Sep 10, 2009

What's Bad Business In MLM

We can agree that network marketing is
a mentoring, learning, and a relationship
building business to reach higher levels of success.

This is why, Whatever you do in network
marketing must be duplicatable for the
masses. Six to seven percent retention is not smart business.

Results like this make it obvious why we
coach people to first find a "5-Pillar"
company, and make sure you build relationships
with prospects.

It is bad business to recruit someone into an unstable company.
It is bad business to recruit someone before you have built a relationship with them.

When you recruit a person who is your friend into a "5 Pillar"
company, the two of you have a commitment to each other
and a strong chance for success.

When you try a business relationship without that personal, mutual
commitment, or with an unstable company, then your chances of
failure skyrocket.

It is the truth and it is bad business in mlm.

You can sharpen your network marketing skills all week by dialing
in to our generic mentoring sessions. We want to save you from
unnecessary failure and frustration.

I Appreciate You,

Rena Williams

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