Jun 28, 2010

Focus On The Right Vibration

Focusing on the way you want
your life to be when things not
going your way in the present
moment, is not the easiest
thing to do. But if you have
the determination to focus
your attention in every area
of your life as you want it to be, rather than as it is, your
life will change dramatically.

As you begin to notice the instant, benevolent, cooperative
response of the universe responding to your desires, you will
very quickly be one who is willing to let go of everything and
anything that is not part of your vibration. You will let bygones
be bygones, ex-partners be ex-partners, grudges and mistakes
of others and your own, complaints and ill wishes, injustice
and bad behavior all become non-issues.

You will purify your vibration from the stuff you don't like and
will replace it with the things you do like, appreciate and want.
And with far less trouble than you think and in far
less time and effort than you think. You will begin to offer a
vibration that will net you evidence of your thoughts. That
evidence is nothing more than the indication of the improved
story you are telling.

Remember, you are Source Energy that has come here to
create and you are worthy of every idea that comes to you.
The resources of the universe are here to assist you in your
creation just as surely as they assist the earth in spinning in
its orbit in perfect proximity to other planets.

There is no greater creator than you and no greater reason to
create than the things you desire in your life. Everything you
create is for the purpose of the joyous satisfaction that it gives
you as the Source within you expands.

It is my desire that you think enough of yourself to want to feel
good and do whatever it takes to feel good. Even if that means
ignoring those who lie to you, ignoring those things that you
disapprove of, and turning your undivided attention to the things
you desire.

With every thought you think and with every desire you give birth
to the universe expands. And it is only through your joyous quest
that all is possible.

Courtesy of Dr. Robert Anthony
Deliberate Creation

Dr. Anthony always offer some profound information on
the best way to create your future. Visit his website for
some key gold nuggets. ~ Rena Williams ~

Jun 24, 2010

~~Freedom ~~

In the United States of America
lies a large industrial city which
is the site of one of the world's
largest slave labor camps. Each
morning the slaves move herd
-like from their quarters into the slave labor camps.

Each one is at his or her station by 7:30 AM. Here they report to their master for the day's duties. And here they remain chained until 5:00 PM when they're
released to go home.

The slaves have no choice as to how many hours they must labor.
Sometimes they are required to work overtime until their master
tells them they may leave and go home.

Each year the slaves are told when to take their vacations, for
how long,
and when they must return.

They have little choice as to how much money they earn as they are
paid not what they are worth, but what the job is worth.

They are allowed very little time for lunch and coffee breaks during
the labor hours.

The slaves will remain in their chains in great fear because the
master can punish them with the "firing"or"layoff" whip. It is
said that even some of the older slaves who have been good
and faithful have felt the sting of the whip.

Day by day, year-by-year, the slaves toil and grow older until the master decides it is time to release them to the retirement camps where they're forced to sit idle and wait for death.

It's a well-known fact that the old slaves who try to keep working
are sometimes whipped with a "stop-their-pension" whip.

I know these slave camps exist for I once was a slave.
But now I am a free man who lives among the slaves.
The reason I am free is because I am in business for myself as
a Network Marketer.

Yes, I am truly free. I arise in the morning at the hour called for by
my schedule. I decide my own hours. I can even sleep in late while
the slaves are at work.

I can vacation when, where, I please. I'm free to take my coffee break
and lunch when I want, and of course, I can decide my own paycheck
because I am not a slave.

I can choose to work when and where I please and with whom I please.
I'm free to stay in the city for as long as I want, or to move on to
greener pastures if I decide to.

I've seen many slaves sadly pack their belongings to leave their city
in search of a new master, but it is always the same.

There is, however, a ray of hope for the slave. He or she can buy
their own freedom. The cost is not high. Only to those without COURAGE to pay the price.

~Author Unknown~

**To me this story describes the beauty of Network Marketing.
It allows you the freedom to design your own life. Have you
found the perfect company that will take care of you and your
family for a lifetime? If no! Let me help you. **

Truly caring for your success,

Rena Williams
Coach Rena Williams

Jun 23, 2010

The Truth -About Giving and Receiving

Is it really better to give than receive? Do you believe
the theory of the more you give the more you will receive?

These questions seems to enter the minds of many folks.
Many often wonder are these statements of any truth?

In the article below Kristen Howe, a Law of Attraction expert
coach shares what she knows about this subject:

Article:The Hidden Law of Attraction That Attract Money &
Success Fast

Have you ever heard the statement, 'Give and you shall receive'? Of
course you have. But is it true? I'm here to tell you that the 'Give and
you shall receive' concept is the hidden Law of Attraction that is
guaranteed to attract money and success fast.

If you're like a lot of people you might have a problem with this
statement for 1 of 2 reasons:

1. You think giving to receive is greedy and deceitful
2. You have tried giving to receive but it never works

Let's look at both of these objections to the 'Give and you shall receive' theory.

1. You think giving to receive is greedy and deceitful.
Is it though? Think about it, you give something to someone,
whether its love, money, support, kindness etc. it is bringing
something positive into their lives, right? I'm not suggesting you
pretend. I'm suggesting you really give something of yourself to
someone else. If it's legitimate then it can't possible be greedy and deceitful.

2. You have tried giving to receive but it never works.
I hear this one all the time from my coaching clients after I tell them
to find a way to give whatever it is they desire to attract. Inevitably,
I hear, 'Kristen, I tried giving (love, money etc.) to someone, but it
didn't come back to me at all.'That is when I point out the most
important part of the 'Give and you shall receive' theory.
To attract money fast and tap into this hidden law of attraction, you
must give whatever it is you desire but you can't expect to receive it
back from the exact source you gave to.

* If you want money, give money or help someone make money
* If you want success, help someone find success
* If you want love, give love to someone else

Then let it go and move on. The universe will give what you have
given back to you and in abundance. Trust it; don't look for it, know
that the money, success, love etc. that you desire is on its way to you.

Want to harness the Law of Attraction to create the life you want,
but can't figure out what you're doing wrong?

Kristen Howe-author/Coach

Kristen shared some powerful pointers. The simply fact is giving
and receiving is a package deal. Whenever you give you will receive.
All you have to do is decide what is it you are willing to give.

To your success,
Rena Williams

Jun 22, 2010

The Beauty of Network Marketing

There are two types of income
in the world, but unfortunately
only one will give you freedom.
Only one will allow you own your life completely.

The first type of income is Linear Income.
This is where you are just trading your time for money.

If you are like most people you HAVE to work to
make a living. If you don't work, you don't get paid.

That's a linear income.

The second type of income is a lot different. It is
sometimes called Royalty income, or Recurring
income. Some refer to it also as Passive income or
Residual income. Whatever name your refer to it
as being, It's the secret to creating true wealth.

This Royalty income, is when you do the work
right one time and get paid for it over, and over,
and over again. Such as that of singers that create
hit music. They made a hit recording and it is sold,
and listened to for years. When that happens they
receive a monthly check for years from their efforts
of producing a one time hit.

This is the beauty of network marketing, it will
allow you to receive a monthly pay of thousands of
dollars so you can do the things in life you want, so
you can achieve your dreams.

Learn how to look for a 5 Pillars company in network
marketing so you will choose the right company that will
help you to own your life.

Truly caring for your success,

Rena Williams

Jun 21, 2010

2 Seductive Little Words

Everybody knows that time is our most valuable asset.
Still we live in a world where most people constantly
want instant gratification. We expect all things to
happen "Right Now!"

Our expectations of reaching our dreams are right now.
We expect right now results from weight loss and exercise

Life still has a natural progression. As, of the days of
old, we must still plant, cultivate and then reap the harvest.

Patience is a virtue. If you want to save yourself much
frustration as you are building your network marketing
business, you must practice patience.

Quit looking for things to happen at the speed of light.
John Burroughs poem, Waiting says it this way.

Serene, I fold my hands and wait,
Nor care for wind, nor tide, nor sea;

I have no more 'gainst time or fate,

For lo! my own shall come to me.

To your success,

Rena Williams

Jun 17, 2010

Dream University

What are your real dreams and aspirations?
Sometimes we lose sight of our dreams, you
know put them on the back burner, so to
speak while we keep life going on.
Well, it's time to rekindle your dreams!

I just signed up for an amazing FREE event! 30 world class
teachers are going to show me how to make my dreams come true.

It’s called DreamU Camp, is sponsored by Dream University and
its all virtual. No travel required.

The lineup includes Jack Canfield, Marcia Wieder, Les Brown,
David Bach, Lynne Twist, Janet Attwood, Marci Shimoff and many more.

I wouldn’t want you to miss it, so here’s your special invitation
to sign up today:


Please join me and pass this on to friends and fellow dreamers like
us! This is free and very educational. Most of all a chance to get you
dreaming again so you will be on the right path to making those
dreams a reality. Invite someone you know and love to join in also at

Dream University Camp

Make it a great day,

Rena Williams

Jun 14, 2010

A Life of No Regrets

Life is like a combination lock; your job is to
find the right numbers, in the right order,
so you can have everything you want.
~Brian Tracy

Brian just gave the recipe to living a life
without regrets. What do you want your
life to look like, now and in the future? Will you be like the
poem below or will you live a life of "no regrets"?

When a man is on his deathbed, he does not say to himself, “I wish
I would have spent more time at the office” or “I wish I would
have spent more time working.”

What a man on his deathbed says to himself is this: “I wish I
would have spent more time with the people I love: my wife, my
children, and my friends. I wish I would have spent more time
living instead of working.”

You can make the latter wish a reality. That's the beauty of
network marketing and working from home. Find the right training,
the right mentors, the right 5 pillars company. Enjoy making your
dreams your reality, live a life of no regrets!

Truly caring for your success,


Jun 10, 2010

Train Your Mind-Like You'd Train a Dog?

Can you train your thoughts like you'd train a dog?

Does that sound ridiculous? Okay, look at it this way.
Your thoughts come from a combination of your background
and environment, life experience, and your
observations. And the way you look at each of those is entirely under your control.

You've probably noticed that things change out there in the world. Life can be very unpredictable at times. And yet the biggest
problem most people have is that they expect they will get the
same bad results in the future as they got last week or 20 years ago.

You can train your brain to think the way you want it to, to achieve
the best MLM results. And you must. Train yourself to focus better,
and you will be a different person. Set a goal of making faster
decisions. Maybe put yourself on a timer for tough decisions, so you
don't stew over them. Right or wrong, just go ahead. You will become
a more effective and happier person.

A lot of people think they need more information to make a decision.
In the real world, you often still make the wrong choice even with
a lot more information. So you're better off to just make a choice,
execute it, find out if it's right or wrong, and then keep going or
change course, based on the feedback you get from life.

That is a LOT like you'd train a dog. It's very simple. Just take the
same attitude toward your own mind. Put yourself in charge, and
tell it what to do. Your life goes a lot better that way.

[From the newsletter of Mentoring For Free]

To your success,

Rena Williams

Jun 9, 2010

Living A Balanced Life

10 Suggestions On Living A Balanced Life

Here is a list of ten simple thoughts to put into place in
order to help to create wholeness in your lives.

1. Give your dreams room to grow.
Treat them in the same manner you would a garden.

2. Get outside and walk. The vitamin from the sunshine
counteracts a dark mood.

3. Always invite, never force a physical challenge;
The right moves are more healthier.

4. Sometimes it requires you to set the bar a little higher
to see the real results.

5. Learn to tap into your motivation.
You already posess it.

6. Change seldom happens suddenly.
It starts small and gains momentum.

7. Let your passion override all fear;
Stop over thinking.

8. Find your flow within the stress rather than
trying to eliminate it.

9. Indulgence isn't a sign of failure; look at it as an
occasional opportunity to experience pure pleasure.

10. Consider your goals as a first step toward the life you really want.

Truly Caring For Your Success,

Coach Rena Williams

Jun 4, 2010

~Commonalities of Non-Achievers

Over the years my mentor did an observation of
people who had not achieved what they want in
life, and he came up with an interesting discovery.

He came to realize that each of them possessed some
of the same strange practices. These strange practices
seem to be a mental "to do" list for sure failure.

Here's how a non achiever's list reads:

1. Don't listen to successful people.

2. Get your advice from those you know and anyone
who doesn't have a dream.

3. Plan, plan, plan. Get ready to get ready, make sure
everything is perfect before you actually do something.

4. Blame everyone else for your failure to have what
you want.

5. Remind yourself daily, what a loser you are.

6. Repeat your same mistakes over and over.

7. Keep going in the same wrong direction to get
what you want.

8. Don't replace your limiting, negative thoughts
with positive ones.

9. Keep spending all your time with unsuccessful people.

10. Insist that you are always right; being wrong is
worst than failing.

As ridiculous as this list may seem, many people are living
these same behaviors. Are you doing things on this list?

If so, Stop It! Stop it now! Seek the help of a good mentor
and a mastermind group. Here's a great place to start for free.

To your success,

Rena Williams