Oct 24, 2007

Are You Allowing Or Chasing Your Success

Do you really know the the difference between these
two attitudes? Many believe they may have the same meaning.
The end results when it comes to success is the difference
between being stuck or manifesting.

It's the difference between living in scarcity or abundance,
achieving failure or success. So many people think the way
to attract abundance is by chasing it. That's the wrong thing to do.
Why is that you may ask?

When abundance is being chased this is the vibration that
is being communicated to the Universe and of course abundance
is being block because of wrong vibrations.

Anyone that has been studying the Law of Attraction recognizes
that the concept of chasing abundance doesn't work. If you chase
abundance it will definitely elude you every time.

Once you turn your energy towards allowing abundance,
success of all kinds will then enter into your life.

What's the energetic difference between these two positions?
First, no one chases abundance unless they are feeling desperate
and insecure about money, wealth or other successes.

When you feel secure and trusting your vibrations will allow
abundance to come into your life through many channels.
Check to see where your vibration is on this subject.

Make it a point to raise your vibration so that you are not
chasing but allowing your abundance to come in.

Crave Is Coming!

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