Sep 28, 2009

Leadership Principles

I believe we all have an appointed purpose and destiny in life.
Our destiny is something we must uncover, not something that
we are automatically aware of.

Along this search for our purpose, many embark upon the role
of leadership. These are usually people that have developed the
courage to endure even when the going gets tough.

Below is a list of principles that people in leadership have come
to understand.

1. It's not going to be fair-Leaders will do more than their share.
Life is not fair but, we do it anyway.

2. Leadership is an inside job-Leaders know how to feed their
own flame. They don't expect others to keep them motivated.

3. Expect Obstacles and Problems-Leaders perservere,
they keep the attitude of this too shall pass.

4. Success is not easy-Leaders understand success is earned, not given.

5. Winners play hurt-Leaders may not always feel like keeping on, but they do.

6. Role of leadership requires thick skin-Leaders stand out from
the crowd. They take a stand for what's right.

7. Purpose is the key-Leaders stand for a cause, they know who
they are and why they are doing what they do.

To Your Success,

Rena Williams

Sep 22, 2009

Figures Don't Lie But Liars Do Figure

A Network Marketing Awareness

Advertising copywriters and salespeople are trained to give specific
numbers. in order to increase credibility. And that's great, if those
numbers have any basis in reality. In network marketing, they often don't.

Here's an example:
Companies say, "We keep 93% of Our people!" They are lying to you.

This is the truth: There was an MLM phone company a few years back
that had to publicize their retention rate, because they were publicly
traded. They're out of business now, so I'll go ahead and mention their name - Excel.

Take a guess. Out of every 100 people Excel signed up, how many
were still in the business a year later? Did you guess 50%? HAH!
What about 25%? As they say in the Hertz commercial, "Not exactly!"
10%? You're getting warm.

Excel's public record showed 6% to 7% retention. That's not 67% - it's
6 to 7% retention! So you build your network marketing business for a year:

* You buy advertising.

* You do 3-way calls.

* You go to meetings.

* You talk to all your friends and relatives.

* And you wind up recruiting 100 people!

Yippee! You're almost rich.

Well, not exactly. Why? Because what you have left is 6 to 7 people
out of 100 (!) still building the MLM.

Ooops, wait - that's not all you've got. You also have:

* Smashed dreams.

* Maxed-out credit cards.

* And probably a LARGE bunch of people who hide when they see you coming!

Does any of this sounds familiar? Whatever you do in network
marketing must be duplicatable for the masses. If NOT, you are done!

To your success,


Sep 21, 2009

4 Basic Fears

Our business in life is to achieve success. In
order to be successful you must find peace
of mind, acquire the material needs of life,
and above all attain happiness. All of these
begins with thoughts in the mind, but
sometimes fear can prevent us from acquiring these things.

Fear is a universal thing. There are so many different fears
that it would be next to impossible to name them all. It takes
time to overcome most fear, it could take minutes, days, months,
years, and in some cases even a lifetime.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hills speaks about six basic
fears that the human suffers at one time or another. I'd like
to address four basic fears people encounter as they seek to
succeed in the area of their professional life.

They are:
Fear of Competition-People love to compare themselves to others.
They generally use the state of others lives to measure their own
progress or lack of it. The end result is usually they end up feeling
as if they are not worthy to compete.

Fear of Controversy-This one is most common. People are emotionally
charged and the fear of coming up against any dispute hold many
back from success.

Fear of What People Say-Personal growth/development can really
assist in this area. What people say shouldn't affect your actions
because it is none of your business what others think of YOU. The
only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.

Fear of Things You Can't Control-Shed worry and anxiety by not
giving attention to things you have no control over. Instead, fix
your mind on those that are in your control such as your attitude
and actions.

Success is not about competition, controversy or what others say.
Success is an internal job. Strengthen your inner being and the
outer will fall into place.

Rena Williams

Sep 14, 2009

Commonality of Success

Success is a goal that can be achieved by anyone.
Many don't agree with this saying, yet it is true.

If you were to ask any successful
person, one after another, how
they reached their goals, you will
more than likely have a list of the same success commonality.

To be successful you must first have the desire. A desire
to be more, do more and have more than you currently do.

Success is making a commitment. Make a commitment to
yourself that you will get from life all that you want.

Success requires these three things, to:
1. Know what you WANT.
2. Know what it will COST to get it.
3. Be willing to PAY the PRICE.

The road to success requires many additional things, but
the most important one is to be willing to INVEST in YOU.
You must learn to have right thinking about yourself. People
are their own worst critics.

Learn how to develop a strong self image of yourself. Imagine
being the person you want to become. Everything begins with
imagination. Napoleon Hill teaches that imagination is more
important than knowledge.

If you are going to be successful, you must begin with the end
result in mind. See yourself doing the things you would like to
do and being the person you want to become.

The time has come to stop wishing and start creating a life of
success. The life you were meant to have.

Most people attend our master mind classes and learn to develop
such skills for success. All for free!

Road to Success Classes

Rena Williams

Sep 10, 2009

What's Bad Business In MLM

We can agree that network marketing is
a mentoring, learning, and a relationship
building business to reach higher levels of success.

This is why, Whatever you do in network
marketing must be duplicatable for the
masses. Six to seven percent retention is not smart business.

Results like this make it obvious why we
coach people to first find a "5-Pillar"
company, and make sure you build relationships
with prospects.

It is bad business to recruit someone into an unstable company.
It is bad business to recruit someone before you have built a relationship with them.

When you recruit a person who is your friend into a "5 Pillar"
company, the two of you have a commitment to each other
and a strong chance for success.

When you try a business relationship without that personal, mutual
commitment, or with an unstable company, then your chances of
failure skyrocket.

It is the truth and it is bad business in mlm.

You can sharpen your network marketing skills all week by dialing
in to our generic mentoring sessions. We want to save you from
unnecessary failure and frustration.

I Appreciate You,

Rena Williams

Sep 7, 2009

The Dark Side Of MLM

People figure if they have a great company, great products, excellent
marketing plan, good skills, proven track record, and on and on,
success in this business should be like rolling off a log.

And then they get crushed UNDER the log!

There are some facets of this MLM business that are so obvious,
you may take them for granted and never actually DO them.

For instance, your prospects MUST have a very powerful reason to
choose YOU over all their other 650 home business options.

Relationship building is crucial, so you definitely want to build a
relationship with them. And you also want to make an impression
on them that they will NEVER forget!

I don't know your business, I don't know what advantage YOU offer
that puts you head and shoulders above your competition.

I only know that if you can't offer that kind of advantage, You will end
up ROADKILL!! With no chance of surviving in this business. None!

So, to help give you some ideas, I'll tell you the advantage we offer
our prospects that elevates us above all the competition:

I'll provide a lead generation system that brings ONLY the most
qualified people into your group, no matter what company you are
building. Then I'll train your prospects FREE, 4 nights a week - without
mentioning any product or company to build relationships and become
Top MLM Sponsors who will build YOU a lifetime residual income!

You are certainly welcome to become part of our group and use this
advantage as your own. The best part is, its all generic and absolutely

But in any event, you MUST be able to put YOUR focused advantage
into a few words to create a lasting impression and elevate you above
all your network marketing competition.

It makes all the difference!

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