Jun 30, 2007

Be A Winner

Which word best describes you?

The winner-is always part of the answer;
The loser-is always part of the problem.
The winner-always has a program;
The loser-always has an excuse.

The winner-says, “Let me do it for you;”
The loser-says, “That's not my job.”
The winner-sees an answer to every problem;
The loser-sees a problem for every answer.

The winner-sees a green near every sand trap;
The loser-sees two or three sand traps near every green.
The winner-says, “It may be difficult but it's possible;”
The loser-says, “It may be possible but it's too difficult.”

Be A Winner!


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Jun 27, 2007

Your Guidance To Success

It is called by many names. Some people call it an inspiration,
others call it a hunch, some even call it creative imagination.

No matter what name we give it, It is known as the Sixth Sense.
It is Infinite Intelligence that will communicate voluntarily
without effort, or demand from an individual.

Forget about trying to explain this to someone who has not
mastered the other principles from the book. (Think & grow Rich)
It just won't register because they will have
NO knowledge or experience to compare this to.

Because understanding of the Sixth Sense comes only by
meditation through mind development from within.

The Six Sense is so incredible. It knows everything,
It is perfect. It is like having a forerunner go before you
and warns you of every danger, notify you of opportunities,
advise you when to move forward or when to stand
still. It's the temple of wisdom.

The great thing about this wisdom is that it's available to
anyone without limits and requires little effort. The only
limitation is the amount of contact you have with this
Infinite Mind.

If you contact it very little, it will produce very little for you.
If you contact it constantly with faith and belief, it can
produce conditions and events in
your life that most people will see as “miracles”.

The achievements of the nine members from Hill's group
of invisible counselors lives reflected this very truth.
Their accomplishments were looked upon by many as miracles.

Infinite Mind can be compared to a radio. When the radio
in our home is turned off we hear nothing. Yet, we know
that the music, news, drama, and information is still there.

Just because we don't hear anything doesn't
prove that the music and news are not there.
But, when we turn the radio on and tune to a station,
the radio gives out freely.

So, like the radio when we tune into the unlimited power of
the Infinite Mind and allow the conscious mind to receive the
messages, ideas, and directions it is sending out, Then we
can receive the help to solve our problems and ideas that
supply our needs.

The bottom line is Infinite wisdom and creative Spirit of God
(Sixth Sense) will always supply us with the ideas and
encouragement when all other ways and other people fail us.

As long as we are tuned to the right station.
All we have to do is relax, have enough faith to listen to
the wisdom and believe what we hear.

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Jun 25, 2007

Reshape Your Thinking

When you acquire enough inner peace
and feel really positive about yourself,
it's almost impossible for you to be
controlled and manipulated by anybody

You control your emotions.
You don NOT have to explode
with anger whenever someone else
decides to behave in an angry or
vindictive way.

Wishing you a prosper and productive day!

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Jun 21, 2007

More Reviews On Napoleon

Autosuggestion-Influencing The Sub-conscious Mind

Autosuggestion describes a method that shows man has
absolute control over the materials that reaches his
sub-conscious mind.

The subconscious mind resembles a fertile garden, where
the weeds will always grow in abundance unless seeds of a
more desirable crop is sown there.

Autosuggestion can work for us or against us, that is why it
is wise to choose the words we speak with caution.

This tells me that each person individually has the power to
create his own world, whether it is good or bad.
The great thing about being in charge, is having the authority
and ability tomake changes.

This lets me know, if I'm not satisfied with the world I have
created for myself thus far, I have the ability through
autosuggestion to create a new world.

By repeating positive and faith filled suggestions to myself
over and over again, I can be on my way to getting greater
results in my life.

But first, I must understand that merely repeating words is
useless if it is not mixed with thoughts, feelings and emotions.
There will be NO results without the desired thoughts, emotions
and beliefs reaching the subconscious mind.

I'm also aware that I cannot cheat my sub-conscious mind by
pretending to show emotions, even if I wanted to do so. But,
I can trick it by making it believe something simply because
I Believe it.

Faith is the strongest and most productive of the emotions.
It all boils down to "am I willing" to pay the price in effort
to get my desired results in life?

There is no such possibility of something for nothing.
It takes persistence, concentration and a burning desire.
As the old saying goes, it won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

I truly am the master of myself and of my environment,
because I have the power to influence my own subconscious mind.

Reviews from chapter 4, Think And Grow Rich

Jun 19, 2007

The Real Meaning Of Seeing Is Believing

Many people today live their entire lives on the basis
of "seeing is believing." That is to say, the only images
they get emotionally involved with are the ones they can
discern with their physical senses. But the individuals of
real "vision," down through the ages, have always known
the overriding principle is, "what you see is what you get."

Expressed some what differently, what this means is that
the images in people's minds, actually precede the concrete
images, which pervade our material world. Therefore, you
should be aware of the fact that the fascinating physical world
we see before us, with all of its conveniences for making our
lives more comfortable, has been built largely by
image-makers - men and women of vision who knew what
they could do, and EXPECTED everything else to "fall into place,
" regardless of what their critics might say to the contrary.

Remember, you will only receive what you truly expect,
not what you only wish for.

Quotes from the great Bob Proctor

Have a beautiful day,
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Jun 18, 2007


In the United States of America lies a large industrial city
which is the site of one of the world's largest slave labor camps.

Located in and around the center of this city are community
settlements where the slaves live.

Each morning the slaves move herd-like from their quarters
into the slave labor camps.

Each one is at his or her station by 7:30 AM.
Here they report to their master for the day's duties.
And here they remain chained until 5:00 PM when
they're released to go home.

The slaves have no choice as to how many hours they must labor.
Sometimes they are required to work over time until their master
tells them they may leave and go home.

Each year the slaves are told when to take their vacations,
for how long, and when they must return.

They have little choice as to how much money they earn as they
are paid not what they are worth, but what the job is worth.
They are allowed very little time for lunch and coffee
breaksduring the labor hours.

The slaves will remain in their chains in great fear because
the master can punish them with the "firing" or "layoff" whip.

It is said that even some of the older slaves who have been
good and faithful have felt the sting of the whip.

Day by day, year-by-year, the slaves toil and grow older
until the master decides it is time to release them to
the retirement camps where they're forced to sit idle
and wait for death.

It's a well-known fact that the old slaves who try to keep
working are sometimes whipped with a "stop-their-pension" whip.
I know these slave camps exist for I once was a slave.

But now I am a free man who lives among the slaves.
The reason I am free is because I am in business
for myself as a Network Marketer.

Yes, I am truly free. I arise in the morning at the hour
called for by my schedule. I decide my own hours.
I can even sleep in late while the slaves are at work.

I can vacation when, where, and for how long I please.
I'm free to take my coffee break and lunch when I decide.
And of course, I can decide my own paycheck because
I am not a slave.

I can choose to work when and where I please and with
whom Iplease. I'm free to stay in the city for as long as I want,
or to move on to greener pastures if I decide to.

I've seen many slaves sadly pack their belongings to leave
their city in search of a new master, but it is always the same.

There is, however, a ray of hope for the slave.
He or she can buy their own freedom.

The cost is not high, yet it seems high to those who do not
have the courage to pay the price.
What is the price?


Author Unknown

Jun 14, 2007

Inspirational Wisdom

The Best Of Nature In A Bottle. Seaweed from the ocean plus other key ingredients that make us the best.

The State of your life is nothing more
than a reflection of your state of mind.

If you want to find a deeper meaning in
your life, you can't find it in the opinions
or the beliefs that have been handed to
you. You have to go to that place within

Jun 13, 2007

Review Of Think And Grow Rich Chapters

Think And Grow Rich-Chapter 8


This is a very intriguing chapter to me.
Napoleon Hill makes it very clear that the
definiteness of decision always requires courage.

Sometimes it takes great courage. He also states
that creating a habit of definite decision is the
ONLY way to master procrastination.

Most people are found to have weak decision making
muscles, meaning they don't even recognize what it
means to make a real decision. Hill says people of this
nature will fail to accumulate sufficient money for their
needs because they are too easily influenced by the
opinions of others. This leave them with NO desire of their own.

Each one of us make small decisions on a daily basis,
some times even large ones. As I stated before,
some decisions requires great courage such as the
demonstration of the 56 men who risked everything
by signing their names to a document that would clearly
bring freedom to all Americans but could also be their
death warrant by doing so.

I made a decision to do and follow through on this Mental Cleanse.
Although, my decision maynot be as severe as that of the
56 men, it has taken me a measure of courage to be
discipline enough to follow the rules and NOT just do it half
heartedly as I have done in the past.

I let the opinions of others that I knew were vibrating
on a lower or different plane influence me to quit,
put it off to do this, that, or the other with them.

I'm proud to say that I'm now on day 26 without
any interruptions or interaction with the Nay Sayers.
It's amazing getting to know me. I have made the decision
to complete this task and not keep counsel with the
nay sayers, only people that are members of a master mind group.
I Learned from this chapter that real decisions takes courage.

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Jun 11, 2007

Success Insights

Several years ago I was brought face to face with
the very disturbing realization that I was trying to
supervise and direct the efforts of a large number of
people who were trying to achieve success,
without knowing myself what the secretof success
really was.

And that, naturally,brought me face to face with the
further realization that regardless of what other knowledge
I might have brought to my job, I was definitely lacking
in the most important knowledge of all.

Of course, like most of us, Ihad been brought up on
the popular belief thatthe secret of success is hard work,
but I had seen so many people work hard without
succeeding and so many people succeed without
working hard that I had become convinced that hard
work was not the real secret, even though in most cases
it might be one of the requirements.

And so I set out on a voyage of discovery which
carried me through biographies and autobiographies
and all sorts of dissertations on success and the lives
of successful people untilI finally reached the point
at which I realized that the secret I was trying to
discover lay not only in what people did,
but also in what made them do it.

I realized further that the secret for which I was
searching must not only apply to every definition
of success, but since it must apply to everyone to
whom it was offered, it must also apply to everyone
who had ever been successful.

In short, I was looking for the common denominator
of success. And, because that is exactly what I was
looking for, that is exactly what I found.

But this common denominator of success is so big,
so powerful, and so vitally important to your future
and mine that I'm not going to make a speech about it.
I'm just going to "lay it on the line" in words of one syllable,
so simple that anybody can understand them.

The common denominator of success - the secret of
success of every person who has ever been successful - lies

It's just as true as it sounds and it's just as simple as it seems.
You can hold it up to the light, you can put it to the acid test,
and you can kick it around until it's worn out,
but when you are all through with it,
it will still be the common denominator of success,
whether we like it or not.

It will still explain why people have gone into a
business or profession with every apparent qualification
for success and have been nothing but disappointing
failures, while others have achieved outstanding success
in spite of many obvious handicaps.

And since it will also explain your future,
it would seem to be a mighty good idea for you
to use it in determining just what sort of future
you are going to have. In other words, let's take
this big, all-embracing secret and boil it down to
fit you.

If the secret of success lies in forming the habit
of doing things that failures don't like to do,
let's start the boiling-down process by determining
what are the things that failures don't like to do.

The things that "failures"don't like to do are the things
that you and I and other human beings,
including successful people, naturally don't like to do.

In other words, we've got to realize right from the start
that success is something which is achieved by
the minority of people...and is therefore"unnatural"
and not to be achieved by following our natural likes
and dislikes nor by being guided by our natural
preferences and prejudices.

Excerpted from The Common Denominator Of Success
by: Albert E.N. Gray

Jun 6, 2007

The Best Of Nature In Health Today

LimuPlus Verses The Competitition

Limu the prize sea plant of the South Pacific!
has been consumed by Tongans for over 3,000 years,
developing a reputation for fighting disease and
promoting good health.

There are more than 650 research studies to
confirm the many health benefits of Limu.
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The science speaks for itself. LimuPlus absolutely
beats its competition over and over again.

Vitamark has had laboratories conduct a side-by-side
comparative analysis of LimuPlus.
It was proven to be the leading liquid dietary
supplement on the market, and a competing
limu moui supplement.

The results were astounding. The Fucoidan
content in LimuPlus
measured 1.82% compared to the competitor's 1.68%

The f-Fucoidan content in LimuPlus measured
a whopping 0.626% compared to others 0.0001%,
the s-Fucoidan is even more impressive.
LimuPlus measured 7.727% to competitor's 4.058%

Vitamark's LimuPlus has the edge because of
the extra's it includes such as advanced
Russian adaptogens, green tea and aloe vera making
it the obvious choice when your are looking for
the best liquid dietary supplement on the market today.

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Jun 4, 2007

Inspirations From Psalm 23

Hi I'm Rena Williams

A Psalm of David

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures,
He leadeth me besides the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the
paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear
no evil: for though art with me; thy rod and
thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days
of my life;
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord

Have A Blessed Day,

A Strategy For Time Management

Remember when you were a kid, the summer days seemed to last
forever? Now that you are all grown up, there just aren't enough
hours in the day to get things accomplished.

If you are struggling to fit everything in, then improving your
time management skills can help. Here are some helpful
suggestions that have assist in making my days operate more

*Start your day with a plan. List the tasks you would like to
get done, and prioritize them.

*Be sure to block out time for appointments and family time. It
is very important to balance between family and work.

*Divide large projects into smaller more manageable steps. Doing
so not only will make finishing easier but also makes starting
feel less overwhelming.

*Once you get going don't interrupt your day to answer the
telephone or by checking email unless you are expecting an
important message.

*Instead designate a time for checking messages and replying to
those that need to be addressed immediately. The others can go
on your to do list.

*Determine what time of day your energy level is at its highest,
and schedule important or difficult tasks for this time. This
is when your mind is at its freshest.

*Carry the simple things that can be done on your downtime such
as when you are waiting for an appointment or a meeting to get

*Take advantage of outsourcing training of your team by using a
well respected skills and training team such as Mentoring For
Free. This will free you up in having to train each person
individually, plus give you time to work on other important
business matters.

Hope this helps

Rena Williams