Dec 13, 2011

You've Got Money!

Or maybe not.

I guess it depends if you're a
member of Empower Network yet.

Let me show you:

That's the amount of commissions
we've paid people in the last 20 days.

(yes, almost a million dollars :)

Have you had any of that deposit into your bank account?

If not, go and and change that, now:

Empower Network

It's more than just commissions though,
it's the sheer volume of residual income
that we've created for people in almost
every network marketing company...

...yes - we're supporting everyone.

Let me actually show you how much
residual income we're paying to people.

We have two memberships - a 'basic'
$25 product, and also an 'inner circle'
$100 per month membership.
(You get 100% residual commissions
on both products, as long as you buy
them - that's $125 in residual income
per month, per person...)

100 people = $12,500 in residual income
per month....

..what are the ACTUAL numbers, though?

Well, we've been around for 3 weeks
today - and as of right now, we're
paying out:

$191,951 per month from the basic membership :)


$324,500 per month from the 'inner circle'

That's a total of $516,451 per month in
residual income (yes - that's monthly)

Last week - we hit a hall-mark when
we passed a half million dollars in
commissions..., we passed a half million PER
MONTH in commissions....

...and if you're not in yet

You just lost a commission.

What are you waiting for???

We want to pay YOU 100%

So even though I'll make less
money by paying YOU 100%
commissions, I'm doing something
that will change your life - and
I'm ok with that.

Because you'll finally be able to
break the barriers that have held
you back.

You'll finally be able to live the
lifestyle of your dreams.

The gurus had their day - and I've
had mine.

It's YOUR TURN now.
Don't lose another commission...

...your family deserves this. need to take action -

You Want This: Get it Now!

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Playback Number: (712) 432-0990
Access Code: 113543

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