Oct 19, 2009

Why People Quit MLM

People quit because they believe they don’t deserve success.
They think success is outside of themselves. So they’ll blame
the upline, the product, the compensation plan, the time of day,
the month of the year.

Yet, the real reason they quit is, they don’t believe they
deserve success. If you don’t work with them on that, they
will quit. They will use every excuse. “You sponsored me
and you never called me!” They will blame YOU. But in reality,
they just know that success is outside of them.

Personal development is a must it goes hand-in-hand with MLM
success. For you to make more, you have to become more. As
you’re working with a team, a group of mastermind people, they’re
all making money. They’re learning about handling money, investing,
getting their assets protected, and so forth.

And when you’re working in that environment, around all those
people, just the fact of being there ensures that you will learn all that
stuff. You will grow to be more than you ever thought possible.

As you grow, as your people grow, your team becomes stronger and
more stable. You get staying power, which is one of the most
important criteria in achieving long-term success.

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To your success,

Rena Williams

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