Sep 28, 2009

Leadership Principles

I believe we all have an appointed purpose and destiny in life.
Our destiny is something we must uncover, not something that
we are automatically aware of.

Along this search for our purpose, many embark upon the role
of leadership. These are usually people that have developed the
courage to endure even when the going gets tough.

Below is a list of principles that people in leadership have come
to understand.

1. It's not going to be fair-Leaders will do more than their share.
Life is not fair but, we do it anyway.

2. Leadership is an inside job-Leaders know how to feed their
own flame. They don't expect others to keep them motivated.

3. Expect Obstacles and Problems-Leaders perservere,
they keep the attitude of this too shall pass.

4. Success is not easy-Leaders understand success is earned, not given.

5. Winners play hurt-Leaders may not always feel like keeping on, but they do.

6. Role of leadership requires thick skin-Leaders stand out from
the crowd. They take a stand for what's right.

7. Purpose is the key-Leaders stand for a cause, they know who
they are and why they are doing what they do.

To Your Success,

Rena Williams

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