Mar 4, 2009

Thoughts Are Things

Our mastermind group is studying Think
And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Each we
different lessons are chosen and we discuss
what it meant for us.

Here's a lesson from one member, I'd like
to share with all. Dianne Brodie writes:

Chapter 1 Think & Grow Rich

Power of Thoughts

Here we go again - 4th time around.

Michel E. Gerber said: "The difference between great
people and everyone else is that great people create
their lives actively, while everyone else is created
by their lives, passively waiting to see where life
takes them next. The difference between the two is
the difference between living fully and just existing.

So am I going to continue to just exist or start to
live fully. Am I going to put this learning to work
for me or just continue to read the book and try
instead of do.

"Thoughts are thing!" When I have a thought
that I focus on and continue to have over and
over again it will eventually become my reality.
Now if that thought does not serve me - say
for example - Network marketing is hard or
people join and then never do anything - this
is what my efforts will turn into. These thoughts
do not serve me because they are negative.

What makes me different from all other forms
of life is that I have the advantage to change
my thoughts and also to change how I react
to what is happening to me. I can have a nice
pity party with myself and maybe get other
like-minded people to come celebrate with me
or I can change my mind by rewording my
thoughts and changing my reaction to a
positive spin. For example - Network Marketing
is easy and fun and the people joining me will
discover this when they are ready and because
I am a winner I keep on moving forward and
taking action.

Positive thoughts vibrate at a much higher level
than other thoughts. When I add enthusiasm,
joy, hope, belief and love they vibrate at a
extremely high rate and open me to a Universal

Dr. Hill says, "Before I can accumulate riches in
great abundance I must magnetize my mind with
an internal desire for the riches."

My next step is to be "very clear" on what I desire.

In the meantime: I will greet each day with love,
joy and enthusiasm in my heart, in my very soul.
I feel that joy bubbling up and spreading through
my body - from my toes to my nose - filling every
cell of my body.

I am hopeful for the future and grateful for the

Oh yes this time around I will be digging deep.

With gratitude,
Your friend for life,
Dianne Brodie

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Cindy said...

I think it is great you are doing lessons on this book! I read it last year. It is a fantastic book!