Aug 21, 2007

The Most Valuable Tool For Success


Belief is one of the most important tools in acquiring success.
I will even say that it is the main ingredient.

Your limits to success are defined by the agreement you've
made about what is possible. So, change the agreement and
you can dissolve all those limits.

So what should you believe in? YOU...You must believe in
yourself, in you. It's imperative that you believe you are
worthy and deserve to acquire all in life that you desire.

Know who you are as well as whose you are...a Divine piece
of GOD. A child of the Most High!

Read the story about how my Mentor's powerful belief in
himself, manifested a brand new BMW the life of him and
his wife.



Aug 20, 2007

Health Challenge Extended

14-Day Health Challenge was so explosive,
I've decided to extend it for the next seven days!

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Have a Healthy Day!

Rena Williams

Aug 16, 2007

Do You know When To Relax?

Do you know when to relax? What a strange question.
Your daily commute may not seem like the appropriate time or place to try to relax, but this part of your day may sometimes be your only opportunity to take charge and regain your sanity. I would like to offer some helpful advice for making the most of your transit moments.

Let's start with exercise. While jumping jacks are obviously out of the question, you can however do a number of things to workout the stress that may be tensing your muscles. By doing shoulder rolls, neck rotations, and even just stretching your arms out in front of you will help loosen tight muscles.

Next, focus on breathing deeply. Yes, you may have doubts aboutthe driving ability of every vehicle operator in your immediate vicinity, yet that is no reason for you to roll down your window and start screaming. Instead take a few deep breaths. This will help to relax you and keep others driving foible from spiking your stress level.

Another way to relax while commuting is by listening to music. Bring along your favorite CD. Some people find that even radio commercials can sometimes be aggravating. If this is true for you, why not take advantage of what could be your only opportunity in the day to enjoy a few quiet moments alone and turn the stereo completely off.

Or maybe make this time constructive by listening to recordings on a foreign language or your favorite personal development instructor. Maybe self development messages on how to take your business to another level. The goal is to feel like you area ccomplishing something with this time, that way you're be less likely to get frustrated by the things you are not able to get done. There will be less stress over things you have no control over.

These are a few suggestions on when and how to relax. Maybe you never connected the word relax with your daily commute. If you take my advice and put these easy strategies to use, you will find your stress level to be at a more satisfying number. I also recommend another natural way that is sure to compliment the above suggestions to rid yourself of daily stress. Learn more about natural ways of releasing stress and relaxing now.


Aug 14, 2007

The Mystery Of Energy

Wow, that three letter word (s.e.x.) I never thought it could mean anything but the act of sex. Think and Grow Rich and Mentoring for Free has taught me a lot.

This mystery is about energy and a state of mind. Sex transmutation is all about switching the mind from thoughts of physical expressions to thoughts of another nature.

There were ten stimuli listed that the human mind responds to more freely. The desire for sex expression were at the top of the list because the emotion of sex is an irresistible force.When driven by this emotion super powers have been developed both in man and beast.

Take for example the actions taken when you have a female dog in heat. You will find every male dog in the neighborhood literally trying to break down fences in order to get to her.

So, if you could imagine taking that same type of energy,discipline, passion and strength and re-direct those thoughts and feelings to a different definite chief aim, great things will be accomplished.

Hill says when someone learns how to transfer this energy, they would have found the secret of creative ability.

Men and women of the greatest achievements are the ones with highly developed sex natures. Meaning that they have learned theart of sex transmutation by re-directing those sexual desiresand putting them out to their higher self, where they show up in a more tangible way.

To really tap in into a powerhouse of emotions, combine the emotions of sex and the emotions of love. Remember those deeply in love feelings? Feelings of being more charming, more inspired to do anything, more willing to stay up late at night to talk on the phone, or to get up early was no problem. Just being more willing to accomplish anything that was meaningful to the other person.Taking chances was done with ease.

The emotions of love, romance and sex are all states of mind. Once this energy is transferred in our minds and aimed at a chief purpose, we become capable of super achievements.

Love is an emotion with many sides, shades and colors. A woman has always been a dominating force behind every super successful man. The man that cannot be stimulated to great heights of achievement by love is a hopeless man. Though he seems to live, he is actually dead.

The greatest motivating force of man is his desire to please woman!

My lesson learned, friends for life!
Rena Williams

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Aug 13, 2007

14 Day Health Challenge

It's Official, I've been authorized to Gift you $84.45
worth of our #1 and #2 health products when you
join our discount club for $29.00 and order a minimum
$10 product.

Feel like you did at 16 with better judgment. This offer
expires 8/18/07 So let your pocket change, change your
life. Call me about my 14 day health challenge and receive
your free gift worth $84.45 also.

To Your Health,
Rena Williams

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