Dec 14, 2010

The Five Deadly Lies of Network Marketing

Most people know that network
marketing is a fantastic
business. As good as it may be
there are also many false
assumptions about this industry as well.

Network Professional, Randy Gage, lists what he
considers to be the five basic assumptions that
seems to be creating a serious problem in NWM.
He calls them "The Five Deadly Lies of NWM"

I will offer here a brief and minimum description
of each of the five. You can find the full explanation
and description on Randy's Manifesto site.

1.Everyone can do this..

Recruiters, new distributors, even some guru's will
use this line on anyone they meet. (Everyone can do this)
They can’t. Network Marketing is perfect for everybody.
Everybody is not perfect for Network Marketing. You
need to have the mindset of an entrepreneur, not an
employee mindset.

2.The Celebrity Lead Magnet..

You will often hear where a company hires a famous
spokesperson, the spokesperson joins as a distributor,
or actually starts up their own company.

All the other distributors get excited over the massive
effect this will have on recruiting. This normally leads
to major media campaigns encouraging people to lock in a
spot early. It is expected that because of the "celebrity"
business will explode. It always end in disappointment
for many.

3.The Urban Legends...

Discredited information about a legend spreads faster
than wildfires. One that's famous is the stories you hear
about Donald Trump and his relation to network marketing.

There are story after story about different companies
people says that Trump is a part of. They are not all true!

4.The “Quick and Easy Way to Get Rich” Mentality

People are being told that they can build a lucrutive
network marketing business with doing it only five-six
hours a week. Not true!

In five hours a week you can’t get enough traction to
sustain anything serious. Yet,ten to 15 hours a week
gives you enough time to do the requirements to learn,
grow and build a business.

5. Selling Big Business Results with Small Business

If your main interest is to get your own products paid
for or to earn a few hundred or few thousand dollars a
month,tactics like wearing buttons, displaying bumper
stickers or flyers will work. But they won’t create
strong duplication or produce massive bonus checks.

You must learn techniques that both duplicates and
earn you the healthy checks.

There is so much credible info shared on his Manifesto
website. Randy Gage is an extraordinary mentor. Be
fore-warned that he WILL tell it like it is.

If you are a rhino, rush over to Randy's site to learn
about The 7 Most Deceptive MLM Recruiting
Practices and a host of other skills and info
that is so very key to building a magnificent
business and team in network marketing.

Dec 7, 2010

Friend or True Friend-Attributes

One translation of the word
friend is defined as
"one being attached to
another by affection and
esteem." Another definition
is " a supporter."That
describes a friend, but what
do you call a "True Friend?"

While listening to a motivational call one morning,
the speaker shared a list of attributes which paints
the picture of a true friend. Here's what was shared. A true friend will....

1. Show you unconditional love...No strings attached.

2. Will try to help you right now...When you need it, not later.

3. Want you to succeed. Seek to empower you to pursue your dream.

4. Be the chisel helping you to carve away life's problems.

5. Hold you accountable to your stated goals.

6. Know the song of your heart...Will sing it back to you.

7. Have no hidden motives, is always true to your friendship.

8. Be a trusted secret keeper.

9. Alter your life in a positive way.

10. Share your core values and bring out the best in you.

11. Go out of their way to do things for you.

12. Doesn't need you to be anybody except who you are...Gets excited
when you become more.

I find these to be incredible attributes of a friendship. Not only a
friendship, but much much more. When you are connected to
someone in life that has even a few of these rare qualities, consider
yourself a blessed individual. For you have attracted a true friend into your life.

Be a true friend!