Mar 30, 2009

Is YOUR Business A River Or Pond?

We can compare and contrast the differences
between a pond and river, then take that same
analogy to determine which state our network
marketing business is in.

A well known minister was speaking about the
battles, we as Christians go through in our mind.
He compared a conformed mind to a transformed
mind and liken it to being either a pond or river.
As I took a closer look, I thought the same could be
applied to the networking arena.

The water in a river constantly moves and flows,
while water in a pond is stilled and stagnated.

A river is connected to other bodies of water, so water
moves in and out. This movement means that changes
are constantly taking place. Which is an indicator that life
is present.

A Pond is a detached body of water, it stands alone. And
because there's no continuous flow of water entering or
leaving the pond, it's considered stagnate. Whenever water
is stilled and stagnated it often stink from the dead and
decaying material.

If our networking business is connected to other bodies of
people and we are constantly seeing refreshing changes in
them, ourselves and our business, we can consider our
business to be as a river. There is evidence of plentiful life.

On the other hand, if we have detached ourselves and our
business seems to be stagnated, and not growing or changing,
take note. If we are alone with no one joining us in business,
our business can be liken to a pond. We are a detached body
of water.

Examine your business carefully. Are you connected to a
mastermind group or receive weekly training of some sort?
Are you constantly moving and being refreshed? When life
becomes stale there is no creativity happening, and the
mind becomes stilled and stagnated.

So get moving and become a river in your business instead of a pond.

To Your Success,

Rena Williams
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Mar 27, 2009

What A Difference A Mentor Makes

What a diference having a
mentor has made in my life.
You've heard the old phrase
"two heads are better than one"
spoken before. I finally decided
to believe it. Before I knew any-
thing about mentorship, my life
was in turmoil.

I was beat down from life's disappointments, I was dissatisfied with
the results I had been getting from jumping from program to
program. I was burnt out and frustrated with life and network
marketing/mlm because I wasn't having success.

It wasn't until someone introduced me to a mentoring group, which
was absolutely free of charge, that I started to see mlm in a whole
new light.

When I got plugged into the teaching, mentoring and coaching, my
life started to evolve toward success. I knew nothing about being
mentored before this. A simple case of you don't know that you don't know.

I can honestly say having a mentor has most definitely made a huge
difference in my life and the way I now do my business. Everyone
need a mentor and coach. It doesn't matter how great you may think
you are, you still need coaching in some areas. Think about for an
instance any championship team. They are great, yet they still have a
coach. So, why wouldn't you?

Why do people put up fences? You may say to set boundary lines, or
for privacy to keep out unwanted visitors. A mentor serves the same
purpose, they can help you set boundaries in your life. A mentor can
guide you to keep the bad things out of your business and help put
good things in.

Mentors are priceless, get yourself a mentor and coach. If you haven't
found your perfect mentor, you can start right here. Having a mentor
makes a difference!

Rena Williams
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Mar 24, 2009

Success Is A Learning Skill

Most people are always looking for the magic
answers on how to make more money, how to
lose weight, how to (you fill in the blank)

In the words of Brian Klemmer, "If the How-to's
were enough, we'd all be rich, skinny and
happy". Why don't all the how to books and information
seem to "work" for most people?

The answer is:
Because it all comes down to our mindset. Until a person's
mindset is where it needs to be, success will be elusive.

If one really don't believe they deserve success and can
achieve the success desired, it'll never happen. Success
is a learning skill, believe it or not!

I've heard someone say, This business is built
between your ears. (Network Marketing)

I really like the old Henry Ford quote:

"If you think you can, you can and if you think you can't,
you can't" either way you're right.

The best thing you can do for your success is set aside
at least 30 minutes per day to read or listen to personal
development material. Pop in a CD when you're in the car.
Surfing the net is an excellent time to be listening to a CD.

As you change your thoughts and beliefs, your whole
life changes.

Mastermind with a team of like minded people on our
weekly Mental Cleanse Call. 3 pm Eastern. Email me
for call in details.

Rena Williams

Mar 23, 2009

Network Marketing Leadership Wisdom

I was listening in on a very unique coaching call the other
night. The call was hosted by a gentleman that I am proud
to call one of my mentors. I also call him my Hero.

Art Jonak. If you are ever in the presence of this young man,
or you have the priviledge to hear him speak, you WILL want
to put on your listening ears AND take notes.

For he is filled with wisdom and the things he speaks just
may be the wisdom that'll push you over the edge of success.

With that being said, on this call Art had some very profound
knowledge to share with all that were in listening mode. This
teaching was so powerful, I felt the need to share it with you

He proposed a question; "Have you ever learned anything while
you were talking?" Hmmm! Art is a master teacher on Leadership
skills and he wanted to get the point across to leaders about the
importance of listening to people. Sure, everyone wants to be heard
yet, sometimes it is more important to be a listener.

He also stressed that the size of a leader, can be measured by
the size of their relationships. So the cliche' seek to understand
before we are understood rings true in the leadership arena.

Wouldn't you say ?

Art Jonak says we should ALWAYS be learning something new.
Another great piece of advice he shared was, whenever you are
in the presence of wisdom, you better be listening more than you
are talking. Great leaders are created by first being great listeners.

How would you rate you own listening skills?

Here's to great leaders!


Mar 21, 2009

More Than Talent Filled The Air

Sometime we desire to break away from all the doom and
gloom of our weekly lives and get refreshed in a different
atsmosphere. You know to get away from the rush of a
Sunday morning service and forget about all time frames.

Last night was one of those nights. My church musical
department did a live recording for their new CD and wow,
more than talent filled the air. The theme was called the
"Sound of Freedom" It was a night of worship beyond what
I've ever experienced. The anointing was so strong. As we
worshiped and praised you could literally feel "His" presence.

What a magnificent night of worship. Hours and hours of
bassing in the anointing is like releasing toxins, yet absorbing
fresh oil, new life, a new freedom. It really was an incredible
thing, an unexplainable presence. One that everyone should
experience at lease once in a life time.

This event was the medicine I needed to melt away my cares
of this world. It was more than talent that filled the air, no-one
was in a rush to leave. What an incredible night of togetherness
it was,

Hopefully, you can visit a place in your home town where you
can experience the love of the Lord. If not, or you are just not a
church going person, you are more than welcome to visit
our services on line at Destined To Win.

Here's to freedom,


Mar 18, 2009

How Deep Is Your Desire?

A burning desire to be, do, and have is in fact the starting point in
which we as dreamers must take off, according to Napoleon Hill.

Dreamer, now there's a term I don't hear too often. Possibly because
somewhere between childhood and adult hood, my dreams got
squashed. Rather than being told by my authority figures what I
could do, it was branded into me what I couldn't do.

I'll be forever grateful to the Mentoring For Free mastermind teams
and other like minded friends that I have learned how to think for
myself. I've learn how to be a critical thinker.

I now know that it is "I" that control the direction in which my life will
flow. The biblical phrase "As a Man Thinketh, so is he has never been
more clear.

I love that one phrase from Think and Grow Rich that says, "If the
thing you wish to do is right and you believe in it, go ahead and do it!"
Stick to your dreams, never mind what others may say. For they
may not know that every failure brings with it a seed of equivalent

Although, I feel like I've been through ten thousands failures already,
I know that I'll be, do, and have all that I desire. I am a winner, as
long as I keep before me my definiteness of purpose, knowledge of
what I want and a deep burning desire to possess it.

I also know when my desire is deep enough, no dream of mine can be

How deep is your desire?


Mar 16, 2009

Slay Your Goliath

To become a better leader we must first begin with
the end in mind. This requires strong self discipline
and not being afraid to make mistakes.

I know it doesn't seem like it when we are out there
making mistakes, but know that mistakes are a good thing. They
are the stepping stone to growth and key to excelling in our chosen
fields. So go ahead embrace mistakes because you will soon be proud
of who you become in the process.

There are thousands upon thousands of self help books to teach us
how to become better leaders. A great recommendation to help slay
your Goliath is the book written by Stephen Covey called The 7
Habits of Highly Effective People.

"The mind moves in the direction of our
currently dominant thoughts."

Earl Nightingale

Mar 13, 2009

Staying Full Of Hope

Stay Full Of Hope

Be a prisoner of hope, don't lose your
enthusiasm as you seek your goals.
I hear of this all the time, many people
usually fall short of their dreams because
they give up too soon. Take the advice of
Hebrews 10:35 "Don't cast away your confidence"

We often get signs letting us know, not to lose hope when we are
waiting for our breakthroughs. The most common signs are when
you constantly get bombarded by what seems like defeat. Don't
give up, it means you are close to what you are seeking.

Keep a good attitude and just know that the heat will be turned up
as you get closer to a breakthrough. Be a prisoner of hope instead of
a prisoner of fear, and discouragement.

Compare your journey to that of a woman about to give birth. She
undergoes months of preparation, then hours of labor with pain so
intense she wants to almost give up. But she keeps on pushing,
before long she's holding the reward or the gift. She knows every
pain was worth it all.

So, stay full of hope in whatever your seeking. Stay on your trail
because you are closer than you think.

Be encouraged,


Mar 12, 2009

What Is Success?

My thought for you today is very short but profound.
Success has been defined in many different ways...

Here's some of my favorite quotes:

Success is getting up one more time than you fall down.

"Ask yourself what you would do even if you were
never paid. That's a clue to what you should be
doing and of course finding a way to be paid
for it. You can attract more money from love."

Dr. Joe Vitale:

"We can tap our own healing forces by learning to use the
power the mind has over the body. Healing is part of
self-realization, a process of becoming whole and healthy."

Dr. Gerald Epstein

Success requires no Explanation;
Failure permits no Alibis
-Napoleon Hill

Whatever the Mind can Conceive
and Believe it can Achieve
Napoleon Hill

If I can help you in any way with your success, just let me

Rena Williams

Mar 10, 2009

The Power Of The Media

We must be careful to protect our minds from the negative
forces from the media. We must not allow our minds to get
bombarded with news about the state of the economy.

If thoughts are things, (which they are) and our words have
power, Wouldn't it be wise to monitor the things we allow
before our eyes and ears?

I was at a healthcare facility today. From where I was sitting
I could hear a conversation between three of the nurses in
the office. One started out with negativity about the unsatisfactory
job the President is doing. Another chimed in arguing about how
members of her family are without jobs. That went on back and

Shortly a new conversation got started about the high cost of
grocery. It went on and on, one negative sentence after another.
I marveled at how they seem to love discussing the things can't
do anything about.

As I sat there, I began to think how wonderful their energy would
have been spent had they expounded on positive issues instead of
negative. The day surely would be more pleasant for them as well
as their patients, if they had propel positive energy.

I was so tempted to suggest they do a mental cleanse, but I didn't!
I was in a new city only or a short time and they really didn't seem
to be candidates with the personal development spirit. Information
overload is what I was getting from my visit there. That's exactly
what the media does to us if we let it.

My mind felt full and bombarded with poison after being there for
such a short period of time. That really drove the point home of the
importance of keeping our minds free from clutter and negative

Do you need a mental cleanse?


Mar 9, 2009

10 Thoughts To Living A Balanced Life

Here is a list of ten simple thoughts to put into place in order to
create wholeness in our lives.

1. Give your dreams room to grow. Treat them in the same manner you would a garden.

2. Get outside and walk. The vitamin from the sunshine counteracts a dark mood.

3. Always invite, never force a physical challenge; The right moves are more healthier.

4. Sometimes it requires you to set the bar a little higher to see the real results.

5. Learn to tap into your motivation. You already posess it.

6. Change seldom happens suddenly. It starts small and gains momentum.

7. Let your passion override all fear; Stop over thinking.

8. Find your flow within the stress whether than trying to eliminate it.

9. Indulgence isn't a sign of failure; look at it as an occasional opportunity to experience pure pleasure.

10. Consider your goals as a first step toward the life you really want.

Quote:"Power is being aware of what one is choosing to do,
feeling free to do it, and doing it intentionally. Power is
freedom to choose with awareness and to involve ourselves
in health-promoting and other activities. Power is
how we participate in creating our reality."

Dr. Gerald Epstein

To your success,

Rena Williams

Mar 8, 2009

How's Your Receiving Capacity?

What are you expecting in life? Are you looking to reach any big
dreams? I want you to know your outcome will depend highly
upon how much you believe you will receive.

I listen to Joel Osteen's teaching quite often. Joel is a well known
Christian television minister. I love the way he got this message
over to his listeners. He said, we frequently miss getting what we
are asking for because we really aren't expecting to receive it.
It has become a habitual act of Christians to put limits on God.

He went on to say that God, being so loving to us all desires to give
us great things but, we only ask for what we think God is willing to
give us. We're not believing we deserve or can have exactly what it
is that we want. Therefore by settling or less we are putting limits
on God All Mighty. He is so ready to bless us with a barn fill of
blessings and we approach Him with a cup size of belief and
expectation to receive. That was only one of the examples he gave.
So, how's your capacity to receive?

Let's put this in a network marketing perspective. We have got to set
ourselves up to start getting the results we desire. We must stretch
our faith and belief so our lives will form exactly the way we imagine.

By getting the proper networking education, having the proper
attitude, and approaching life with faith in ourselves, Universe, and
our profession with belief the size of a barn instead of a cup gives us
a larger receiving capacity.

Have A Perfect Day!


Mar 7, 2009

How To Retire Successully

In todays culture we are hearing a lot about world recession and the state of the economy. We are not hearing much about the culture of poverty these days. Perhaps that's because the market turmoil is making us all feel just a little bit poorer.

There's one big difference between the desperately poor and the blissfully rich. That difference is the rich possess the ability to focus on the long term while the poor doesn't.

Going fishing for jobs when the employers are not biting now adays can become very discouraging. Other alternatives could be taking chances investing in the stock markets or in playing the lottery, which I would never suggest. Who can put there trust in Social Security to be available when you retire? So what vehicle will you use to reach the retirement you want? Many are turning to the best kept secret in the business world to reach their financial freedom as they are approaching the retirement stage. READ The Full Article here.

All the best,

Rena Williams

Mar 4, 2009

Thoughts Are Things

Our mastermind group is studying Think
And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Each we
different lessons are chosen and we discuss
what it meant for us.

Here's a lesson from one member, I'd like
to share with all. Dianne Brodie writes:

Chapter 1 Think & Grow Rich

Power of Thoughts

Here we go again - 4th time around.

Michel E. Gerber said: "The difference between great
people and everyone else is that great people create
their lives actively, while everyone else is created
by their lives, passively waiting to see where life
takes them next. The difference between the two is
the difference between living fully and just existing.

So am I going to continue to just exist or start to
live fully. Am I going to put this learning to work
for me or just continue to read the book and try
instead of do.

"Thoughts are thing!" When I have a thought
that I focus on and continue to have over and
over again it will eventually become my reality.
Now if that thought does not serve me - say
for example - Network marketing is hard or
people join and then never do anything - this
is what my efforts will turn into. These thoughts
do not serve me because they are negative.

What makes me different from all other forms
of life is that I have the advantage to change
my thoughts and also to change how I react
to what is happening to me. I can have a nice
pity party with myself and maybe get other
like-minded people to come celebrate with me
or I can change my mind by rewording my
thoughts and changing my reaction to a
positive spin. For example - Network Marketing
is easy and fun and the people joining me will
discover this when they are ready and because
I am a winner I keep on moving forward and
taking action.

Positive thoughts vibrate at a much higher level
than other thoughts. When I add enthusiasm,
joy, hope, belief and love they vibrate at a
extremely high rate and open me to a Universal

Dr. Hill says, "Before I can accumulate riches in
great abundance I must magnetize my mind with
an internal desire for the riches."

My next step is to be "very clear" on what I desire.

In the meantime: I will greet each day with love,
joy and enthusiasm in my heart, in my very soul.
I feel that joy bubbling up and spreading through
my body - from my toes to my nose - filling every
cell of my body.

I am hopeful for the future and grateful for the

Oh yes this time around I will be digging deep.

With gratitude,
Your friend for life,
Dianne Brodie

Mar 2, 2009

Motivational DNA?

DNA-(Drive, Needs and Awards)

DNA can represent many different
phrases. Today we will equate it to
the Motivational field.

What's driving you these days?

An eight year study was conducted involving over 10,000
participants, researching to find what factors motivate us.
The test concluded there are six combining factors that
motivate us all to some degree.

Productivity, Connection, Stability, Variety, Internal awards,
and External awards.

Each of the above factors fall into one of three category.

Drive, Needs, or Awards.

D-What's driving you? (The powerful force within that drive you)

N-What do you need to feel fulfilled? (Are you afraid of change)

A-What inspires you to do your best?(The one thing that makes
it all worthwhile)

Once these three questions are answered, you'll become unstoppable
in reaching your goals.