Apr 28, 2009

Life's Four Categories

Everything that we do or attempt to do
in life can be put into one of the four categories.

1. Things that are hard to learn and hard to do-
For instance perhaps in school you found
math to be your worst subject. Today,
you find that you struggle with
accounting, tax returns, any financial
aspect of your life.

2. Things that are easy to learn but hard to do-
This would contain strenuous and physical labor such as
ditch digging with shovel in hand, or chopping wood with an axe.

3. Things that are hard to learn but easy to do-
This category would be learning to tie your shoe laces, drive a
car. At first it was hard to do, then it became so easy.

4. Things that are easy to learn and easy to do-
These consist of activities you do that seems to come easy. AND
while doing them, times seems to fly by. These are things you do
with your whole heart and soul. This category could be where your
talent lies, if doing these things gives you a sense of joy, happiness,
and fulfillment you want out of life.

"The fruits of a fulfilling life—happiness, confidence, enthusiasm,
purpose, and money—are mainly by-products of doing something
we enjoy, with excellence, rather than things we can seek directly.
" Dan Miller

Rena Williams
Coach Rena

Apr 27, 2009

Don't Fall In Love With Your Excuses!

Many fall in love with their own reasons for not moving
forward in life. Although these reasons are not the
actual truth about ourselves or our abilities, they
appear to be true. They can really hurt us because
it is what we have accepted to be true about ourselves.

Many people never achieve success because of their
strong belief in their excuses. They even go as far as
to attempt to prove to themselves as well as others that
their limitations are real. I love the quote from Richard Bach;
"Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours."

Get rid of your limiting beliefs. This is how you can tell where
your values and beliefs lie by looking at your actions. It's not
what you say, nor wish for, or hope for that determines your
belief It's the things you DO.

It is your behaviors. As my mentor says it, "if a belief is not
serving you, get rid of it." It is holding you back instead of
serving you.

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Apr 25, 2009

The Perfect System-For Your Success

All great sales people will agree that building rapport with
the client is the most important thing you can do.

Success requires that you use the right combination of
techniques, behaviors, and attitude. In order to take your
business to another level, you also have to have in place
the perfect system that will generate or attract to you the
perfect clients.

Mentoring For Free has that perfect system. This system
allows you to get the proper training to develop into the
person you will need to become to move your business forward.
It teaches you how to be the best mentor and coach you can be.

By using the techniques learned from the personality study,
you are sure to talk to your clients on their level. It's been
known that people buy from people who are like them.

No more chasing down your family and friends because with
the Mentoring For Free system, you'll only attract targeted
people. Meaning, you will only contact the people that want
to contacted, because they feel you have the very thing they
are looking for. You become their problem solver.

I'm not promising you that this system is a magic button.
Yet, it is the best educating system. The only one I've
found that eliminates all the hype, greed and ego and
always offer you the straight scoop on how you can succeed
in the industry of network marketing.

The best part is the classes are taught by someone who is
still building it successfully today and has been financially
free for many many years.

I don't know about you, but this type of a person is the only
kind I choose to take advice from. Learn how you can do just

Rena Williams

Apr 23, 2009

Think Like A Winner

Thinking like a winner is the first step to living
like a winner. The words of Earl Nightingale,
"you become what you think about" are so very true.

There are no limitations on our potentials,
except for those we impose upon ourselves.

The Man Who Thinks He Can
If you think you're beaten, you are;
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you would like to win, but think you can't,
It's almost certain you want.

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man;
But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can.

Think like a winner and believe you have within
you the Divine spark that can lead you to
accomplish anything you really want in life.

Rena Williams

Apr 22, 2009

4 Step Process to Dealing with Change

The world is forever changing and change is a true measure of how
well developed we are as a person in different areas of life. How
well are you dealing with change? Here's a four step guide to help
keep you on track.

1. Accept that change is reality: Get clear with yourself by asking,
"What specifically am I worried about because of this change?"

2. Determine the worse case: Ask yourself, what is the worse thing
that can happen as a result of this change? Then decide whether you
will accept it.

3. Minimize the maximum: Ask the question, what are all the things I
can do to make sure that the worst doesn't happen?

4. Take Action: Take action to maximize your current situation. Ask
yourself, how can this change be a healthy and positive step toward
reaching my dreams and goals?

Most times when you look at change, you will find that it'll be
something good and beneficial for you. Change is a signal to you,
so how will you respond?

All the best,

Rena Williams

Apr 20, 2009

Falling Isn't Failing

Many of people have tried
repeatedly to break a habit
of some sort, including myself.
Only to fail repeatedly.

I've learned and you should
know that falling isn't failing
unless you fail to get up and try again.

Most people who finally win the battle over what they wanted
to change, did so only after many failures, over and over.

Breaking a habit that has been around for a long time may
seem like the end of the road at times. But the joy you'll get from
dropping the old and applying the new habit will seem to open
up a whole new world of peace and enjoyment.

If you've tried to start anew by breaking an old habit, and find
yourself failing. Just remember falling is not failing, unless you
fail to get up and get it going again.

Apr 19, 2009

The Cure For Procrastination

The cure for procrastination is to just do it. Have you noticed that
the longer you put things off that you know you should be doing,
or the longer you look at them, the more difficult it becomes to get started?

This one act of procrastination brings on a lot of frustration and
unhappiness to most people that could have otherwise been avoided
if only they would just do the things they know they should do.

The cure is to keep moving. If you've ever carried something heavy or
ever watched someone carrying a heavy object, you remember that
they seem to be alright as long as they are moving. Yet, the moment
they put the weight down and sit to rest, the weight seems much
heavier, the distance becomes longer and the work appears harder
and more unpleasant.

With procrastination its not the work that needs to be done that
overwhelms us, it's the thinking about how hard the work is going to be.

So, the trick to curing procrastination is to keep things moving.
Whenever you have tasks that need to be completed, make yourself
a daily list of projects to do and get started.

Start with the most important one and work your way through the list.
Your list will soon become shorter and shorter. Before you know it the
projects will be finished and your feelings of overwhelm will be behind you.

You'll come to the conclusion that there wasn't anything really hard
about the work itself, you just needed to get going. As the Michael
Jordan "Nike" commercial says to "Just do it!". Stop putting things
off, get it done today.

Rena Williams

Apr 15, 2009

It's All About Choices

We make choices daily!

Is anybody happier because you passed his way?

Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today?

The day is almost over, and its toiling time is through.

Is there anyone to utter (now) a kindly word of YOU?

Each day we can add a little sunshine to someone's life,
by just offering something as simple as a smile during
passing moment.

How many lives will you change today?

It's all about the choices we make.

Make it a great day,


Apr 14, 2009

What Are You Really Seeing?

"Most people spend their lives looking but not truly seeing"

Do you remember as a kid when you saw Peter Pan?
I can recall well at one point in the movie when
Tinkerbell was dying and a voice in the background cried out
okay boys and girls clap really loud if you believe in fairies.

"You can save Tinkerbell"! We all knew it was a fairy tale,
but we clapped anyway. Immediately, clap, clap, clap!

Tinkerbell got better because we believed.

Now that we're adults, our primary goal is to have enough
money to enjoy life in our golden years and possibly retire
early. No one wants to be dead or dead broke at age 65, nor
be working at age 75 or 80. (although it is happening)

Why is it that only 3% of people able to really enjoy life when
they're old?

The answer: Most people buy into the Peter Pan Retirement Plan.

They believe in delusions that are no more real than fairy tales.
Most buy into the Fairy Tale of clap if you believe in Lotteries or
clap if you believe in Wall Street or Clap if you believe in Social
Security and clap if you believe in the company you work for.

I know you get the idea, so what's the answer?

You need to see the big picture. You need a rational team of coaches
plus mentors that are willing to help you with many different ways to
reach your goals and dreams

I can put you in touch with a team of the most successful people in
the industry, that are still doing it today. That's the kind of people
you want to take advice from, not merely someone who's just saying
it's possible.

Don't be like Wall Street. The other day after Wall Street had several
losing days, at the closing bell people on the stock market floor were
all clapping and smiling at the end of the day, like of bunch of kids
believing in Peter Pan.

I don't know about you, but that's not what I want for my future to
be like. If you believe in fairy tales, might as well keep on clapping.
But if you are willing to believe in yourself, give me a call.

"Most people spend their lives looking but not truly seeing."

To your future,

Rena Williams

Apr 12, 2009

What Name Do You Give This Day?

Is it Easter, Resurrection , Passover, or Some Other Name?

Whatever you know it as, make it a beautiful day!

I AM that I AM

I AM the bread, I AM the wine, I AM your Future
so leave the pass behind.

I AM the ONE in the mist of two or three
I AM your Tabernacle, I AM your Jubilee.

I AM Hope, I AM Peace, I AM Trust, I AM Rest.
I AM your comfort and relief from your stress.

"If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be truly fulfilled."
Lao Tzu

He Who Kneels Before God
Can Stand Before Anyone.

I AM Love. And Love, loves YOU!

Blessings to you,


Apr 11, 2009

Do You Know?

Do you know that roughly 18.3 million senior citizens that are
members of a particular retirement age program are still working?
That's over 47 percent of an estimated 39 million that are working
either part-time or full time.

Isn't that sad news? During this time in their life should be spent
enjoying everything that life has to offer them instead of worrying
about how they will make ends meet. They should have freedom.

While, the traditional world may still think age group over 65 is too
far passed the hiring guidelines, it's not so in the arena of network
marketing. In network marketing there is NO age limit. (of course
you have to be an adult, 18 or older) Network marketing is open to
ALL regardless of age, sex, education, race or experience. The only
requirement is to have the ability to still dream. Cultivate the dream
of creating a better life for yourself and your family.

If anyone is looking to become a professional networker instead of a
wannabe, to have infallible success you must be in possession of six
main traits.

Here is the list, YOU:

(1) Must be a person that is coachable.
(2) Must have a Mentor and a Team you can trust.
(3) Must be part of a 5 Pillar company.
(4) Must HAVE and KNOW how to use a proven duplicable system.
(5) Must be a student of the industry.
(6) Must be a student of Personal Development.

Do you know, that having these six traits and a dream in your heart,
will absolutely produce unfailing results in your life. Don't wait around
for society kicks you out or until they close the door in your face.
Learn how you can change your life, the life of others and live your
dreams through the avenue of network marketing.

Begin here with an education on what to look for. Start with a Mentor
with a servant's heart.

Wishing you all the best!

Rena Williams
Ten Steps To Success

Apr 7, 2009


The use of our imagination is the greatest
tool we have for creating our own future.
It plays a far more important role in our
lives than most of us realize.

Where are you allowing your imagination to lead you?

Beware, of the fact that you can use the imagination as
a creative side or a destructive one. Which ever one we
put the most focus on will be the outcome of the goals
in which we set.

We as humans always act, feel and perform in exact
accordance to what we imagine to be true. It being about
ourselves or anything else. It's just a fundamental law of
the mind.

Take for instance this little story from my childhood past.
I did not know it back then, but by using the destructive
side of my imagination as a child, I actually created
something in my future. Here's the story in brief!

During my early school days, It seems I would always
get harassed by this one guy that had a silly schoolboy
crush on me. He'd often say "I'm gonna marry you!
your name will be Mrs. Rena Williams".

I would always respond, "that's such an ugly name
and it
will never be my name!". It seems as though I
actually hated this guy. He harassed me day in and out.
Years passed, I grew up, he grew up. Although I didn't
marry this particular guy, I did however marry and my
new name became Rena Williams.

When I thought about this, and how it happen so many years
ago, it was actually quite funny. I knew nothing about destructive
imagination or creative but I can see evidence all the time that it
indeed works.

So once again, how are you allowing your imagination to shape
your future?

Join me as we discuss the chapter on Imagination in Think & Grow
Rich by Napoleon Hill, this Wednesday @ 3pm Est.
Call me the call in info. 850-322-6082

Coach Rena

Apr 5, 2009

The One Thing Winners Never Do

We all face crises at some time or another in our lives.
In fact a huge portion of the world's population may be
experiencing a crisis at this very moment. By the way,
if you are feeling like you have come to the end of your rope,
I want to encourage you to hang in there. There's one thing
that winners never do and that is think about quitting.

You are a winner! No one is immuned from the mounting
pressures of this world. So don't let them overwhelm you or
cloud your thinking. Whatever you do, never let your faith
grow faint.

I'm sure you have felt in certain cases and situations that you
have done everything humanly possible, yet you still got little
or no results. I can tell you, that in moments like those human
effort isn't enough. You must reach out for Divine help. That
means to call upon a power higher than yourself to assist you in
reaching greater levels. It could also mean seeking assistance for
an education in your chosen field to reach a new level of success.

I'm a part of a mastermind group that guide others to the help needed
by means of a free ebook. Oftentimes, when we talk with them they
usually confess that they were seriously praying for help when they
came across the ebook.

It's our human nature to want to give up or give in when times get
tough, but don't you do it, because you are a winner. And the one
thing a winner never does is think about quitting. Just like the many
people that found assistance in their time of need, had they given up
too soon they would have missed a very important blessing.

The victory will come if you will stand strong, keep the faith and be
patient that your prayers will be answered. The Biblical quote says
to come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and
find grace to help us in our time of need. (Hebrews 4:16) We are
also told several times to faint not. Meaning don't give up because
winners never think about quitting.

Need assistance in making YOUR dreams a reality? There's a better way.

Rena Williams
Success Mentor Live
Coach Rena

Apr 2, 2009

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Network Marketing

Network marketing and traditional companies are similar in some
ways. Network marketing is also responsible for $110 billion in
global sales each year. That is more than the global sales for
Coca-Cola, FedEx, General Dynamics, and Microsoft combined.

View the top ten reasons why network marketing is better to be a
part of than any job, career, business, or investment company.

1. Low-to-No Financial Risk
You can start your own business for less than a few hundred dollars.

2. Be Your Own Boss
Nothing is more liberating than working for yourself, when and where you want.

3. Superior Quality Products
Innovative high in demand products or services. Unlimited market potential.

4. Impressive Tax Advantages
Tax savings from a home base business could legally put thousands in your pocket.

5. No Restrictions
There are no set hours or commuting, no employees or high overhead.

6. International Sales
An expanding global market, the sun will never set on your business.

7. Open To All
Anyone can do this business, regardless of age, sex, race, education or experience.

8. In-Dept Training/Support
You receive training that produces high levels of personal and professional growth.

9. Immediate Income
A very real opportunity to earn an income, both par-time or full-time career.

10. Freedom
You could be living the lifestyle of a Millionaire without the burdens. Your time/life is your own

The field of network marketing has created more Millionaires, and many Billionaires. It is truly the route to take if you are looking for financial freedom.

Don't let this recession stop you from owning your life!

All the best,

Rena Williams
Success Mentor

Apr 1, 2009

Knowledge Is Power-Or Not!

Its Wednesday and it is a special day for many
network marketers. It is the day that our
mastermind group join forces and we discuss
a chapter out of Think And Grow Rich by
Napoleon Hill. You see, we are all doing what is
called the 30 day Mental Cleanse.

It is step one in personal growth. You don't look at TV/Radio, or
newspaper, magazine, gossip, etc. None of this stuff is allowed
during your mental. Our mental cleanse program is life changing,
and is known by many as being the very vehicle that has taken
their business to the next level.

If you are serious about creating the lifestyle you want, then
personal development is a "must". You will get six months of
personal development training in 30 days with our mental cleanse
program. AND the best part is it's absolutely free of charge. The
ONLY thing it will cost you is your time.

As, our mentor always says, "Is your life worth 30 days?"

We are on Chapter 5-Specialized Knowledge, below is a lesson
turned in by a friend Frances Johns; Frances writes

Dear Michael,

Dr. Hill states that "an educated man is one who has
so developed the faculties of his mind that he may
acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without
violating the rights of others."

This I understand to be the ultimate state of living to
attain to. Wow! To acquire anything you want without
violating the rights of others................

It is obvious that the education he refers to is beyond
one's schooling and refers to a person who is a critical
thinker and an individual who is using his mind on a
higher plane than the average person.

This person will attract to himself those things which
are in like vibration with his desires as he focuses on
them with feeling and emotion.

This can be accomplished through my self-talk and
as I see in my mind my ideas becoming my reality.

The knowledge I need to accomplish my ideas need
not be all my own Dr. Hill states. Thank God for this
wonderful mastermind group of Mentoring For Free
which helps us to aquire the specialized knowledge
to attain our utmost desires.

Thank you Michael for the wonderful spirit of giving
that you showcase to the team......you are the only
man I have seen in two years of on-line research
(in the art of making money through the inter-net)
that truly has found the secret of it all.

Your team member,
Frances Johns
Are you ready for change? For more details on
experiencing the mental cleanse call me!

Coach Rena