Apr 11, 2009

Do You Know?

Do you know that roughly 18.3 million senior citizens that are
members of a particular retirement age program are still working?
That's over 47 percent of an estimated 39 million that are working
either part-time or full time.

Isn't that sad news? During this time in their life should be spent
enjoying everything that life has to offer them instead of worrying
about how they will make ends meet. They should have freedom.

While, the traditional world may still think age group over 65 is too
far passed the hiring guidelines, it's not so in the arena of network
marketing. In network marketing there is NO age limit. (of course
you have to be an adult, 18 or older) Network marketing is open to
ALL regardless of age, sex, education, race or experience. The only
requirement is to have the ability to still dream. Cultivate the dream
of creating a better life for yourself and your family.

If anyone is looking to become a professional networker instead of a
wannabe, to have infallible success you must be in possession of six
main traits.

Here is the list, YOU:

(1) Must be a person that is coachable.
(2) Must have a Mentor and a Team you can trust.
(3) Must be part of a 5 Pillar company.
(4) Must HAVE and KNOW how to use a proven duplicable system.
(5) Must be a student of the industry.
(6) Must be a student of Personal Development.

Do you know, that having these six traits and a dream in your heart,
will absolutely produce unfailing results in your life. Don't wait around
for society kicks you out or until they close the door in your face.
Learn how you can change your life, the life of others and live your
dreams through the avenue of network marketing.

Begin here with an education on what to look for. Start with a Mentor
with a servant's heart.

Wishing you all the best!

Rena Williams
Ten Steps To Success

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