Apr 14, 2009

What Are You Really Seeing?

"Most people spend their lives looking but not truly seeing"

Do you remember as a kid when you saw Peter Pan?
I can recall well at one point in the movie when
Tinkerbell was dying and a voice in the background cried out
okay boys and girls clap really loud if you believe in fairies.

"You can save Tinkerbell"! We all knew it was a fairy tale,
but we clapped anyway. Immediately, clap, clap, clap!

Tinkerbell got better because we believed.

Now that we're adults, our primary goal is to have enough
money to enjoy life in our golden years and possibly retire
early. No one wants to be dead or dead broke at age 65, nor
be working at age 75 or 80. (although it is happening)

Why is it that only 3% of people able to really enjoy life when
they're old?

The answer: Most people buy into the Peter Pan Retirement Plan.

They believe in delusions that are no more real than fairy tales.
Most buy into the Fairy Tale of clap if you believe in Lotteries or
clap if you believe in Wall Street or Clap if you believe in Social
Security and clap if you believe in the company you work for.

I know you get the idea, so what's the answer?

You need to see the big picture. You need a rational team of coaches
plus mentors that are willing to help you with many different ways to
reach your goals and dreams

I can put you in touch with a team of the most successful people in
the industry, that are still doing it today. That's the kind of people
you want to take advice from, not merely someone who's just saying
it's possible.

Don't be like Wall Street. The other day after Wall Street had several
losing days, at the closing bell people on the stock market floor were
all clapping and smiling at the end of the day, like of bunch of kids
believing in Peter Pan.

I don't know about you, but that's not what I want for my future to
be like. If you believe in fairy tales, might as well keep on clapping.
But if you are willing to believe in yourself, give me a call.

"Most people spend their lives looking but not truly seeing."

To your future,

Rena Williams

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