Oct 15, 2010

The Master key

There is a popular system called the
Master Key System which thousands
upon thousands of people are
discovering and deciding to us as
their vehicle to gaining positive changes
in their lives.

The Master Key book is known to be one
of the greatest books ever written. The
techniques within it are ancient, nothing
new whatsoever. As a matter of fact,
these techniques were being used long
before the movie "The Secret" was introduced to the world.

Law of Attraction scholars everywhere have since taught
some of the techniques, yet, not going into great details.

You might ask, "so, how is this Master key system any
different?" A brief answer would be, the course is designed
to teach various ways to acquire lasting results in whatever
area you are wanting a change.

As I mentioned it was among the first books to use the phrase
Law of Attraction, which has now become a popular term today
when referring to the most powerful force in the Universe.
It is simply one of the finest studies in personal power and
prosperity consciousness that exists today.

Because this system teaches how to create abundance and wealth,
it was quickly banned by the church in the year 1933. The Master
key was hidden away for decades for that reason. Finally people
such as Bill Gates and many, many others somehow discovered and
read the Master Key System and we all know his results.

Since, then the course is now being taught by many who appreciate
the value it brought into their own lives. It is a week by week
course and could take from 24-26 weeks to complete. It offers
step by step guidance and really is a fun class to take.

I've been associated with a class being taught by the World's
Laziest Networker for three weeks thus far. It's very exciting
because we get to journal our progress and journey as we go.

You can follow my progress at Master Key Journey. A brand new
class is scheduled to begin in March 2011. You should get on
the list, I know you'll enjoy the exciting ride. Go to...MKMMA


Oct 6, 2010

Nutrient Dense Food

Today let's place our focus on the arena of health.

Have you heard all the talk about
nutrient dense foods and how this
information can change your life?

Nutrient dense foods are foods
that retain a high level of nutrients.

Most food taste good, but how much nutrient
they offer should be our main concern.

If you study the food pyramid you will see
the USDA's focus is the minimum amount of nutrients
needed and not the amount to ensure robust health.

Here's a little story of nutrient dense foods that may
interest you for several reasons.

1. It will change the way you think about every bite
of food you consume for the rest of your life....in a
positive way.

2. It will help you become healthier, live longer and have
more energy.

3. It will help you reach your weight goals...and much more!

It's a comparison of two types of bread:

White bread is bread made from wheat flour from which the bran and
germ have been removed, in contrast to whole wheat bread made
from whole wheat flour, in which these parts are retained and
contribute a brownish color.

I want you to think about the difference between a one ounce slice
of bleached white bread and a one ounce slice of whole wheat bread.

Which of these 2 kinds of breads do you think has a higher nutrient

You guessed it....the wheat bread which still has it's germ and
vitamins intact has more nutrients per ounce than the white bread.

OKay, so now let's take this formula and apply it to all the foods
that we eat. What we want is to consume as much "nutrient dense"
food as possible.

The human body is an extremely complicated machine; it requires a
wide variety of nutrients to maintain a constant state of health.
But the simple truth is that the average American does not get the
nourishment needed to maintain a healthy body free of disease.

The reason is that they are consuming processed "nutrient poor"
foods. They are getting calories but they are not getting quality

We can take the knowledge we gained from the story of "nutrient
dense" foods and apply it to our lives for positive change.

How do we do that?

It is actually very easy. Make it a habit to start thinking about
the food that you consume on a daily basis. Think about the
nutrient density of the food. If it is processed food it will
likely have a poor nutrient density.

If it is an organically grown fresh vegetable it will likely have
a high nutrient density. The idea is to eat more nutrient dense
foods. Look for foods that are closest to their natural state
such as fresh fruits and vegetables and other raw foods.

Fresh foods have higher nutrient values than processed food.
Read the nutritional labels of the food you buy.

This story of the bread comparison was told by Dan Robey.

Another simple way to make sure you are getting nutrient dense
food is by supplementing with supplements that are high in
nutrient dense ingredients such as Limu Plus.

Do your research on its main ingredient "Fucoidan" at

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P.S. Have you had your shot of seaweed today?