Jun 4, 2007

A Strategy For Time Management

Remember when you were a kid, the summer days seemed to last
forever? Now that you are all grown up, there just aren't enough
hours in the day to get things accomplished.

If you are struggling to fit everything in, then improving your
time management skills can help. Here are some helpful
suggestions that have assist in making my days operate more

*Start your day with a plan. List the tasks you would like to
get done, and prioritize them.

*Be sure to block out time for appointments and family time. It
is very important to balance between family and work.

*Divide large projects into smaller more manageable steps. Doing
so not only will make finishing easier but also makes starting
feel less overwhelming.

*Once you get going don't interrupt your day to answer the
telephone or by checking email unless you are expecting an
important message.

*Instead designate a time for checking messages and replying to
those that need to be addressed immediately. The others can go
on your to do list.

*Determine what time of day your energy level is at its highest,
and schedule important or difficult tasks for this time. This
is when your mind is at its freshest.

*Carry the simple things that can be done on your downtime such
as when you are waiting for an appointment or a meeting to get

*Take advantage of outsourcing training of your team by using a
well respected skills and training team such as Mentoring For
Free. This will free you up in having to train each person
individually, plus give you time to work on other important
business matters.

Hope this helps

Rena Williams

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