Oct 13, 2009

Never Be Desperate!

The author of the ebook Success In 10 Steps, Michael Dlouhy
also wrote a previous book titled "The 35 Biggest Mistakes
Everyone is Making in Network Marketing and How To Avoid Them"

Mistake #4 is"Being so desperate, you'll recruit anyone who can fog a mirror"

Because network marketing is all about relationships and not selling,
people can feel the difference. If you're not building a relationship
with them, they sense you are treating them as a number.

It's wise to be selective about who you want in your business. Find
and talk with people that already have a dream. If not you will spend
your entire time trying to motivate and inspire them and eventually
end up trying to build the dream for them.

I heard a man full of wisdom (My Mentor) say only put people in your
business that you would want to go on a one month cruise with.
Anyone other, will only drain your energy and life is just not worth all
the wasted effort.

Sounds like great advice to me!
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To your success,


1 comment:

Denise Lee said...

Love it. Great advice, I have had a few tire kickers and brain drainers in my time and they can really suck the life out of your business