your dreams. Just know that it happens to us all. Be
aware that your initial excitement is common and the criticism from
others is only a result of their own cowardness. Others become
intimidated when they see that you have dreams and they don't.

When self doubt arises, keep the faith. Most people usually call it
quits in the stage of self doubt. If you will continue to fight, you will
reach your commitment stage.

There will be highs and lows in building a business. So prepare your
team for these expectations. Winners bounce back. Winners are the
real leaders.

Rena Williams

Jul 17, 2009

Before You Ever Join ANY Company

It would be wise to thoroughly read your policies and
procedures before you ever join any company. I mentor
and teach this rule of thumb to network marketers from
the start.

This one act alone could be the most important thing
you'll ever do in your network marketing career. I know
of a number of networkers who have lost everything because
they simply disregarded reading their policies and procedures.

Bad News From the Viperous Upline.

You need to make it a point to know who your upline is.
Upline can be viperous and they can get you really good.
Such as an instant of a woman in a networking company,
who became the first female to build so quickly and made
it to the top position in only a few months.

Her upline was extremely jealous and envious of her. So
naturally the upline wanted to get rid of this woman. The
woman had a fiance building in another company and things
were going really well for them. Her company found out about
the fiance's success, and because he lived in her household
it was grounds to terminate the woman.

The Claus.

There was a claus in her P & P's that stated you or anyone
in your household cannot make money from another networking
company while associated with this company. If violated you
can be terminated.

Needless to say the upline was happy to expose this bit of
news to the company. The woman's website was shut down
immediately and she never received her bonus check of $7,000
that was due her. She never even got a letter, only a phone
conversations letting her know she was no longer part of the company!

[she didn't have a clue about the claus in her p & p, she never
took the time to read them]

So, do you think it's important to read before you join?

Fact: When you joined your company, you checked a box stating that
you agreed to abide by each of those P & P's. But, I bet you never
actually read them! huh?

It's a trap that a lot of network marketing reps fall into. Don't
let it happen to you. Go find them and read them now.

Gain insight about other strategys for your network marketing
success by attending our free training.

To your success,


Jul 15, 2009

Give Yourself Permission

Permission to Fail that is!

In order to make better decisions, we have to give ourselves
permission to fail. We have to make failure okay to experience.

I know that I'll make new mistakes in the future. But I don't
beat myself up when I make a bad decision. I forgive myself in
advance. I know that I can't predict every outcome, and I know
that I'm not perfectly aligned with the character qualities of
the man I wish to be. I accept that. It's okay. It's a good thing
really because it means I can continue learning and growing.

Failure isn't the end of the world. Every failure is a learning
experience. Failure is simply the underbelly of success.
If you don't risk failure again and again, you'll never enjoy
true success. Fake success is when you seek validation in your
titles, positions, and possessions. True success is when you can
gaze into a mirror and feel totally loved and accepted by the
conscious being looking back at you.

Compliments of Steve Pavlina
Personal Development Mentor

Jul 14, 2009

Success Road Is Under Construction

What's the best road to choose, Dead End or Under Construction?

Your road to success should always be under construction.
What???? Yes! If you are striving for any level of success,
never consider yourself as having already arrived.

The reason being is there's always room for growth in your
business. There's always another meeting to attend, or a
self development book to read. There's always something to
learn. Great mentors will tell you, "if you are not learning,
then you are not growing".

Real leaders are constantly putting themselves to the challenge
to move up higher and take the next step upward. Smart people
don''t talk themselves out of success.

Winning doesn't happen automatically. It requires much
preparation. You have to prepare for the opportunities to be a
winner. So, the road to success is currently under construction if
you are traveling in the right direction.

Stay on track with like minded people in our Mastermind group.

Wishing you the happiest of construction,

Rena Williams

Jul 13, 2009

A MLM Success Story

"Success In 10 Steps' Was The Answer To My Prayers"
Judi & Earl Sheehan shares their story:

Earl and I were married in May 2006 and between us we are proud parents of four wonderful sons and two beautiful daughters. We are very grateful for the freedom that we have at this stage in our lives, that allows us to spend so much quality time together.

Earl is looking forward to retiring from the fire department in the next couple of years and joining me in my network marketing business.

I have spent thousands of dollars on training programs and leads over the years with absolutely no success. Now I am enjoying building a very successful business in Network Marketing easily and consistently without stress using the Mentoring for Free System.

I was first introduced to Network Marketing about 12 years ago while working as a hairstylist in my salon. I quickly fell in love with the concept of creating a lifestyle of freedom and helping others to do the same. I'd worked for myself, most of my adult life but owning your own business doesn't give you the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want.

I was searching for answers online to help me to find out how to be successful in this industry, when I came across Michael Dlouhy's ebook "Success in 10 Steps". That book was truly an answer to prayer for me. I had worked very hard over the past 12 years trying to create that lifestyle of time freedom. I did everything my sponsors told me to do and more. I had personally sponsored well over a hundred people during my networking career but it never duplicated into a successful long term business and I certainly couldn't help anyone else find success when it wasn't working for me.

I knew that I needed a mentor who was already successful and a proven system that I could plug into and duplicate. That's exactly what I found with the Mentoring For Free System.

I have learned how to build my business exclusively online using the internet and telephone without friends and family or buying leads or making cold calls. Mentoring for Free has taught me the skills I needed to generate my own targeted leads online for free and how to teach others to do the same.

I am truly enjoying the personal growth that I am constantly experiencing myself and also watching the growth happening in others within my team who are using the MFF system. It is such an amazing feeling.

I know that I would still be floundering online today, if it wasn't for Michael and Mentoring for Free. I will always be grateful that I took the time to download and read "Success in 10 Steps", the wonderful ebook that changed my life!
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Jul 12, 2009

Program Your Mind For Success

Your mind is being programmed each day.
Either you are doing it yourself or you're
letting someone else do so. If you are not
in charge, then you will really struggle for
success in network marketing.

If you are allowing things like the radio, TV, internet,
newspaper, even family and friends program you, then
you are definitely being programmed for lack and limitation.

When you endure constant negativity day after day, year after
year, it takes a toll on your outlook on life and your network
marketing business. Overall, you'll develop a negative outlook
on all things without even knowing it.

Learn To Program Yourself

When negative family members and friends are talking to us, we
are subconsciously being programmed. To have the success you
desire in life it is critical that you block out all garbage.
Success requires that you get rid of negativity forever!

How do you do this? First, by being critically honest with
yourself. Decide how much success you really want. Next, are
you willing to pay the price to have success by giving up the
radio, TV, etc., all negativity for 30 days?

When you do a 30 day cleanse you will change your life.
During this process you will learn to stop both the constant
external chatter and internal mental chatter, and start to
reprogram yourself with positive self-talk.

Self Talk

Self talk is a powerful way to stop the chatter in your mind.
It then gives you the ability to truly listen to people, and
listening is a skill that is needful for your success in business
and personal relationships.

Learn to develop more skills for reaching your goals by taking
part in our free mentoring program.

To your success!

I believe in you,

Rena Williams

Jul 7, 2009

Three Type of People

The world consists of three types of people.
Out of the three types, there's only one that
bring about real changes in the world.

Type one is what we call Pessimists. People
that are considered pessimists are the ones
that can predict their outcomes and are usually
right. It's the type that has to see a thing
before they can believe it. I'm going to prove
you wrong no matter what type.

Type two are considered the realists. People
that are realists, never want to be embarrassed.
They would rather elect to NOT take a chance on
doing something they are uncertain of than risk
embarrassment. For this reason, a realist have
difficulty growing. They lose faith easily, and have
a high fear of loss. They have low belief.

Type three is what we call visionaries. Many of our
strong leaders fall under this category. Visionaries
are often looked upon as strange animals. They get
criticized a lot because they tend to set really high
goals and usually miss the mark. Visionaries take
a lot of heat from others and are considered as crazy
by many.

The world need more visionaries. They are known to
be great leaders. They are the only type of people
capable of creating a change in the world. Visionaries
are the people that know where they are going and how
they are gonna get there.

I do believe we can all learn more by surrounding
ourselves with more people known as visionaries.


Jul 1, 2009

Why Are You Doing This Business?

I've come across a lot of people who suddenly
decide to become an entrepreneur, or work a
business from home. They seem to have high
hopes of reaching certain dreams and
accomplishing rare things without answering
the billion dollar question, "why am I doing this business?"

We've all done it at some point in our careers. We hear
something that sounds exceedingly interesting, and looks
so appealing. Before we know it, we have jumped in with
both feet only to watch it crumble at the speed of light.
What happened?

More likely than not, you didn't have a big enough "why".
Skilled coaches and mentors warn us of the importance of
having a strong why. What's your why?

Your why is the reason you are doing this business in the
first place. It's the thing that initially got you to step
out on a limb to change your current circumstances toward
making your dreams a reality.

It's the reason you get up in the mornings to start your
day, working on the things that will move you closer to
those dreams. Your why has to be very clear and totally
about you.

What it cannot be is a wishy, washy hope of having money.
Money must be taken completely out of the equation and
place your focus entirely upon you and the things you
will do if time and money wasn't an issue.

Here's the one thing you can bet on. If you don't have
a strong enough "why", you won't have staying power to
stay in the game when challenges come, and they will!

By, not knowing the core reason why you are doing this
business, you will be gone like the many thousands that
didn't have a clue as to why they started on their journey
only to find themselves shipwrecked.

Search deep within and answer the question of why? If
your answer makes you emotional, BINGO, you have found
your why and the strength you will need to endure.


P.S. *Need mentoring on how to develop your why?
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Jun 27, 2009

Stop It Now!

Stop It!

You attract what you continually think about!

People have been speaking their life into existence
for decades now, not knowing why they are manifesting
the many things they want to avoid.

Law of Attraction responds to the vibration of thoughts,
not to the reality that exists. However, when the
vibration of thoughts only continue to be about the
reality that exists, nothing will ever change.

If you want your situations to change, you MUST stop
speaking of the doom and gloom of your life and start
focusing on the positive things you want to see happen
in your life. So stop it! Forget about what they are
saying about the recession. Think more about what you
are saying to yourself, because you will attract what
you think about the most.

Be part of a mastermind group that will teach you more
about creating and designing the life you desire. All
of our classes are free to all.

Thoughts become things,

Rena Williams