Aug 31, 2009

Check Your Gauge

People instantly look for reasons why something
won't work. Maybe it's the way we are wired.
Being negative is a behavior we don't really
give much thought to until we find ourselves
being a student of self development.

Before engaging in personal growth our words
are mostly negative than positive. So, become aware of your words.

If you find yourself constantly saying things like"this won't
work because...I can't do that because...", you need to check
your gauge.

Your positive and negative gauge can be compared to the gas gauge
on your car dash-panel.

When the needle is straight up you can consider yourself somewhat
balanced in your thinking and speaking. If it is more to the left
you are headed toward empty. That's a negative reading. When the
needle is more to the right, you are leaning towards the full mark,
which is a positive reading.

You might want to check your gauge often to see which way the
majority of your words, answers, and speech fall the most.
In the negative or positive. Where your gauge is, can make a
huge difference in how quickly you reach your goals.

Rena Williams

Aug 24, 2009

Attracting or Chasing Success

In a previous article we talked a bit about the difference
between want and need. Just like there's a difference in
the two, so is it with a burning desire and a desire that
burns you.

There is definitely a balancing act between the two desires.
When you have a burning desire you are creating the right
mindset that is going to attract to you the thing you want.

However, if that desire is connected to feelings of "I'm
miserable unless I have this thing" then your desire is now
burning you.

Just like the senario of the more there's a need to be liked
by others, the less others like you. The same goes for success.
Anytime you chase success, that success will always run faster
than you will.

Your objective should be to attract success, not chase it. When
you chase success you are repelling it and you never get what
you are chasing. The attraction and repulsion forces are always
at work. Sometimes you will attract more than you repel and vice
versa. It simply depends on which force is the strongest at any
given time.

Like any other skill, you can learn to attract more than you repel.
When you change the way you are feeling, the mental picture of the
situation changes.

The key is to go through your day without resistance, as much as
possible. Next, keep your burning desire in mind, which is your

It's important that you don't expect your goal to give you happiness.
Don't let your desire for the goal burn you by feeling bad because you
don't yet have it. It is critical to be able to walk away from it
emotionally, even when you want the goal.

If you can happy even when you don't have in your possession the
thing you want, then you are attracting it to you. If you are unhappy
because you don't have in your possession the thing you NEED, then
you are repelling it.

These are the difference between attracting and chasing success.

To Your Success,


Aug 23, 2009

Is It a Want or Need?

There is a world of difference between
and need. One attract things to
you and the other repels things away
from you. It doesn't matter if it is money,
success, relationships, or anything else.
It works exactly the same.

You see, want comes from a vibration that
says "okay, I'm happy already and I would
like to have this too."
Need sends a
vibration that says "I'm miserable
and frustrated and I need
this thing so I can be happy!"

This may appear to be something new, because you were never
taught in this manner. You were always encouraged to set the
goals, have a burning desire, and keep a positive attitude if you
want to reach your dreams. Not many teach the difference in the
vibrations of what you say you want and what you need.

I know this must sound so simple and many try to classify them as
being one in the same. But trust me they are not the same.

Have you ever noticed how some folks try so hard to get others to like
or approve of them? Maybe you have done the same yourself! This
doesn't work. The harder you try to get others to like you or if you
feel like you NEED them to like you, the less they will.

That's with anything, not just relationship. Need is a negative
emotion or vibration. So, whenever your negative need feelings
arise, just know that you are pushing away what you really want.
So quickly acknowledge those bad feelings and switch your thought
to feelings that feel good.

The reason you want to recognize the "feel bad" feelings at first sign,
is because you don't want to spend much time there. The longer you
stay in a feel bad vibration, this is where you repel your wants. The
Universe is being signal from the vibration you are holding that says
"you cannot be happy."

When you are in this state, all the affirmations, self talk, nor dream
boards are of NO effect, until you change these bad vibrations into
good vibrations.

When the things you say you want, line up with a feel good vibration,
then and only then are you on your way to reaching goals.

Get better at keeping your emotions in check, when you take part in
a Master Mind group of like minded people.

Rena Williams

Aug 19, 2009

Paralyzed By Fear?

Are you one who is paralyzed by fear or
empowered by hope?

Let's face it, there are many symptoms
of fear. There's the fear of loss, fear of
pain, fear of death, fear of failure,
even fear of success. The most
common fear of all that grips people
the hardest is the fear of criticism.

People will refuse to take chances in
business or act on any endeavor because they are afraid to
be criticized. They feel that failure will come about as a result
of the criticism, and usually it does.

Most people are insanely fearful. Can you imagine going through
your life being miserable and unhappy because of a mistake or
poor choice in marriage? The very act of choosing not to make
corrections because of the criticism that may come from the
efforts of correcting the mistake? It happens everyday.

The majority of society allow relatives, friends, and others to
influence their lives and any decision, so they cannot live their
own lives for fear of criticism.

One thing I know is criticism is highly over rated. Napoleon Hill
says it's the one thing that everyone has too much of. He went on
to say even a thief will criticize the very person he's stealing
from. Fear of criticism has been a long standing problem for many.
So much so that Napoleon Hill dedicated a whole section on it in
his classic book "Think and Grow Rich".

So, how do we wean ourselves from the grips of being afraid of this
fear? By learning to develop courage through hope. The Bible tells us
continuously to "Fear Not". We start by trusting and developing hope
in a power much greater than ourselves.

At Mentoring For Free we teach that network marketing is a
relationship building business. Well, so is life. The first and
foremost relationship needful is one with ourselves and our Source.

Learn to be empowered by hope. This and so much more can be
accomplished by being a part of our master mind group of like
minded people. By doing so you will discover hope for a better future
with no more fear.

To your success,

Rena Williams

Aug 17, 2009

The Three Stages of Truth

Within every truth, you will find there are three stages.
Let's look at it from the network marketers aspect.

As a mentor and entrepreneur, I've experienced these stages
of truth and I know you have as well. I'm talking about the
days of being ridiculed, violently opposed and finally self- evidence.

When each of us first stepped out to start our own business
or undertake anything that was new or different from the masses,
we were ridiculed harshly. Whether it was by our friends, or
family members, maybe both, it was harsh.

Those people labeled you as crazy for wanting to make a better
life for yourself. They told you not to expect much, and don't
dream big and don't get your hopes up. That was being ridiculed.

Violently Opposed
As you didn't listen to the criticism and you continued to work
on reaching your dreams, you encountered much opposition.
You even began to question yourself about "is this really for me?",
"am I doing the right thing?".

Everything that can go wrong does, in order to detour you. Finally,
you start to see some results and pay off, but not nearly what you
hoped for. At this point you hold on to your dream and trust in
yourself and your ability to perform.

You went against the grain and worked hard on yourself. When you
plan, do, review and adjust your activities, things will come
together for you everytime. Inspite of all who violently opposed

Self Evidence
Final stage, you are seeing even greater results from your diligent
efforts. Things are flowing for you and people are starting to see
evidence of your success. The congratulations and accolades are
coming in because you made it through.

All of a sudden, the dream crashers are sugar coating their words,
saying "I knew YOU would make it!", or "I believed in you all along".
You are now part of the five percentage because you had staying power.

These stages could be compared to learning how to ride a bike.
At first, you will crash a few times, even lose momentum, but you
get right back up and try it again until you are riding confidently
in the breeze.

Remember, whenever you step out to pursue your dreams, there will
always be those who criticize what you do. Reason being, they are
looking through different lenses. It's the way they view the world.

So, go against the grain and make your dreams happen. Forget about
the naysayers. "heart has its reason, the mind knows nothing about."

Live your truths, let me help guide you!
MLM Truths

Rena Willaims

Aug 13, 2009

MLM 5 Sponsoring Secrets

Steps To a Proven System

There are 5 steps to growing a successful network marketing

1. Targeted lead generation 2. Automated prospect follow-up
3. One-on-one relationship building 4. Sponsoring and 5. Training.

If you were to have a single system to perform all these functions,
so much the better. If your MLM company or upline group does not
provide system(s) to accomplish these targets, you absolutely have
to set them up yourself. But it's a lot easier to go someplace where
they understand these MLM sponsoring secrets and already have
an established, tested and proven system.

Let's talk a little bit about each secret.

Targeted lead generation. Why do you want to build the dream for
somebody else? How do you think you're ever going to make some-
body have a dream? You only want to talk to people who ALREADY
have the dreams, the goals, the desire to be successful.

These are the warriors. These are the people who will build the
business, no matter what. These are the people you want to target.

So, how do you find them?

You promote a website that has only one objective: To capture
contact information. So when a visitor comes to your site, their only
options are sign up or leave. And you do your best to make them an
offer they cannot refuse. I prefer to offer people a great ebook
because Leaders are Readers.

Automated prospect follow-up. The secret in network marketing is
in following up with people. People are busy, our lives are busy. It's
best to have an automated email system going out to these
prospects. These emails need to be written by a professional
copywriter who knows how to tweak the mind, answer questions,
create a relationship in print. You want your automated follow-up
to create a relationship with ad copy.

It's good to have an automated follow-up system in case you want to
go on vacation, on a company-sponsored, week-long trip. Your follow
ups will be in place.

One-on-one relationship building: This is your most important MLM
sponsoring secret. Network marketing is a relationship business. You
want to sponsor them one at a time and bring them in one at a time.
The only way you can do that is to build a one-on-one relationship
with those people. This is crucial because if you build people,
people will build your business.

Sponsoring. Sponsoring means we will be friends for life. So wouldn't
you rather sponsor people that you want to associate with? My
mentor told me, "Only sponsor people that you'd want to go
on a one month cruise with."

Training is absolutely the lifeblood of your business. Teaching,
training, coaching and mentoring new people on how to do network
marketing is a must.

You'd better have a team website. You'd better have a step-by-step
Action Plan, if you intend to train/teach your people in the skills of
how to do MLM.

It's mandatory that you have a system that duplicates, meaning if it'll
work for one it'll work for all. To have long-term success, you MUST
have a proven and tested marketing system for your opportunity.
I love our system because it works, it offers total training in the skills
of working with people, so that you get better and better ‚ and your
people can plug into exactly the same system, making it far easier for
you to help them as you gain more and more experience.

Need help in locating quality training with a proven system?
Go here!

I Appreciate You,

Rena Williams

Aug 12, 2009

The Why Behind Your WHY

What are your reasons for doing the things View Video
that you are doing in the world today?

We are told that our why has to be big
enough to sustain all the down falls
we may encounter on our way to the success
we desire.

Here's a video of a little fellow who has
one of the world's biggest why's.

Enjoy this amazing story!
Tell Me Why

Need help crafting your why? Join our
free mentoring group
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Rena Williams