Oct 20, 2009

3 Skills That Builds Relationships

It's amazing how tough this is for most people, but it is. The thing that builds relationships is being yourself. When you are reading from a script when you talk to people, that doesn't work. If you have a set plan, one-two-three-four, some mental checklist you use every time you talk to any and everybody that doesn't work either. What does work is to:

1. Be yourself.
2. Genuinely care for people.
3. Show true empathy for people.

The 3 conditions that destroy relationships are:

1. The need to control
2. Being judgmental
3. Being self-righteous

The Key To Your Happiness In Life And Your Success In Business Is Learning To Listen. You can learn this skill and many others absolutely free each week with Free Mentoring. Want to know more?

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