Aug 22, 2008

A Recipe For Success

The way to success is using a formula in
reaching your goals to get a positive outcome.
Whether it's called a success formula or success
recipe it all starts with making a decision.
Making the decision and having the desire to do
whatever it will take to obtain the level of
success that you desire. It's not enough
to only say "I want to be successful" as so many often say. For
mere words are never enough, taking action is a must.

Acquiring success can be a rocky road so be prepared to make
some sacrifices in your life as well as putting forth the effort
to stay consistent. This is where the slight edge comes into
play. By taking the actions to do those few simple things over a
consistent period of time will absolutely guide you down the
success path.

Once you have developed a plan of action that you will carry out
daily, there should be time set aside to develop yourself
personally. It's also called personal growth or self
improvement. Whatever name you choose, make it at least 15
minutes of uninterrupted time daily to enhance yourself and your
skills. Thirty minutes would be even better.

The next ingredient is to develop a mastermind group. Get
connected with a cafrefully chosen group of like minded people.
The energy of many like minds are so much more powerful and
beneficial than one mind. A person seeking success must be will
to do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do if the end
result is to be great.

The recipe won't be complete without the use of a proven system.
If your recipe is missing this ingredient, all of the planning,
mixing, and developing will not matter because the end result is
sure to be a total flop. So, what is meant by a proven system?
It is having a system in place that no matter who uses it the
results should be the same. Positive results, duplicable and
success should be the outcome.

When a decision is made to better oneself through personal
development and you make the sacrifices that are sure to surface
when striving to reach your set goals, it is then that progress
is being made.

By being consistent with the right actions that will move you
forward,and by having the carefully chosen mastermind group,
along with a proven duplicable system you now possess the
recipe for success.

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Aug 19, 2008

A Word Of Wisdom

Often times we question WHY
certain things happens in our
life.Whether they be good things
or bad, we want to know WHY?

Here are some comforting words
to help us to trust and know that the
Universe is in control.

Look upon every experience you've ever had, and everyone who's
ever played a role in your life as having been sent to you for your

In this Universe, there are simply NO accidents. Simply trust in
the process.

Hope you make today a very inspiring day!

Aug 18, 2008

Prospects Only Two Concerns

In this business called network marketing, you
have to search for prospects to join your team
in order to be successful. Once you have peaked
their interests don’t chase them away with all
the unnecessary scientific facts about your
products or company.

Too much information all at once will come
across to them as knowledge overload. The
are only two concerns on the mind of your
prospects are :

(1) Can I do this? and (2) Can you show me how?

Trust me that is all that is on your prospects
mind, when they are speaking with you. Remember,
to be brief in your presentation. This makes your
prospects feel more confident that they can do
what you’re doing. If they are more confident,
the better chance you have of them joining your

Inspite of what you have been told before,
Network Marketing is a teaching and mentoring
business not a sales business!

Learn more on how to escape failure in Network Marketing.

A Mentor With A Servant's Heart

Aug 14, 2008

Success Principles And Positive Quotes

How To Get What You Want

The indispensable first step to getting the
things you want out of life is this:
decide what you want
Ben Stein

Vision Work

Create your future from your future, not your past.
Werner Erhard

Belief Is Crucial

The number one problem that keeps people from winning
in the United States today is lack of belief in themselves
Arthur L. Williams

You can be anything you want to be, if only you believe
with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your
faith;for whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the
mind can achieve.
Napoleon Hill

Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.
Richard Bach

I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to
NOT know what can’t be done.
Henry Ford

The Phrase “I can’t” is the most powerful force of negation
in the human psyche.
Paul R. Scheele

You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.
That’s what makes you a winner
Venus Williams

A Go-Giver

Lastly Be a Go-Giver, by offering more in value
than you take in payment

(get the book it's a must read)

Bob Burg and John David Mann

I can help you reach success
If you are coachable and desire success
Rena Williams

Aug 13, 2008

Is The Search For Success Killing You?

There are countless people
searching for the right keys for
success. You will find most of
them on the internet, but they
are also everywhere including
your own back yard so to speak.

Everyone's looking for the best
ways to enhance their income
and lives. I'm sure you have heard many old wise tales
about successful people and what it took for them to get there.

If your life is anything like mine was at one point, you were
probably handed a lot of limiting beliefs about success. I
clearly remember hearing a close friend of mine say that she
would never get into network marketing because everyone that
does network marketing end up losing their health.

What a bunch of crock. Talking about limiting beliefs, but I
believed that statement for a very long time. As a result I
shyed away from anyone or anything that was associated with
network marketing.

I'm here to set the record straight. I got educated on the best
ways to become successful, but not before I went through all the
hoops and sewer of the world traditional way of doing things.

Does any of these sound familiar? To be successful you must
first make a list and contact all of your family and friends?
Next, you must talk to everyone that comes within three feet of
you. Lets not forget if they can fog a mirror get them in your
business. When that no longer work buy some leads! It was like
the blind leading the blind. None of this stuff works.

After many months of spinning my wheels, I can tell you with
absolute certainty, all those lines were lies. I finally found a
group of people that taught the truth. I learned that my failure
to reach success was definitely not my fault. I received the
skills and training that was offered and I started to utilize it
in my everyday business operation. My results turned around for
the good.

So, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to do any of the
above familiar things in order to gain success. You sure don't
have to lose your health. All you have to do is get connected to
the right source. A place where true skills are taught and the
training really works. This includes a duplicatable system that
will make your success journey easy and almost effortless.

Stop listening to the hype about getting a hundred no's before
you get one yes. Or working from the break of dawn until you can
no longer keep your eyes open. With the right people, right
training, and the right system it's certain that you can gain
the success you want without killing yourself or losing your

For guidance on locating such a system, check out the free
resources at


Aug 12, 2008

My Thoughts On Desire

A Review Of Napaoleon Hill's
Think & Grow Rich-Chpt. 2

Burning Desire

A burning desire to BE and to DO anything is the starting
point in which a dreamer takes off. In order to reach my goals,
my desires cannot be a hope or a wish it has to be a burning
desire with a definite purpose. Such as that which Barnes

He had the thought to become business partners with Edison.
That thought then became a pulsating desire until his dream
became his reality. It didn't happen over night or within a few
weeks. Nevertheless, it did happen because he stayed focused
on his desires.

Napoleon tells us that five years passed by before Barnes chance
that he was seeking made its appearance. Many give up way to
easily. When there's a burning desire, there is NO time frame.

So, the lesson learned here is never give up on a dream.
It will happen when I'm truly ready for it and believe that it can
be acquired. A desire can be so strong that it can even out wit mother
nature in some cases, it can change lives and create miracles.
One really could think and grow rich.

Join us every Wednesday as we
mastermind a chapter from Napoleon's
Think and Grow Rich Classic!
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Aug 11, 2008

The Vehicle To A Successful Retirement

In todays culture we are hearing a lot about world recession and
the state of the economy. Perhaps that’s because the market turmoil
is making us all feel just a little bit poorer these days.

There’s one big difference between the desperately poor and the
blissfully rich. That difference is the rich possess the ability to
focus on the long term.

Going fishing for jobs when the employers are not biting these
days can become very discouraging. Other alternatives could be
taking a chance on investing in the stock markets or in playing the
lottery, which I would never suggest. So what vehicle will you
use to reach the retirement you want?

Many are turning to the best kept secret in the business world
to reach their financial freedom. “Network Marketing”

Network marketing has become the fastest growing millionaire
maker of all the occupations. It’s now being embraced by more
CEO’s of fortune 500 companies as well as average Joe’s, and
even stay at home mom’s. They are all producing fantastic
incomes by way of network marketing.

A successful retirement is doable through the field of network
marketing. Now the question becomes “where do you begin?”
Getting educated in your desired field would be step one.

Learn how to avoid scam opportunities. Emerge yourself in
training that teaches the skills on what to look for, choosing
and excelling in the right opportunity. This will help to make
the journey more fun and create excitement.

There are thousands upon thousands of programs that say they are
offering this training, yet there is an enormous price tag
attached to it. I would like to offer you coaching and mentoring
that has an unbeatable price tag. “Free” Can’t complain about
the cost, right? The only cost will be your time, your
willingness, and a desire to change the outcome of your future.

Choose network marketing as the right vehicle to your successful
retirement. Focus on creating your future and not dwelling in a
poverty mindset. Learn more about free coaching and mentoring
that can help you change your life.

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Aug 10, 2008

A Dose Of Inspiration

This Magnificient Universe
provides abundantly when
you are in a state

The humble will inherit
the land, and will delight
themselves in abundant
prosperity. Psalm 37:11

Conscious Creation is about the power of our thoughts
to create the life we wish to experience. (Dr. Wayne W. Dyer)

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into
the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who
love him.(I Corinthians 2:9)

Happiness and success are inner processes that we bring to life's
undertaking rather than something we get from "out there"

Just slow down and enjoy it all!
Wishing you a Blessed day!


Aug 8, 2008

Linear Income Verses Recurring Income

I made an interesting discover about the world's statistic
as far as income goes. If you are like most people, you
have to work for a living. If you don't work you don't
get paid.

Although sad, yet it is true that about 97% of the world
fall into what I call linear income. Meaning they are
trading their time for money. That's the only way they will
get paid such as a career of a bus driver or laundry room
attendant, even doctors and lawyers. As long as they are
doing their job right then, whether its driving the bus or
seeing patients. When the job stops the money stops.

Then there's recurring income where you get paid for
doing the work right one time and being paid over and
over again for it. This would be a career of a
successful rock star like Elvis Presley. Each time his
music is purchased or being played by radio stations its
creating a royalty check for Elvis family members.

The same goes for professional sports stars like Tiger
Woods and Michael Jordan who endorses Nike sports wear.
When those Nike items are sold and advertised on their behalf
they receive royalty payments. Sounds nice doesn't it?

Which would you prefer, linear or recurring?

Well, good news if you chose recurring. Even though you
may not be talented like Elvis or have the skills of
Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan, there is still hope for
creating a recurring income.

It's through the power of network marketing.

Network marketing is sometimes known as the business
world best kept secret because CEO's and people from all
walks of life are learning to generate massive amounts
of income through the use of network marketing.

Learn the skills that will teach you to choose a business
that will be right for you and will lead you to your recurring
income. You can create your legacy with a recurring income.

A bridge to your success,


Aug 6, 2008

Joining New Companies Are Risky

New companies are risky to join because
so many fold in the first two years.

More in the news about GeneLink,
owner of GeneWize, a brand new
company, is in deep deep debt.

(over 12 million bucks)

Here's a Quote from page 8 of their 2007
annual report:

"We have a history of losses
and expect continued losses
for the foreseeable future.

We commenced operations in 1994.

We have incurred significant losses
to date and revenues have been

Our expenses have exceeded revenues
in each year since inception.

Given planned levels of operating
expenses, we expect to continue
to incur losses for the foreseeable

Our accumulated deficit as of
December 31, 2007

was $12,681,698.

*Our expenses have consisted
principally of research and
development, salaries and for
general and administrative expenses
incurred while building its business

*We expect to continue to experience
significant operating losses in
the future as we continue our
research and development efforts
and expand our marketing and
sales force in an effort to
commercialize our products and

*We plan to increase operating
expenses in anticipation of
increasing revenues.

*If our revenue growth is slower
than anticipated or operating
expenses exceed expectations,
our losses will significantly

*Even if we were to achieve profitability,
it may not be able to sustain or
increase profitability on a quarterly
or annual basis."

You can see the entire report filed
with the



So, would you have joined this company, if you
knew all this beforehand? It's so nice to have
a place to get this education.

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We teach why it is so critically important that you
are educated about what things to look for, NOT
after you join but B E F O R E you join a company.

Here's one reason why.. Here's another company, YTB,
that is being sued by the California Attorney General
for operating "a gigantic pyramid scheme"
This was just released from the Attorney General's Office:
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Believe me there are many many more. Learn how
you can avoid illegal pyramid schemes like this.

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Aug 5, 2008

Mentoring That Offers Value

Do you keep hearing the stories of people who
became successfulovernight, it seems? Yet for you,
it seems to be a constant battle?

You can’t go to sleep at night because you feel like your life
is one struggle after another and you can’t seem to pinpoint WHY
this is happening. I know the feeling oh too well. Not a good
feeling at all I might add. I remember some time ago thinking I
just was one of those people who are not meant to be successful
in life. But Why? I was faithful in doing the things I was told
to do to become successful!

The constant chatter in my head became overwhelming. Playing
that same recording in my mind, “How did THEY do it?”

Sounds familiar?

Are your relationships suffering, and you end up not spending
any time with your kids, for the sake of working harder on your
business with no results? That was me until I stopped and ask my
self a very important question.

Is being successful becoming harder? Or is it just me!

I know you have passions and dreams, yet it seems like the more
you try to get there, the further away those dreams move…Right?
Here’s the answer I found. Success In 10 Steps. Mentoring taught
by a successful mentor that has been through all the feelings of
failure and is now living the life of his dreams.

By plugging into this remarkable training, I have experience
incredible changes in my life and great results in my business.
If you have little energy, lots of debt, and haunting thoughts
of not ever getting to where you feel you should be, I encourage
you to tap into some free mentoring and training and get
yourself a copy of Success in 10 Steps , and connect with
mentoring that will offer you the most value.

Isn’t it time for a fundamental SHIFT in the way you live
your life?


Aug 4, 2008

The Best Kept Secret In Business

Discover the one thing society has been
doing since about the age of five,
that is now quickly becoming
the one field of business that's creating
more millionaires than any other occupation.

What is the business world's best kept secret? I'll tell you
this, its been called by many names but no matter what you label
it, one thing is certain, "business is booming".

So, what is this mysterious business called by name? Some call
it network marketing, other choose to say direct selling. Some
even call it referral or multilevel marketing. I call it network

Check this out. Network marketing or direct selling has grown
more than a whopping 91 percent in the past 10 years. This
industry is making annual sales of billions of dollars in the
U.S., and even more worldwide. It's been estimated that about
175,000 people in the U.S along sign-up with a network marketing
company every week. Now that's an incredible amount of people!

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A Mentor With A Servant's Heart

Aug 2, 2008

A Positive Attitude Is Key For Success

What is a positive attitude? Being self-
assured and satisfied with your inner-self
is the beginning of the process. It's a
healthy self-image that radiates love and
sureness and makes the people who are around you feel
the same way.

Having an optimistic mental state or positive attitude is a key
ingredient for attaining success in every aspect of your life.
Your attitude determines how you approach your life and is
reflected in your career, business ventures,accomplishments and

To achieve your desires in life it is essential that you have a
winner’s attitude. People that we idolize for achieving
prominence would not have accomplished their desires by living
their life with a negative attitude. The rewarding elements for a
blessed life are accepting yourself, having the ability to
visualize your success and having the right attitude.

A positive attitude promotes an idealistic outlook on life. You
will feel more cheerful, healthier, more energetic and grounded.
Your trust in yourself and your abilities will be magnified. By
embracing an open and positive attitude your mind will be more
alert to the opportunities that will start to come your way.

Often when people have a negative attitude they become
exceedingly centered on their own problems and are unable to see
the opportunities that are standing before them. Once you train
your mind to automatically adopt a positive attitude, your
difficulties will not be as momentous and you will seem to
handle them with ease.

We are all captivated by positive people. They make us feel
great about life by lifting our spirits. Both positive and
negative attitudes are very infectious so it will be wise to
spend your time with positive, uplifting people and you will
attract the same energy.

When you absolutely believe that your goals will become
a reality you then have within you the potential to be,
do and have whatever you desire. Couple this with a positive
attitude and you will be unstoppable. It was quoted back in the
1900's that it would be impossible for man to fly. Then the
Wright Brothers piloted the world’s first powered
airplane two weeks later. The Wright Brothers had a definite
advantage, they positively believed that their goal was

Don’t let fear of failure hold you back from pursuing your
dreams. Trust in your dreams. When you approach life with a
positive attitude your spirit will be attracted to like energy
which will magnetically draw the right people towards you. By
taking on an attitude like the Wright Brothers, and believing
that anything is possible, we all will be able to soar to
greater heights and create huge successes. As long as we are
mindful of one of the main keys to success is a positive

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Rena Williams
A Mentor With A Servant's Heart