Oct 28, 2009

A Tip On How To Avoid A Scam

As You absorb this information it will be clear that
this Tip could keep You out of trouble by keeping
You out of 100% of all the Scams that call them
selves a Network Marketing Business Opportunity.

We are NOT talking about a McDonald's franchise,
stocks, bonds, life insurance, trading in currency,
we are talking about Network Marketing.

You cannot "pay" money to Own a Business. Let
me explain this so everybody can get this "Fact".

When You pay say, $99.00, $199.00, $299.00 or
$399.00 or even $499.00 to join a business,, You
MUST receive Something of value that You would
buy without the business opportunity attached to it.

They may try to call it a Franchise Fee or maybe
a Training Fee or a Train the Trainer Fee this is all
100% "Illegal" and will put You in big trouble.

Take a look at Most Illegal Programs. You pay say
$399.00 to be a distributor and all You get for Your
money spent is a web-site and the opportunity to do
the same "to" other people.

They have a "Hard Cost" of say $25.00 for the web-
site, they pay $350.00 of Your CASH to the up-line
that recruited You into the illegal deal.

You cannot make money sponsoring someone in
the business......The NEW person MUST receive
Something of value for their CASH spent.

No Retail able product "NO" business opportunity.

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To Your Success,

Rena Williams

Oct 26, 2009

MLM Tip #23

Tip #23-Know What Your Prospects Want

This is another huge mistake network marketers
are making.

Whenever you enter into a relationship focused on YOUR agenda,
you are failing to listen to the prospect’s wants, needs, and hurts.
They will quickly see that what is important to you is what YOU want.
This is not the way to build stable long lasting relationships.

So, it is so very important that you learn to listen. That means
getting the agenda out of the way so that you may hear the needs of
your prospect. Then and only then will you start to build life changing
relationships, right before your eyes.

The best way to learn to listen is to study the personality types.
This plus much more are taught in our free mentoring classes.
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To your success,

Rena Williams

Oct 20, 2009

3 Skills That Builds Relationships

It's amazing how tough this is for most people, but it is. The thing that builds relationships is being yourself. When you are reading from a script when you talk to people, that doesn't work. If you have a set plan, one-two-three-four, some mental checklist you use every time you talk to any and everybody that doesn't work either. What does work is to:

1. Be yourself.
2. Genuinely care for people.
3. Show true empathy for people.

The 3 conditions that destroy relationships are:

1. The need to control
2. Being judgmental
3. Being self-righteous

The Key To Your Happiness In Life And Your Success In Business Is Learning To Listen. You can learn this skill and many others absolutely free each week with Free Mentoring. Want to know more?

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To your success,


Oct 19, 2009

Why People Quit MLM

People quit because they believe they don’t deserve success.
They think success is outside of themselves. So they’ll blame
the upline, the product, the compensation plan, the time of day,
the month of the year.

Yet, the real reason they quit is, they don’t believe they
deserve success. If you don’t work with them on that, they
will quit. They will use every excuse. “You sponsored me
and you never called me!” They will blame YOU. But in reality,
they just know that success is outside of them.

Personal development is a must it goes hand-in-hand with MLM
success. For you to make more, you have to become more. As
you’re working with a team, a group of mastermind people, they’re
all making money. They’re learning about handling money, investing,
getting their assets protected, and so forth.

And when you’re working in that environment, around all those
people, just the fact of being there ensures that you will learn all that
stuff. You will grow to be more than you ever thought possible.

As you grow, as your people grow, your team becomes stronger and
more stable. You get staying power, which is one of the most
important criteria in achieving long-term success.

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To your success,

Rena Williams

Oct 15, 2009

Thursday 10/15/09

Successful people learn to think from the end--that is,

they experience what they wish to intend before it

shows up in material form.

You can do the same thing.

~Rena Williams~

Oct 13, 2009

Never Be Desperate!

The author of the ebook Success In 10 Steps, Michael Dlouhy
also wrote a previous book titled "The 35 Biggest Mistakes
Everyone is Making in Network Marketing and How To Avoid Them"

Mistake #4 is"Being so desperate, you'll recruit anyone who can fog a mirror"

Because network marketing is all about relationships and not selling,
people can feel the difference. If you're not building a relationship
with them, they sense you are treating them as a number.

It's wise to be selective about who you want in your business. Find
and talk with people that already have a dream. If not you will spend
your entire time trying to motivate and inspire them and eventually
end up trying to build the dream for them.

I heard a man full of wisdom (My Mentor) say only put people in your
business that you would want to go on a one month cruise with.
Anyone other, will only drain your energy and life is just not worth all
the wasted effort.

Sounds like great advice to me!
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To your success,


Oct 7, 2009

Overcoming Obstacles To Success

How Did They Do It?

An Ebook, Michael, 10 Hours of Weekly Training!

Persistence, it's the one word that can describe my Success Story. Thinking back to when I started looking to create an additional income takes me back to my teenage years. I always dreamed of building an empire that would pay my children's children. What was missing for almost 20 years was a plan. The statement: "Failing to plan is planning to fail" describes that time period in my life.

Overcoming Obstacles

In 2003 I decided to see what all the fuss was about making millions on the internet. I watched a few informercials and got a few websites out of the opportunity section of some magazines and I was off on my journey to discover the end of the internet!

Everything I looked at made my stomach crawl. Nothing seemed legit or legal. I finally came across a free program and I spent 6 months being frustrated. In those 6 months I had no contact, other than emails, with any of my upline. I finally headed back out on to the internet to find a new opportunity. I spent almost 2 years with my next adventure. I had an awesome direct upline that had joined 1 month before me and we clicked right away. There would still be many hurdles for us to jump over.

I was constantly scratching my head trying to figure out why the upline was so diligent in making it so difficult for us. They constantly held back information, they played the favorites game, they played people off of each other and they manipulated downlines. My team was growing and the money was trickling in, but I was really struggling.

Then through advertising, I came across a sweet lady who asked if I had ever read "Success in 10 Steps"? I had seen the ads for it all over the internet but I kept passing it over. I finally decided to download the book based on this sweet lady's recommendation.

A month passed and I finally decided to read the ebook. After being beaten up and kicked around, I was skeptical. But I could not put the book down. I immediately felt the relief. My LACK of Success was NOT my Fault. WOW!

I called the lady who had recommended the ebook. I jumped on the weekly training calls and when I heard how easy it was to talk to people about the ebook, I knew I had found the system and training that could grow my business.

With the ebook and Michael and 10+ hours of training a week, how could we not have Success? It gave us a proven duplicatable system to build our business. We have sponsored a few who have sponsored a few, and so on, and so on. I have the support of Michael Dlouhy and the dynamic team at Mentoring For Free who share information and offer guidance. Anne and I thank them from the bottom of our hearts!

Anne and I are solid users of the MFF system and have been using it for 3 years. It is as simple as 1,2,3. Without MFF and its duplication we never would have reached Diamond in our Company or been able to help others reach Diamond as well.

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Rena Williams