Dec 7, 2010

Friend or True Friend-Attributes

One translation of the word
friend is defined as
"one being attached to
another by affection and
esteem." Another definition
is " a supporter."That
describes a friend, but what
do you call a "True Friend?"

While listening to a motivational call one morning,
the speaker shared a list of attributes which paints
the picture of a true friend. Here's what was shared. A true friend will....

1. Show you unconditional love...No strings attached.

2. Will try to help you right now...When you need it, not later.

3. Want you to succeed. Seek to empower you to pursue your dream.

4. Be the chisel helping you to carve away life's problems.

5. Hold you accountable to your stated goals.

6. Know the song of your heart...Will sing it back to you.

7. Have no hidden motives, is always true to your friendship.

8. Be a trusted secret keeper.

9. Alter your life in a positive way.

10. Share your core values and bring out the best in you.

11. Go out of their way to do things for you.

12. Doesn't need you to be anybody except who you are...Gets excited
when you become more.

I find these to be incredible attributes of a friendship. Not only a
friendship, but much much more. When you are connected to
someone in life that has even a few of these rare qualities, consider
yourself a blessed individual. For you have attracted a true friend into your life.

Be a true friend!


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