Apr 1, 2009

Knowledge Is Power-Or Not!

Its Wednesday and it is a special day for many
network marketers. It is the day that our
mastermind group join forces and we discuss
a chapter out of Think And Grow Rich by
Napoleon Hill. You see, we are all doing what is
called the 30 day Mental Cleanse.

It is step one in personal growth. You don't look at TV/Radio, or
newspaper, magazine, gossip, etc. None of this stuff is allowed
during your mental. Our mental cleanse program is life changing,
and is known by many as being the very vehicle that has taken
their business to the next level.

If you are serious about creating the lifestyle you want, then
personal development is a "must". You will get six months of
personal development training in 30 days with our mental cleanse
program. AND the best part is it's absolutely free of charge. The
ONLY thing it will cost you is your time.

As, our mentor always says, "Is your life worth 30 days?"

We are on Chapter 5-Specialized Knowledge, below is a lesson
turned in by a friend Frances Johns; Frances writes

Dear Michael,

Dr. Hill states that "an educated man is one who has
so developed the faculties of his mind that he may
acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without
violating the rights of others."

This I understand to be the ultimate state of living to
attain to. Wow! To acquire anything you want without
violating the rights of others................

It is obvious that the education he refers to is beyond
one's schooling and refers to a person who is a critical
thinker and an individual who is using his mind on a
higher plane than the average person.

This person will attract to himself those things which
are in like vibration with his desires as he focuses on
them with feeling and emotion.

This can be accomplished through my self-talk and
as I see in my mind my ideas becoming my reality.

The knowledge I need to accomplish my ideas need
not be all my own Dr. Hill states. Thank God for this
wonderful mastermind group of Mentoring For Free
which helps us to aquire the specialized knowledge
to attain our utmost desires.

Thank you Michael for the wonderful spirit of giving
that you showcase to the team......you are the only
man I have seen in two years of on-line research
(in the art of making money through the inter-net)
that truly has found the secret of it all.

Your team member,
Frances Johns
Are you ready for change? For more details on
experiencing the mental cleanse call me!

Coach Rena

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