Mar 30, 2009

Is YOUR Business A River Or Pond?

We can compare and contrast the differences
between a pond and river, then take that same
analogy to determine which state our network
marketing business is in.

A well known minister was speaking about the
battles, we as Christians go through in our mind.
He compared a conformed mind to a transformed
mind and liken it to being either a pond or river.
As I took a closer look, I thought the same could be
applied to the networking arena.

The water in a river constantly moves and flows,
while water in a pond is stilled and stagnated.

A river is connected to other bodies of water, so water
moves in and out. This movement means that changes
are constantly taking place. Which is an indicator that life
is present.

A Pond is a detached body of water, it stands alone. And
because there's no continuous flow of water entering or
leaving the pond, it's considered stagnate. Whenever water
is stilled and stagnated it often stink from the dead and
decaying material.

If our networking business is connected to other bodies of
people and we are constantly seeing refreshing changes in
them, ourselves and our business, we can consider our
business to be as a river. There is evidence of plentiful life.

On the other hand, if we have detached ourselves and our
business seems to be stagnated, and not growing or changing,
take note. If we are alone with no one joining us in business,
our business can be liken to a pond. We are a detached body
of water.

Examine your business carefully. Are you connected to a
mastermind group or receive weekly training of some sort?
Are you constantly moving and being refreshed? When life
becomes stale there is no creativity happening, and the
mind becomes stilled and stagnated.

So get moving and become a river in your business instead of a pond.

To Your Success,

Rena Williams
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