Feb 15, 2010

Believe In Your Goals

There is a good chance at some point in your
life you've sat down and set some goals. You
got excited, maybe created a plan, and started taking action.

Then, the next thing you know, your
motivation is gone and you find yourself
struggling every step of the way. To make matters worse you haven't
got a clue as to why this is happening.

You are not alone in experiencing this, it happens
to most people. Goals seem to have that somewhat
meaningless "must get there fast" mentality to them.

Sometimes setting goals can get you so hyped up
for that future moment of achievement, that you
completely lose all touch with the now.

I'm sure you know for yourself that it becomes
very frustrating when goals begin to feel more like
chores. And sometimes goal setting can be down right
scary. You know you set the goal and feel like you are
"locked in" and you can't give up, because then you
would be labeled a "quitter"!

The truth of the matter is you gotta have belief.
Belief in yourself and your goals. No matter how
how much you try to push, fight, or force yourself
to succeed, your beliefs will keep you right where
you have always been.

The key is knowing how to change your beliefs
to support the dreams you want to achieve.
When you have the right beliefs that support
your dreams, your daily habits naturally fall
into place, and you start heading in the right
direction of your dreams automatically.

That's because dreams are powered by beliefs
that reside in your subconscious mind. Once
you have a strong belief in your dreams, yourself,
then goal setting becomes less frustrating.

I Believe In You,

Rena Williams
Success Mentor

Feb 9, 2010

It's Time To Be ALL In

How long have you been struggling?

How many years have you settled for less
than you desire?

How many dreams have you given up on and
ignored because they were 'Just Dreams'?

I know you are finally ready to transform
your life, but if you are like most people
out there, you feel overwhelmed and don't
know where to start.

Chances are you that you are sick of failure
and feel like you have tried everything but
have only ended up with no results and of
course less money.

In this day and economy you are probably
scared that the so called 'gurus' and 'experts'
will just take more of your money and leave you
hanging with no one left to trust?

I know your frustration, I know your fear
because, I've been there and was living a
mediocre life that seemed to just happen to me
until I made the decision to live my life on
purpose and advance to the life I REALLY wanted
one step at a time.

Most people put their lives on hold. I know
how easy it is to tell yourself that once
this or that happens, then you are going
to change your life.

I know how easy it is to push your dreams
back just a few weeks more and more and more...

This message isn't for everyone, and it may not be
for you and that's okay. But, if you honestly feel
you can't wait to start any longer, or you are tired
of starting over, then this is for you.

And if you are really ready [and please be honest]
with yourself, then I am ready to go all in with you!
Let's start by getting an educating in network marketing.

Download your free copy of the book that is showing
thousands how to own their own lives. Together we
can make this your best year ever!

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Rena Williams

Feb 2, 2010

A Quantum Leap Thinker

Are you a quantum leap thinker?

A quantum leap is a sudden large increase or dramatic
advance. It is moving from
where you once were to where
you intend to be. It's time to see
what is happening in the world;
take a quantum leap in your
thinking to create your future
instead of having it created for you.

This happens one day, one conversation, and one meeting at
a time. There are seven levels in one dimension and when you skip
from level one to level seven that's a quantum leap. At that point
You begin to think in dimensions instead of just levels.

You can learn to be a quantum leap thinker by being part of our
free mentoring classes. The first leap starts with downloading
and reading a free ebook. Get it here!

Leap into Success,