Feb 28, 2009

Importance Of Goal Setting

When you want to reach any level of success in
your life, it is critical that you set goals and make
plans. When you set the goal and make the plan
to do that certain thing, It gives you a clear
vision. A clear vision means you know exactly
what it is that you want to accomplish.

Tell me, would you plan a wedding without all the fine details?
What about take an exotic vacation without first making plans
and setting some goals? Coaches don't just send their players out
onto the play field without first establishing a plan. So why is it
that we go through life sometimes and not have a clear vision as
to what we want out of it?

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Rena Williams

Feb 26, 2009

Development For Smart People

Mentors Stop Beating Yourself Up!

oftentimes as mentors, we become so passionate about
helping the people we choose to join our team that we
make the mistake of trying too hard to please. We usually
end up beaing ourselves up if our team members aren't
progressing steadily toward success.

Stop doing that now! Point these people to the right source,
that it. You as a mentor are not responsible for another's
success. You also are not responsible for what they do with
the materials you give them to help them succeed.

This video tells you how to acquire the knowledge you need
to succeed in this business. If you are coachable and will not
give up on yourself, you will be successful. Again you are
only responsible for your own successes in life. I can point
you in the right directions. Personal Development is a must.

Your success mentor,


Feb 24, 2009

Become The Best You

Becoming the best you should consist
of balancing your life in all areas.
There is a very informative television
show that airs daily called The Doctors.
These four doctors from four different
area of practice, really offers sound advice
to their audiences.

They speak on subjects ranging from nutrition to plastic
surgery, from raising a child to menopause and a whole
lot more. The object of the show is to educate people on
how to make different areas of their life the best it can be.

Similarly with Mentoring For Free, we offer skills and
training on how to become a better you. Not ONLY in
your business but other areas of your life as well.

You can experience the magic of our mastermind group
by being a part of our special Wednesday's training called
the 30 day cleanse. This is the weekly call that has changed
the life of so many networker. Breakthroughs are happening
all around the world. Come and experience what our free
mentoring can do for you. Learn more about us here.

Be your best,


Feb 23, 2009

What's Your Log Jam?

What an interesting word, log jam! I have never before
heard the word until a few weeks ago.

One of my great mentors Art Jonak was conducting our
weekly mentoring session and it consisted of talking about
leadership. He explained that many refer to log jam as
something that is stopping a person from moving forward.

Here's a suggestion. If your team isn't growing or keep falling
away from you, as a leader one may need to take a look at their
own honor, integrity and character level.

These are three traits that must be intact to climb the ladder
of leadership. Of the three, character is of the utmost importance.

Be true to yourself and your team members. Create a culture of
great character and you shall go far in life and your business.
Don't build your business on sand. Clear out the log jams and build
a strong foundation that will enable you to build your business big,
build it once and build it to pay your children's children.

To your success,

Rena Williams

Feb 20, 2009

Beware-Pyramid Scams!

Beware of all the pyramid scams floating around today.
Many people hear the words “get rich or guaranteed,
can't lose.” They fall prey to these lies. Don't
believe them or you may be very sorry.

As mentors, we beat the drum in our mentoring courses
telling people the importance of doing their homework
on company owners and companies they are looking to join.

We teach how to do this and a whole lot more all for free.
It can be very empowering learning How to think, instead
of what to think.

Take a look at this video of what happened to people that
were scammed out of thousands of dollars all because they
believed the lies and failed to do some homework.

May this be a warning for you and those you know to be
aware of pyramid scams. Don't Get Taken! Avoid Scams!

Get Mentored,


Feb 19, 2009

Make Your Telephone Work

If you spend more than five minutes a day
on the telephone you may want to learn how
to enhance your phone skills to get you better

In business you can actually make the use of the
telephone work for you. I attended a teleseminar
recently with Jean-Philippe Hulin. He has become
quite the master at building a networking empire
by the use of his telephone. He calls his technique
the Feel Good Call.

Jean-Philippe is a Frenchman who lives in Belgium.
He will travel to the United States in a few days to
tour Florida with his mentor Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.

If you live in Florida you will want to do all you can
to attend these live seminars and be a part of this
fabulous training to learn how you can make your
telephone work for you. Get all the location details
at Fortune Now.

Much Success,


Feb 18, 2009

A Two Minute Story

I've got a good story. It takes about two minutes.
It might make you a lot of money, it might not!

Question: If you never had to go to work again,
would that be okay?

Someone asked me that question some time ago.
My answer was, sure!, it would be great as long as
I could find a way to bring in a yearly income about
what I'm currently making.

Then, I was given some great advice that only took
about two minutes. This is what he shared:

You know how a lot of people are interested in
natural health and are now taking vitamins?
What about all the people that are dieting or
drinking energy drinks like red bull?

I listened on.

He then said, there's a five pillar company that has
real cool versions of these products that people really
like and cost about a third less the price that they are
accustom to paying. He also mentioned the products
were much healthier for people and they love them.

He really got my attention when I was told that to earn
the income I was desiring, I would need ONLY about 350
people using those products. Then I would never have to
go to work again!

Now, you probably don't know how to get 350 users of the
products, but you can learn he explained. Hey, you learned
how to drive a car, you learned how to be a parent, and even
learned how to send email. Right? So you can certainly learn
a system to get 350 people using these great products.

Then he asked me , so what's going to be easier for you?

1.Going to work everyday for the rest of your life, fighting
traffic, begging for time off for vacation? OR

2.Would it be easier to learn a SYSTEM to get 350 people
using unique life changing products?

That was a No brainer for me. Of course I chose the second
option. It makes perfect sense to learn a system that will help
me attract quality product users and life long friends unto me.

That's my story. If you are looking for a good system to use
for your business, click here to learn more.

To your success,


Feb 12, 2009

Secret To A Long Life

Being in the health caretaker
field, I'm at arms length with
many elderly patients. I have
such a passion for the aging
community. Most of them are
well in their 90's.
Imagine being on this earth for ninety plus years.
I began to ponder, “what's the secret to a long life?

During my evaluation, I talked with one after the other looking
for clues. I found that the elderly love talking about their younger
days in life. I also found a commonality in each individual story.
All of them only remembers the good and happy days. Nothing
negative came out of their mouth. Most seem to always have had
a kind heart.

That is exactly what authors of many personal development books
have been telling us for years. To be positive instead of negative
and to give more in value than you receive.

That's the secret. These elderly seniors are living proof. They gave
diligently of themselves, their time and heart. To both their families
and others. Even though they can no longer do the things they use to,
they are still giving by sharing life stories, smiles and laughter with
whomever will listen. Seems like a genuine recipe to follow for a
long life. Wouldn't you agree?


Feb 10, 2009

Time Freedom

What would you do if time and money wasn't
an issue for you?

Would you travel the world?

I'll like to travel the world, go on a travel
spree to far away places such as Paris,
France, Italy and enjoy the scenery,
historic buildings such as the Rouen
Museum in France and many more
famous grounds. This is only one of
my dreams.

Do You Still Know How To Dream?
Time is our greatest commodity!

Having time freedom also means you can now make
your dreams a reality. The profession of network
marketing allows the possiblity of reaching your
every desire. Its a great profession when you are
associated with the right team of people.

Establishing a team of leaders into your business
will allow your business to grow with or without you.
You now have the freedom to leave them for any period
of time, knowing that everything will still flow smoothly
and be intact upon your return.

The time will eventually come when you will even travel
the world together with your team members. What a beautiful
thing that will be. It is then that you will truly appreciate
time freedom.

Flanders Field in Belgium

Dare to dream,

Feb 6, 2009

Happiness is Good Medicine

In the bible the book of Proverbs tell us that
a merry heart does the body good like a medicine,
and a broken spirit dries up the bones. A definition
for happiness is "a state of mind in which our thinking
is pleasant most of the time."

Studies have shown that when we are happy we tend
to think better, feel better, perform better and are
much healthier. Its told even our organs operate better
when we are happy.

This carries over into the business world as well.
People that are optimistic, and cheerful in business
look on the bright side of things. They are more
successful than pessimistic business people.

Most people believe they can only be happy if or
when they had this or that. They have got it all
wrong. First, be happy. Have a positive attitude,
then you will be good, more successful and happier.
With it comes feelings and actions of being more
charitable towards yourself and others. Happiness
is good medicine for all.

Ask me how to get your happiness audio!
contact me: renawill@gmail.com or

Feb 3, 2009

People Are Looking For A Plan "B"

Today's economy is forcing many people to look
for different ways to make ends meet and be more
able to provide for their families. They are looking for
a plan B.

There are now so many cut backs, layoffs and job
freeze, people are uncertain of their future. So in
order to maintain the level of lifestyle they have
grown accustom to, there's the need to create other
sources of income.

The best known source that I've found to attract many
people attention is network marketing. In the world of
network marketing there are many avenues. From
all types of insurance benefit, to health and nutrition.
From air filters to water filters and the list goes on.
It's been said to be the best kept secret in the business

If this is the direction you want to go, be sure that before
you dive into any mlm contract do some homework. It
would be wise to get an education in network marketing first.
That way you will learn what really works in todays market.
You will find out what to look for so that you are not wasting
your time or money.

If you're looking for a plan B, a great place to start is here,
with accurate information that won't cost you anything
except for your time.

Need mentoring, I'll be glad to help you along!

Rena Williams
A mentor with a servant's heart

Feb 1, 2009

Always Be A Team Player

This bit of advice can almost guarantee you
success in whatever you are undertaking.

"Be a team player".

If you are in network marketing you can
become successful by helping others. Even
if they are not on your personal team.
No one can build a successful business by themselves. You've
heard it before, if you help enough people get what they want,
you will eventually get what you want. This is being a team player
or a go-giver.

This concept also applies in your family life. It is seen all the time
in families that are most happy and successful are the ones that work
together. Each is unselfish in their decision making. They always ask
the question "how will this effect the family?" before following through.

Whether it is in business life or family, balance is necessary in all
things that we set out to accomplish. Don't work so hard in life that
you let time slip through your fingers.

The best retirement fund you can ever build is that of memories of
you and your family, business partners, and close friends. Don't
neglect those you love. Make sure you be a team player.

Learn how to become a team player!