Dec 28, 2011

A Success Habit ~Laughter

Boost Your Immune System With Laughter!

There's an old saying, "Laughter does the body good, like medicine"
Make it a habit to watch funny videos when you feel under the
weather, angry, or depressed. Last year, researchers at Loma
Linda University published a study on the results of laughter on the immune system.

They asked volunteers to watch a video of the comedian Gallagher
smashing produce with a sledge hammer.

The researchers noticed that the volunteers showed significant
improvements in several immune-system functions, such as natural
killer cell activity.

In another study, the same researchers found that merely anticipating
watching a funny video improved moods such as anger, tension, and
depression up to 2 days before actually watching the video. It really
is true when they say "laughter is the best medicine."

My advice:
The next time you go to the video store,
check out the comedy section.

Look through your TV guide for funny
shows, and set your VCR to record them.

To your success,

Dec 21, 2011

Online Business Has Pros and Cons

If you’re planning to start an online home business,
you may be wondering what you’re getting yourself into.
Stepping into the unknown for the first time can be quite scary,
but it could also be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever

Just like any decision you make in life, it’s a good idea to
know the pros and cons before starting an online home business.

Here are a few Cons....====>

Loneliness: Starting an online home business can be extremely lonely
if you’re used to working with others.

Motivation: Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself to
work, when you’re surrounded by home comforts and temptations.
It’s worth learning to manage your time effectively.

There are many other cons such as temptation,interruptions, learning

Here are a few Pros...===>

Low Costs: The initial start up and running costs of starting an online
business from home are low. You don’t need to pay expensive rentals
for business premises, and if you have a computer, chances are you
have most of the equipment you need to get started.

Global Connections: When you’re starting an online home business,
you’re not restricted to trading in your local area. You can connect
with people and find customers from across the globe.

Again there are many more pros such as the person you become from
learning new skills and personal development,flexible hours,No
commuting expenses,home around the family, no salary cap,
no boss to answer to, etc.

Many business owners feel that starting an online home business is
the best thing they’ve ever done and the right action for them.
But only you can weigh up the pros and cons and decide whether
it’s right for you. What will you do? You can start here.==>

To your Success,

Dec 20, 2011

Your MLM Ice Breakers

Tom "big Al" Schreiter is one of my favorite mentors. The thing
I love about Tom's training is its generic and can be applied by
anyone in any company. He gives great practical skills, and he’s
very direct and to the point with the training.

In the training I heard recently, Tom focused on the importance
of having a great first sentence when meeting with a new prospect.
Can you picture this? "You’re in your prospects home, they’re
eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say about your business
opportunity, you open your mouth with the first words and
immediately everyone's sales alarm goes off!"

So what can you say to them to get them to relax, listen and be fully
engaged in your presentation? Tom says that your first sentence has
to do several things. One...It must get rid of the pyramid objection.
You know the pyramid objection we've all heard before...
“Isn’t network marketing a pyramid? Isn’t that illegal?”

Your first sentence also has to be intriguing enough that they are
interested in what you have to say. In other words you must grab
their attention. Nine times out of ten their mind is currently
occupied with questions, and your presentation will need to answer
it. That's why we need an ice breaker sentence.

Another thing Your first sentence must do is conquer the training
objection. What’s the training objection? The training objection
occurs when a prospect says or thinks “That’s too hard for me, I
can’t do network marketing! I’m not a sales person.”

MLM Ice breakers or your first sentence should inspire confidence into
your prospects. They need to immediately know that they can do this
business. Big Al is a master at inspiring others with his magical sentences.

So what’s the magic sentence that will engage your prospect, address
all these objections and build confidence in your clients? Tom
starts every presentation with this sentence "Most people
do network marketing every day, but they just don’t get paid for it.”
When he does, eight out of ten people join his business.

WHY is that? This sentence immediately taps into their subconscious
mind and they immediately think “I’m most people. I don’t need to be
trained.” “Since I already do this every day." People love to be a part
of something, so hearing "most people" makes them feel comfortable.

When you start with a great ice breaker, you’ve addressed the major
concerns of prospects and you therefore focus on the details about
your business. Business presentations will become more fun as you
master the powerful first sentence.

Tom has an array of resources that can be harnessed by network
marketers and internet marketers. Visit his website at FortuneNow.
Check out the schedule where he does his generic work shops.
You wouldn't want to miss him when he comes to your city.

We love Tom's training...Make a change today.

Dec 19, 2011

Fitting Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

Exercise For Home Workers

If you work from home, chances are you won’t want to waste your time making regular trips to the gym to get some exercise. But you can easily fit exercise into your daily program without venturing far from home.

Take a break from work and have a short walk. Or if it’s too cold and walking doesn’t appeal, consider a home fitness DVD. If you don’t feel like doing anything too strenuous in the middle of your working day, a yoga DVD may be a great choice for you. And 20 minutes spent exercising should be easy to fit into your working day. Plus you have the convenience of a shower to use once you’re done.

Whatever your lifestyle, fitting regular physical exercise into your schedule is essential to your health and well-being.

To your health!

Dec 18, 2011

Know Your Destination

Do you ever ask yourself this
there more to life than this?"
We all have certain dreams and goals that we want to
reach in life don't we? Of course we do. Well, the
key to reaching our dreams and achieving our goals is
to take the same approach as we would when we are trying
to reach a certain travel destination and are unsure
of how to get there.

What do we usually do when trying to get to a certain
destination with no real knowledge of how to do so?

We grab a map and begin to study it to figure out what roads,
avenues, routes, highways, directions, we'll need to
travel on to graciously reach our destination.

What exactly is a map for when you really think about it? It's
a blueprint with true information on it that you'll use as a
reference to get from where you are to where you need to be.
A map doesn't necessarily tell you how to get to your destination;
but it provides you with factual information about locations
in that area.

Once you look at the information on the map, you can find
your starting point. And once you have that, you can figure
out what your next step is. Each step afterwards leads into
and is dependent on the next step to until you reach your
final destination.

Why do you trust the information on the map? Why is it that
you don't question if what you're looking at is factual? Think
about it, you just accept what you see and follow it - Right?

Right! to go where you wanna go you need the vehicle and
the instructions on how to use the vehicle.

Well my friends, the same holds true on the road of life. If you
want to achieve a certain goal or reach a certain destination,
you must first have a map in the form of plan that consists
of steps that are dependent on each other. And most importantly,
you must trust the system one hundred percent with zero doubt
and full trust and faith that it will work.

When you are able to do so, to (Trust in the process) you will be
able to effectively manifest the things you want out of life and
achieve your goals.

I've got good news. You don't have to sit around trying to
create a map when you need to reach a certain destination,nor
do you need to create a system to achieve your goals.

Because It's all been done for you with my Empower Network system.
Many are calling it the "System of a Genius" because it is
basically the missing piece of the success formula. It solves
all the problems of the marketers. It a system which separates
the successful people in the world from those who seem destined
to fail.

Any day you choose to, you can become part of the group of people
who are destined to succeed by choosing to be an Empower network
member. Therefore knowing your destination.

click on the link and sign up and watch the transformation begin.

To your destination,

Dec 13, 2011

You've Got Money!

Or maybe not.

I guess it depends if you're a
member of Empower Network yet.

Let me show you:

That's the amount of commissions
we've paid people in the last 20 days.

(yes, almost a million dollars :)

Have you had any of that deposit into your bank account?

If not, go and and change that, now:

Empower Network

It's more than just commissions though,
it's the sheer volume of residual income
that we've created for people in almost
every network marketing company...

...yes - we're supporting everyone.

Let me actually show you how much
residual income we're paying to people.

We have two memberships - a 'basic'
$25 product, and also an 'inner circle'
$100 per month membership.
(You get 100% residual commissions
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them - that's $125 in residual income
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100 people = $12,500 in residual income
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..what are the ACTUAL numbers, though?

Well, we've been around for 3 weeks
today - and as of right now, we're
paying out:

$191,951 per month from the basic membership :)


$324,500 per month from the 'inner circle'

That's a total of $516,451 per month in
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Last week - we hit a hall-mark when
we passed a half million dollars in
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MONTH in commissions....

...and if you're not in yet

You just lost a commission.

What are you waiting for???

We want to pay YOU 100%

So even though I'll make less
money by paying YOU 100%
commissions, I'm doing something
that will change your life - and
I'm ok with that.

Because you'll finally be able to
break the barriers that have held
you back.

You'll finally be able to live the
lifestyle of your dreams.

The gurus had their day - and I've
had mine.

It's YOUR TURN now.
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