Jul 31, 2008

Mastermind Your Way To Success

"For where two or three are
gathered together in my name,
there I am in the midst of thee.
Matt. 18:20"

Q. What's the one thing all
successful people have in

A. They all harness the power of
a mastermind group?

It may sound like something new but the meeting of the masterminds
has been around for centuries now. Napoleon Hill spoke about it in
his book that was published back in 1937 called Think and Grow Rich.

If you were to do a study you will find that every super
successful person is a part of an elite mastermind group.

I couldn't comprehend the power that is generated through the use
of a mastermind until I became part of one. So much more can be
accomplished through the use of a group because as the old saying
goes “two heads are better than one”.This is such a true statement. Imagine all the amazing energy that is
developed in a mastermind setting. Power not only comes to us from
those in the mastermind group but it also comes from the power above.

Mentoring For Free offers a superb coaches corner session every
Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. Eastern. If you want to mastermind
your way to success,come and be a part of our free mentoring
and coaching program.

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Here to serve,

Rena Williams

Jul 30, 2008

Thoughts Are Things-My Review

This is My review of Chapter 1 of Napoleon
Hill's classic, Think and Grow Rich.

Our thoughts can be powerful things when
mixed with definite purpose, persistence,
and a burning desire.

In this chapter, Barnes proved to us that
thoughts can indeed be translated into riches
or any material object desired, as he thought
his way into partnership with Edison.

He had a formula that required a step by step plan.
simular to our Mentoring For Free receipe that Sarah
and Judi shared on one of our previous training call.

Barnes started with the end result in mind, which was
to become the business associate of edison. That was
(the thought and definite purpose.) next, came the

His persistence was a made up mind to stand by until
he succeeded. I've learn to never give up on the goals
I'm reaching for NO matter HOW rocky the road may
become. Hill calls this meeting with temporary defeat.

Even when it seemed like Barnes would be nothing more
than an ordinary employee, he was constantly intensify-
ing his desires to be in partnership. (this was the
burning desire)

Like the receipe of Mentoring For Free, I have to stay
consistent in thinking about the results I want. Barnes
mind was so filled with reaching his goal that it became
an obsession. He took every action necessary to achieve
what he sat out to achieve.

After months of being consistent in his thoughts, desires,
and actions, it was then that the opportinity happened.
We would call it a breakthrough or getting results.
It's no different with me. If I follow the receipe like
Barnes, I am sure to get the results I'm seeking.

I will keep that "I'll never give up, until I get what I
want attitude."

I much rather be like Barnes ANYDAY to stick to the
receipe and reach every one of my goals, instead of
being like the crew that stopped digging 3 feet away
from the jackpot of gold.

They quit only 3 feet from their breakthrough!
I will not deny myself of my dreams, goals and
aspirations by drifting off course. I will follow the
receipe and reap success.

You can get the receipe today!

Wishing You the Best,
Rena Williams

Jul 28, 2008

Now Is The Time

Now is the time to make quality decisions about the
things taking place in our lives. It's later than you

Why, no one knows exactly what won't happen in our
lives, we can play a huge part in the things that can
happen. We can have greater expectations in the designing
of our future. Instead of focusing on the bad news of the
media and believing what's not happening good for us.
We can learn to create the pattern of good positive
possibilities. It's later than you think.

If you are like me, you have wasted many years of
dabbling from one business venture to the next. I was
spending more money than I was earning. It's later than
you think.

I made a decision that now is the time to focus on getting
an education in network marketing. I found Mentoring For
Free. Right here is where I acquired real success skills
to move me into a higher level of achievement.

Mentoring For Free is helping people all over the world
to gain the skills needful to guide them to their
success. All you have to do is decide now is the time
for you.

Success Mentor Live

Jul 26, 2008

Becoming A Go-Giver For Success

Many people who are striving to be successful
consider themselves as go-getters. However, along
their journey for success, oftentimes their plans
to get there are missing some of the main ingredients.
For greater success it is more important to focus on
becoming a go-giver rather than a go-getter.

I want to share some advice on how to guarantee your
success. I read this great book called The Go-Giver by
Bob Burg and John David Mann. it gives five laws that
really lay out the road map to success.

1. The Law of Value-giving more in value than you take
in payment is what determines your true worth.

2. Law of Compensation-means your income will be
determined by how many people you serve well.

3. Law of Influence-When you place other's interests
first, will determine how you influence people.

4. Law of Authenticity-The most valuable gift your can
offer is yourself.

5. The Law of Receptivity-many quote that it's better
to give than receive. The key to effective giving
is to always remain open to receiving.

As long as you incorporate these five laws of Stratospheric
into your life, you are headed for success. You are now
becoming a go-giver.

Mentoring For Free is all about giving!

Jul 8, 2008

Crying Out To Help

Here's a great little poem that sort of
sum it up in a nutshell about what Mentoring
For Free is all about.

It is our mission to help and guide network
marketer to a higher level of success through
education that is free. This is what my friend
Rueben writes:

If I Open The Door, Will You Follow?

I know sometime life can be hard, and its easy to
lose your way. But, would you take my hand, and
listen to what I have to say?

If I opened the door for you, would you follow?

Would you let me show you the way?

Heartaches come. Friends let you down. You've been
used, abused, and feel like you're going to drown.

But, look into my eyes and hear what I have to say..
If, I opened the door for you, would you follow?

Would you let me show you the way?

I love you. I want to be your friend.....You are
afraid, trembling, and dread starting over again.

But, I'll believe in you, until you can believe
in yourself. Now, take my hand. I'll open the
door for you. And, together we will walk in, and,
I will show you the way.

Reuben Clark
Create your success