Jan 31, 2009

Colorful Personality Study

Which Color Are You? Red, Yellow, Green or Blue!

There are only four different personality types.
Although they are called by a variety of names,
it still remains only four categories. I'm sure you've
heard the names likePhegmatic, Sanguine, Melancholy
or Caloric?

The personality studies has finally been made simple to
understand. I have found that the explanation using the
colors yellow, blue, red and green have really simplified and
made understanding these studies more enjoyable. There is
so much that can be learned from knowing exactly how to relate
to someone.

Lives have been dramatically changed by studying and knowing
the personality types. How would you like to be able to effectively
communicate with a total stranger within seconds of meeting them?
Now you can, the personality study with colors has made it possible.

If you are in network marketing this is a jewel for you to know
because 92 percent of the population is sales resistant. They
hate to sell or be sold. The other 8 percent of the population loves
the pushy, aggressive sales type because they are cut from the
same fabric.

By using the color technique a network marketer can better know
how to communicate with prospects. Not only prospects, better
relationships are being established with friends and family from
knowing this information.

Read a complete article on learning what color you are here.

Or you can join our weekly training and listen in as we contact
others to determine their personality type.

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