Sep 21, 2009

4 Basic Fears

Our business in life is to achieve success. In
order to be successful you must find peace
of mind, acquire the material needs of life,
and above all attain happiness. All of these
begins with thoughts in the mind, but
sometimes fear can prevent us from acquiring these things.

Fear is a universal thing. There are so many different fears
that it would be next to impossible to name them all. It takes
time to overcome most fear, it could take minutes, days, months,
years, and in some cases even a lifetime.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hills speaks about six basic
fears that the human suffers at one time or another. I'd like
to address four basic fears people encounter as they seek to
succeed in the area of their professional life.

They are:
Fear of Competition-People love to compare themselves to others.
They generally use the state of others lives to measure their own
progress or lack of it. The end result is usually they end up feeling
as if they are not worthy to compete.

Fear of Controversy-This one is most common. People are emotionally
charged and the fear of coming up against any dispute hold many
back from success.

Fear of What People Say-Personal growth/development can really
assist in this area. What people say shouldn't affect your actions
because it is none of your business what others think of YOU. The
only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.

Fear of Things You Can't Control-Shed worry and anxiety by not
giving attention to things you have no control over. Instead, fix
your mind on those that are in your control such as your attitude
and actions.

Success is not about competition, controversy or what others say.
Success is an internal job. Strengthen your inner being and the
outer will fall into place.

Rena Williams

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