Apr 7, 2009


The use of our imagination is the greatest
tool we have for creating our own future.
It plays a far more important role in our
lives than most of us realize.

Where are you allowing your imagination to lead you?

Beware, of the fact that you can use the imagination as
a creative side or a destructive one. Which ever one we
put the most focus on will be the outcome of the goals
in which we set.

We as humans always act, feel and perform in exact
accordance to what we imagine to be true. It being about
ourselves or anything else. It's just a fundamental law of
the mind.

Take for instance this little story from my childhood past.
I did not know it back then, but by using the destructive
side of my imagination as a child, I actually created
something in my future. Here's the story in brief!

During my early school days, It seems I would always
get harassed by this one guy that had a silly schoolboy
crush on me. He'd often say "I'm gonna marry you!
your name will be Mrs. Rena Williams".

I would always respond, "that's such an ugly name
and it
will never be my name!". It seems as though I
actually hated this guy. He harassed me day in and out.
Years passed, I grew up, he grew up. Although I didn't
marry this particular guy, I did however marry and my
new name became Rena Williams.

When I thought about this, and how it happen so many years
ago, it was actually quite funny. I knew nothing about destructive
imagination or creative but I can see evidence all the time that it
indeed works.

So once again, how are you allowing your imagination to shape
your future?

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Coach Rena

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hi....thanks for stopping by and dropping some thoughtful words.

you blog was so interesting , so real...nice to read some lessons based on experiences.

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