Aug 31, 2009

Check Your Gauge

People instantly look for reasons why something
won't work. Maybe it's the way we are wired.
Being negative is a behavior we don't really
give much thought to until we find ourselves
being a student of self development.

Before engaging in personal growth our words
are mostly negative than positive. So, become aware of your words.

If you find yourself constantly saying things like"this won't
work because...I can't do that because...", you need to check
your gauge.

Your positive and negative gauge can be compared to the gas gauge
on your car dash-panel.

When the needle is straight up you can consider yourself somewhat
balanced in your thinking and speaking. If it is more to the left
you are headed toward empty. That's a negative reading. When the
needle is more to the right, you are leaning towards the full mark,
which is a positive reading.

You might want to check your gauge often to see which way the
majority of your words, answers, and speech fall the most.
In the negative or positive. Where your gauge is, can make a
huge difference in how quickly you reach your goals.

Rena Williams


Mike Foster said...

My gauge, thankfully, is almost always pointing in a positive direction. Why would anyone want to anything else? Sadly, there are a lot of negative thinkers out there and why we need to remind them with posts like this.


Anonymous said...

Good one on check your gauge and it helps a lot.

Karim - Positive thinking

Gera @ SweetsFoods said...

To think positive is vital to achieve your goals, but not always is easy. I want to do a simple comparison with a run-race.

Is difficult, lot of hard work, after months of training, failures but one day you've the finish line in front of you, you do it!

The leitmotiv keep going no matter what happens.