Apr 27, 2009

Don't Fall In Love With Your Excuses!

Many fall in love with their own reasons for not moving
forward in life. Although these reasons are not the
actual truth about ourselves or our abilities, they
appear to be true. They can really hurt us because
it is what we have accepted to be true about ourselves.

Many people never achieve success because of their
strong belief in their excuses. They even go as far as
to attempt to prove to themselves as well as others that
their limitations are real. I love the quote from Richard Bach;
"Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours."

Get rid of your limiting beliefs. This is how you can tell where
your values and beliefs lie by looking at your actions. It's not
what you say, nor wish for, or hope for that determines your
belief It's the things you DO.

It is your behaviors. As my mentor says it, "if a belief is not
serving you, get rid of it." It is holding you back instead of
serving you.

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