Mar 27, 2009

What A Difference A Mentor Makes

What a diference having a
mentor has made in my life.
You've heard the old phrase
"two heads are better than one"
spoken before. I finally decided
to believe it. Before I knew any-
thing about mentorship, my life
was in turmoil.

I was beat down from life's disappointments, I was dissatisfied with
the results I had been getting from jumping from program to
program. I was burnt out and frustrated with life and network
marketing/mlm because I wasn't having success.

It wasn't until someone introduced me to a mentoring group, which
was absolutely free of charge, that I started to see mlm in a whole
new light.

When I got plugged into the teaching, mentoring and coaching, my
life started to evolve toward success. I knew nothing about being
mentored before this. A simple case of you don't know that you don't know.

I can honestly say having a mentor has most definitely made a huge
difference in my life and the way I now do my business. Everyone
need a mentor and coach. It doesn't matter how great you may think
you are, you still need coaching in some areas. Think about for an
instance any championship team. They are great, yet they still have a
coach. So, why wouldn't you?

Why do people put up fences? You may say to set boundary lines, or
for privacy to keep out unwanted visitors. A mentor serves the same
purpose, they can help you set boundaries in your life. A mentor can
guide you to keep the bad things out of your business and help put
good things in.

Mentors are priceless, get yourself a mentor and coach. If you haven't
found your perfect mentor, you can start right here. Having a mentor
makes a difference!

Rena Williams
your success corner

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