Jan 31, 2009

Colorful Personality Study

Which Color Are You? Red, Yellow, Green or Blue!

There are only four different personality types.
Although they are called by a variety of names,
it still remains only four categories. I'm sure you've
heard the names likePhegmatic, Sanguine, Melancholy
or Caloric?

The personality studies has finally been made simple to
understand. I have found that the explanation using the
colors yellow, blue, red and green have really simplified and
made understanding these studies more enjoyable. There is
so much that can be learned from knowing exactly how to relate
to someone.

Lives have been dramatically changed by studying and knowing
the personality types. How would you like to be able to effectively
communicate with a total stranger within seconds of meeting them?
Now you can, the personality study with colors has made it possible.

If you are in network marketing this is a jewel for you to know
because 92 percent of the population is sales resistant. They
hate to sell or be sold. The other 8 percent of the population loves
the pushy, aggressive sales type because they are cut from the
same fabric.

By using the color technique a network marketer can better know
how to communicate with prospects. Not only prospects, better
relationships are being established with friends and family from
knowing this information.

Read a complete article on learning what color you are here.

Or you can join our weekly training and listen in as we contact
others to determine their personality type.

Jan 30, 2009

Fear Can Be A Nightmare

Fear CAN be a nightmare, If you let it!

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow,
Learn as if you were to live forever".

"Do the thing, THEN you will have the Power".

These are famous quotes that we frequently hear as we come
across personal development materials. I like to use them as
boosters to rid myself of things I may be fearing. Repeating
them over and over really seems to help.

I once heard my mentor say that fear is false evidence appearing
real. In other words it is just an illusion that wants to inhibit you
from reaching whatever goal you are striving for at the time.

I've found that the best way to cure fear is to do the thing you
are so afraid of. That's right, when you step towards fear, fear
will then back down. Boom, you have conquered one more false
evidence. What a terrific feeling!

Fear for you now becomes an illusion in the past instead of a

Jan 28, 2009

Study Think And Grow Rich With Me

A safe place to grow and develop personally

Wednesdays are always a special day with
our Mastermind group.

There are two kinds of People in the World:

Those who watch reality television...

And those who CREATE their own reality.

Everybody knows in order to make more,
You must become more.

Abraham Lincoln said,
"If you gave me six hours to chop down a tree,
I'd spend the first four hours sharpening
the axe."

In other words, he'd spend TWICE as much time
working on HIMSELF than he would on the task.

Zig Ziglar says:"You have to 'be' before you can
'do,'and do before you can 'have.' "

Most accomplished people will tell You,
all the know-how in the world is worth
NOTHING without the correct mind-set.

Most people who have done the Mental Cleanse
have taken their thinking to the next level,
and I want to share this
life-changing experience with you!

Step One in personal growth is the
NO TV // Magazines // Newspapers //
Radio // Gossip // etc!

Instead, concentrate on and study this
wonderful e-book (F.ree):
"THINK AND GROW RICH" by Napoleon Hill.
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If You are serious about creating
the lifestyle you want,
then personal development is a "must".
You'll get 6 months personal development
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Mental Cleanse Calls
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Jan 27, 2009

Busy verses Productive

Each day as we work our home business from
home, there are many decisions to be made.
Sometimes we mistake doing busy work for
productive work. Your busyness will be
determined by your life goals.

I'm well aware that household chores need to
get done, kids need attention, the family is
hungry, advertising is a must, etc. So, how
do we handle all these things and more while
keeping our sanity?

The answer is balance. The old plan, do, review applied to our daily
lives can work wonders. When we plan our day in advance it creates
order and balance in both our personal life and business.

A very wise mentor shared with me a great plan to creating a
balanced life should consist of putting God first, family
second, and business third. So every night write out what
your tomorrow will be like using those guidelines.

If you think that checking email five times a day or more is
productivity, you might want to do some more reviewing. Start
scheduling specific times to read emails. Checking emails
is considered busy work not productive work.

Here's a tip to determine if what you're doing is productive or
just plain old busy.

Tip: Always ask yourself this question when in doubt.”Is this
that I'm doing moving me measurably closer to my goals?

To your success

Jan 26, 2009

What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

The case of the Rice Syndrome

I became aware of a false belief or limiting belief that has been
embedded in me for a number of years. What's so funny is I
never would have come to know about its existence had I not
been a student of personal development.

Here is what surfaced as I was cooking my Sunday dinner the
other day. I was done with everything except for the rice.
It was well on its way, when my mind took me away from what
I was doing.

I habitually lift the lid up to take a peep at the rice, not realizing
it I began to stir it. All of a sudden my mind returned me back to
the present. Out of know where I became frantic! Why was this?

A memory from the past came to light. As a young girl, I
remember watching my mother cook rice. She always said,
“don't ever stir rice while it's cooking, it will leave a hole
in it and turn out sticky”.

As I thought about the words from my mother, I then realized
just how silly that sounds. Right then and there I decided to challenge
that limiting belief. I stirred and stirred. When the rice was ready it
was perfect. It wasn't anything like what my mother told me years
ago. I now have a new belief and have eliminated one more false belief.

What are some of YOUR false beliefs that have been limiting you
without your awareness? Think hard about all the things you believe
you could not or should not do. Challenge those same behaviors and
know the truth about them.

Napoleon Hill said it best. That most of our false beliefs comes from
well meaning people like our relatives, teachers, friends, parents and
advertisements, and so on. They mean well but they are harming us
without knowing it when they force their own beliefs onto us.

I'm so thankful for my new found awareness. It illustrates perfectly
just how powerful a belief can be upon our behaviors and our ability
to do different things. I hope my confession helps to spark new
awareness in the lives of others.
You can start your personal development training here for free!

Jan 25, 2009

The Most Common Traits of Success

There is a process to being a person of a
success personality just as there's a process
for failure. Have you ever heard the saying
success breeds success? That means certain
steps must be taken before any desirable goal
can be attain in becoming a person that
exhibits a success personality.

The first trait is having a sense of direction. One must be a goal
setter. In other words you must know exactly what it is you want
and know where you are going. The goal should be something
worthwhile with a strong purpose in order to reach the goal.

Next, is understanding. A significant line of communication is
critical for the understanding of anything. Always be willing to see
the truth by weighing the facts verses the opinions.

Once the goal is set and you have a clear understanding of
situations, for then you must have courage enough to take action.
Acting is the only way to getting you closer to making your goals and
desires a reality.

Charity is another trait that successful personalities possess. They
have interest and regard for other people. Success is having dignity
to respect others and treat them as real human beings instead of a

One must have enough belief in himself before he can master this
next trait. A belief that anything is possible for himself before he
can have esteem for another. Esteem is loving oneself, and seeing
yourself as a worthy and undefeated person.

All confidence is built upon experiences of small successes. If one will
make it a habit to remembering past successes instead of past
failures, this is when strong self-confidence is developed.

Finally, there has to be self-acceptance. You must know that you are
NOT your mistakes. There can't be genuine happiness until a person
have some measure of self-acceptance.

When each of these seven traits are in operation, a person has
learned to accept themselves, which allows them to BE themselves.
This is when a powerful success type personality is created.

Jan 23, 2009

Scary Policies And Procedures?

A true network marketing horror story

This is a true story of a dear friend of mine who loves the network
marketing profession. It's been a part of her life for over four years.

When she first joined her company, she knew she would be
committed to giving it her all. She was successful in building
her downline and working diligently with them. Her efforts paid
off. My friend was making money and life was good!

Suddenly, she became ill and was in need of surgery. The surgery
went well. She was released to go home for recovery, this would
amount to about six to eights weeks minimum.

It soon became pay period time with her so loved network marketing
company. My friend receives her check in the mail one Friday. With
great anticipation she rips open the envelope and became frozen with
shock. Why??

The usual nice salary she was expecting was no longer there. It had
dwendled down to almost zero. In fear, she convinced herself the
company had only made a typo error, so she rings them up. Many
questions were asked and she was blown away at the answers she

“Didn't you read your contract, in other words your policies and
procedures? It clearly states that if you don't sponsor X amount
of people each month, you don't qualify for your bonuses”. This
is what the company told her.

Sounds scary huh? Are there anything scary in your policies and
procedures? You might want to find out now rather than later

Know that the company you're building won't pull a fast one over
on you. Do the thing my friend eventually did. Get educated in
network marketing and learn of the hidden clauses.

This awareness alone will show you how to avoid the scams,
failures and frustrations so that you can be own your way to
owning your life.

Jan 22, 2009

The Einstein Of Network Marketing

Today I want to tell you about a
good friend of mine. He's a
giant of a mentor. His name is
Tom Schreiter.

Most people know him as
Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and he's the Einstein of network marketing.

Anyone that is looking to build a network marketing empire
must connect to the teachings and training of Big Al. It's
always a smart idea to learn from someone who has been
there and done that, so to speak.

Tom Schreiter has been the field,
starting from scratch as a distributor he built
a huge downline, he went to all the
opportunity meetings, as well as a host
of personal development seminars.

He has a wealth of knowledge under his belt.
His teachings arein great demand worldwide.
This is why Tom travels the world
doing his generic workshops and seminars.

Tom loves nothing more than sharing his wisdom with others
and equipping them with all that is needed to build their own
network marketing empire. It' his passion!

You can take a look around Tom's site to check out when and
where the next live workshop will be. You might find one in
your own back yard!

To your success,

Jan 21, 2009

Duplicating Success In Today's Market

Anyone that have been in network marketing for any length of time,
have heard these famous words from a few of the so called guru's.
They tell us you must do what they have done in order to be successful.

The problem I find with that is people don't duplicate. People can't
be duplicated and it's just that simple. However, systems can be.

Doing the things that duplicates today is a very important step
to creating success.

So, the real solution to gaining long term success is to find a proven
system that duplicates. This would be a system that works equally
effectively for all, including the part time networker.

Everybody says they have a system, but the questions to ask is
does it duplicates? Are there step by step actions that work for
the masses?

Look for what duplicates in today's market. People don't, but
a proven system does.

I've found a system that works really well for any company.
To find out more about it click here.

All the best,

Jan 20, 2009

Common Warning Signs Of Failure

I'm a great student of personal
development. During my study,
I've come across many reasons
why people fail in their quest for success.

What's so amazing is these are
signs that are so common, one
wouldn't give them a second thought
to being connected to a failure mechanism.

Here's what I came up with. How many can you relate to?

Frustration-an emotional feeling of hopelessness. This usually
comes from setting goals that are too unrealistic.

Aggressiveness-an excessive and misdirected behavior.
Aggressiveness is good for achieving goals until one becomes
frustrated, then it becomes a destructive force.

Insecurity-these are feelings and beliefs based on false
measurements of not being good enough.

Loneliness-a chronic feeling of being cut-off from other people,
but mainly from your true self. When you don't know your real self,
contact with other human beings are not very satisfying.

Uncertainty-a way of avoiding making mistakes. It's based on the
concept “if I make No decision then nothing can go wrong”.

Resentment-blaming society for ones own failures. Always using
excuses for not moving forward and resenting others happiness
and successes.

Emptiness-may display outward symbols of success but the inner
treasure is empty. It soon becomes a justification for not living

If you find yourself experiencing these negative emotions quite often,
you might want to take immediate action to correct them.
These are sure warning signs that you may be headed for failure.

A great mentor of mine is an exceptional teacher of
personal development, and get this, he does it all for free!

Wishing you great success,