Mar 18, 2009

How Deep Is Your Desire?

A burning desire to be, do, and have is in fact the starting point in
which we as dreamers must take off, according to Napoleon Hill.

Dreamer, now there's a term I don't hear too often. Possibly because
somewhere between childhood and adult hood, my dreams got
squashed. Rather than being told by my authority figures what I
could do, it was branded into me what I couldn't do.

I'll be forever grateful to the Mentoring For Free mastermind teams
and other like minded friends that I have learned how to think for
myself. I've learn how to be a critical thinker.

I now know that it is "I" that control the direction in which my life will
flow. The biblical phrase "As a Man Thinketh, so is he has never been
more clear.

I love that one phrase from Think and Grow Rich that says, "If the
thing you wish to do is right and you believe in it, go ahead and do it!"
Stick to your dreams, never mind what others may say. For they
may not know that every failure brings with it a seed of equivalent

Although, I feel like I've been through ten thousands failures already,
I know that I'll be, do, and have all that I desire. I am a winner, as
long as I keep before me my definiteness of purpose, knowledge of
what I want and a deep burning desire to possess it.

I also know when my desire is deep enough, no dream of mine can be

How deep is your desire?


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bp said...

This is a great point - if one hopes to achieve things, then one must dream. Dreams are what make life worth living.