Apr 22, 2009

4 Step Process to Dealing with Change

The world is forever changing and change is a true measure of how
well developed we are as a person in different areas of life. How
well are you dealing with change? Here's a four step guide to help
keep you on track.

1. Accept that change is reality: Get clear with yourself by asking,
"What specifically am I worried about because of this change?"

2. Determine the worse case: Ask yourself, what is the worse thing
that can happen as a result of this change? Then decide whether you
will accept it.

3. Minimize the maximum: Ask the question, what are all the things I
can do to make sure that the worst doesn't happen?

4. Take Action: Take action to maximize your current situation. Ask
yourself, how can this change be a healthy and positive step toward
reaching my dreams and goals?

Most times when you look at change, you will find that it'll be
something good and beneficial for you. Change is a signal to you,
so how will you respond?

All the best,

Rena Williams

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yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

Adapting to changes is always difficult but that's what life is about. Minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities is the game. Let's face all our challenges and move on. Thanks.