Mar 31, 2008

Now This Is Inspiration

Every now and then we come across stories
and information that touches our hearts and
leaving us absolutely speachless.

Stories of this magnitude causes the mind to
think about what is truly important in life..

When you take a look at this video, you gotta
ask yourself, "Am I a success?" Will I leave a
legacy for my children's children? If not, I
can help you get on the right road to success.

A friend just sent me
this video

You've got to see this --

It will absolutely inspire you!

To Your Success,

Mar 26, 2008

Are Your Goals Holding You Back?

We have all been told to make all kinds of goals. Big ones,
small, reach for the stars, attainable goals, or ambitious ones,
but is that really how success works?

To get anywhere you need to know where you're going they tell
us. What if where you're going isn't where you really want to
go? Meaning most people goals aren't their own. Most are driven
by either society or family pressures.

A great majority of goal setters tend to be people pleasers.
They sacrifice their own hopes of today for something wonderful
that may happen tomorrow that will please others. Forever living
in the future. What happens with goals that aren't your own, is
you end up chasing the goal instead of achieving them. By doing
this you are setting yourself up for failure.

I want to encourage more goal free living. Learn to live in the
moment, in the now, follow your own passion, knowing that you
can change course at anytime. When someone is driven by passion,
most always they are making a contribution. That alone is

You may want to ask yourself this question. “Do I have the right
goals and am I relating to them in the right way?”

Life is unpredictable, so give up having to have control. Create
many paths for yourself and have fun. Success is about applying
creativity to every aspect of your life. Don't let someone else
goals hold you back from what you really want from life.


Mar 13, 2008

10 Foot Tall And Bullet Proof

Are you 10

foot tall &

bullet proof?

Invincible ?

Over the weekend my friend
rented the movie
Invincible -

a great movie for

The true story of Vince
Papele, a 30 year old
bartender who made the
Philadelphia Eagles
football team.

Even if you're not a
football fan, trust me,
you'll love this movie!

All his "friends" told
him he couldn't do it...

that he may just as well
quit before he even tried

But he persisted.

And made it on the team!

Then in his first game, he
blew it--froze up.

The coach wondered if he'd
made a huge mistake signing
him on.

But the newbie kept on
til he achieved success.

Kind of like net work marketing
isn't it?

Your friends & family
think you're crazy

yeah, my family has
always thought
the same thing

But you persist.

You do whatever it
takes...You learn from
others...You get help &

you keep at it til
you reach your dreams.

Mentoring for Free,
(Free Mentoring & Training for anyone in any company)

Rena Williams

Mar 12, 2008

This Is Shocking!

This will shock you just
like it shocked me...

Years ago I was so naive.

I thought all companies
paid their distributors
about the same.

I didn't realize just how

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

I was!

Imagine a Big Staircase...

A Really Big Staircase-

It's 10,000 steps. Whew!

Now imagine a staircase
that's 7,000 steps.

Now one that's 3,000 steps.

Now one that's 350 steps.

Which one would you rather

Dumb question I know.

I'm like you.

I'd rather climb the one
with only 350 steps.

So how does this relate to
what companies pay out
you say?


When I did some research,
I was shocked when I
discovered for example,

that for Company A, you need
10,000 people to make 10K a month,

for Company B, you need
7,000 people to make 10K,

for Company C you need
3,000 people,

and for Company D,
only 350 people are needed
for the 10K !

I would never have imagined
that there was actually that
much difference in
compensation plans.

Last week a woman asked me
to figure out how many
it would take in her
company for her to make
the 10K a month

when I told her 8,500,
she was speechless.

The moral of the story is...

know what it's going to
take you to get where
you want to go!

so you can work smarter
and not harder.

Life is About Giving To Others!

Mar 11, 2008

MLM Is Not ...


I hate to burst your bubble, BUT

Network marketing is not
about sales or selling.

Or guess I should say...

It Shouldn't be about
sales or selling.

That's why people with
sales backgrounds
who get in net work
marketing often struggle.

They're trying to sell,
sell, sell.

It doesn't work.

This fantastic

industry is

about Relationships,


and helping others.

There's nothing else
like it in all the world!

(Free Mentoring & Training for Anyone in Any Company,
because life is about giving to others)

A Mentor With A Servant's Heart