Oct 29, 2007

Prosperity Or Poverty

Life gives you that which you ask for.
Napoleon Hills says it requires no more effort
to demand abundance and prosperity than to
accept misery and poverty.

"I bargained with Life for a penny,
and Life would pay no more.
However I begged at evening,
When I counted my scanty store.

"For Life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.

"I worked for a menial's hire,
only to learn dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have willingly paid."

Be blessed with prosperity,

Oct 24, 2007

Are You Allowing Or Chasing Your Success

Do you really know the the difference between these
two attitudes? Many believe they may have the same meaning.
The end results when it comes to success is the difference
between being stuck or manifesting.

It's the difference between living in scarcity or abundance,
achieving failure or success. So many people think the way
to attract abundance is by chasing it. That's the wrong thing to do.
Why is that you may ask?

When abundance is being chased this is the vibration that
is being communicated to the Universe and of course abundance
is being block because of wrong vibrations.

Anyone that has been studying the Law of Attraction recognizes
that the concept of chasing abundance doesn't work. If you chase
abundance it will definitely elude you every time.

Once you turn your energy towards allowing abundance,
success of all kinds will then enter into your life.

What's the energetic difference between these two positions?
First, no one chases abundance unless they are feeling desperate
and insecure about money, wealth or other successes.

When you feel secure and trusting your vibrations will allow
abundance to come into your life through many channels.
Check to see where your vibration is on this subject.

Make it a point to raise your vibration so that you are not
chasing but allowing your abundance to come in.

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Oct 18, 2007

Wisdom For Today

Today I have words of wisdom that is sure
to keep you on the right path of success.

Happiness and success are inner

processes that we bring to life's

undertakings, rather than something

we get from "Out There".

Make it a great day!

Rena Williams
No Limits, No Boundries

Oct 11, 2007

A Unique Way Of Connecting With Prospects

We have all heard of the saying
“people don't like to be sold”.
This is true and we have all experienced
it at one time or another.

Let me share with you a better way to
fly under the radar and avoid
anyone getting the feeling that you
are trying to sell them.

Story telling. Yes that's it.
Stories are like gold to a prospect.

When you relay information in the
form of a story it holds the
attention of your prospects.

So, instead of struggling to make a point
or change a mind, just use stories.

The use of stories creates an instant
impact on your prospects. Try it!


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Oct 10, 2007

Belief Verses knowing

It would appear that these two words would mean exactly
the same thing. To have a belief or to believe means to regard
as true, to have faith in, or to trust in. To know is defined as
to be aware of, to recognize or have experienced.

These two simple words get misused quite frequently in
our everyday language. Strangely enough the fine line
between your belief and your knowing will determine
whether or not you'll reach your level of success
in network marketing.

You see, one can say I believe God loves me because
of this or that and would think its a knowing. Yet, it
doesn't have the same meaning or impact as the person
that says I know God loves me. The knowing
has more heartfelt energy and conviction about it.

The same holds true for the network marketer,
when asked about his belief in success. “Do you believe you
deserve success or do you know you deserve success”?

Let me tell ya, you can believe all day long that you are deserving
of success. But, until you feel it deep in your heart, you know, that
you know, you will stay stuck and not propel to your desired level
of achievement.

Although, you gotta have belief in certain things, this is true.
To be successful in life you must get into the habit of knowing
that you deserve it.

How do you rate? Do you have a belief or a knowing about your

To Your Success,
Rena Williams

Oct 6, 2007

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Oct 1, 2007

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