Apr 20, 2009

Falling Isn't Failing

Many of people have tried
repeatedly to break a habit
of some sort, including myself.
Only to fail repeatedly.

I've learned and you should
know that falling isn't failing
unless you fail to get up and try again.

Most people who finally win the battle over what they wanted
to change, did so only after many failures, over and over.

Breaking a habit that has been around for a long time may
seem like the end of the road at times. But the joy you'll get from
dropping the old and applying the new habit will seem to open
up a whole new world of peace and enjoyment.

If you've tried to start anew by breaking an old habit, and find
yourself failing. Just remember falling is not failing, unless you
fail to get up and get it going again.

1 comment:

yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

Falling is not always failing when we fall often and get up often. Falling is failing if we care too much about falling, and fail to get up to try again. But if we care more about getting up and try again, then we will feel less pains in falling. Move on, falling isn't failing. Thanks.