Mar 8, 2009

How's Your Receiving Capacity?

What are you expecting in life? Are you looking to reach any big
dreams? I want you to know your outcome will depend highly
upon how much you believe you will receive.

I listen to Joel Osteen's teaching quite often. Joel is a well known
Christian television minister. I love the way he got this message
over to his listeners. He said, we frequently miss getting what we
are asking for because we really aren't expecting to receive it.
It has become a habitual act of Christians to put limits on God.

He went on to say that God, being so loving to us all desires to give
us great things but, we only ask for what we think God is willing to
give us. We're not believing we deserve or can have exactly what it
is that we want. Therefore by settling or less we are putting limits
on God All Mighty. He is so ready to bless us with a barn fill of
blessings and we approach Him with a cup size of belief and
expectation to receive. That was only one of the examples he gave.
So, how's your capacity to receive?

Let's put this in a network marketing perspective. We have got to set
ourselves up to start getting the results we desire. We must stretch
our faith and belief so our lives will form exactly the way we imagine.

By getting the proper networking education, having the proper
attitude, and approaching life with faith in ourselves, Universe, and
our profession with belief the size of a barn instead of a cup gives us
a larger receiving capacity.

Have A Perfect Day!


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