Mar 13, 2008

10 Foot Tall And Bullet Proof

Are you 10

foot tall &

bullet proof?

Invincible ?

Over the weekend my friend
rented the movie
Invincible -

a great movie for

The true story of Vince
Papele, a 30 year old
bartender who made the
Philadelphia Eagles
football team.

Even if you're not a
football fan, trust me,
you'll love this movie!

All his "friends" told
him he couldn't do it...

that he may just as well
quit before he even tried

But he persisted.

And made it on the team!

Then in his first game, he
blew it--froze up.

The coach wondered if he'd
made a huge mistake signing
him on.

But the newbie kept on
til he achieved success.

Kind of like net work marketing
isn't it?

Your friends & family
think you're crazy

yeah, my family has
always thought
the same thing

But you persist.

You do whatever it
takes...You learn from
others...You get help &

you keep at it til
you reach your dreams.

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Rena Williams

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