Jun 22, 2010

The Beauty of Network Marketing

There are two types of income
in the world, but unfortunately
only one will give you freedom.
Only one will allow you own your life completely.

The first type of income is Linear Income.
This is where you are just trading your time for money.

If you are like most people you HAVE to work to
make a living. If you don't work, you don't get paid.

That's a linear income.

The second type of income is a lot different. It is
sometimes called Royalty income, or Recurring
income. Some refer to it also as Passive income or
Residual income. Whatever name your refer to it
as being, It's the secret to creating true wealth.

This Royalty income, is when you do the work
right one time and get paid for it over, and over,
and over again. Such as that of singers that create
hit music. They made a hit recording and it is sold,
and listened to for years. When that happens they
receive a monthly check for years from their efforts
of producing a one time hit.

This is the beauty of network marketing, it will
allow you to receive a monthly pay of thousands of
dollars so you can do the things in life you want, so
you can achieve your dreams.

Learn how to look for a 5 Pillars company in network
marketing so you will choose the right company that will
help you to own your life.

Truly caring for your success,

Rena Williams

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