Oct 28, 2009

A Tip On How To Avoid A Scam

As You absorb this information it will be clear that
this Tip could keep You out of trouble by keeping
You out of 100% of all the Scams that call them
selves a Network Marketing Business Opportunity.

We are NOT talking about a McDonald's franchise,
stocks, bonds, life insurance, trading in currency,
we are talking about Network Marketing.

You cannot "pay" money to Own a Business. Let
me explain this so everybody can get this "Fact".

When You pay say, $99.00, $199.00, $299.00 or
$399.00 or even $499.00 to join a business,, You
MUST receive Something of value that You would
buy without the business opportunity attached to it.

They may try to call it a Franchise Fee or maybe
a Training Fee or a Train the Trainer Fee this is all
100% "Illegal" and will put You in big trouble.

Take a look at Most Illegal Programs. You pay say
$399.00 to be a distributor and all You get for Your
money spent is a web-site and the opportunity to do
the same "to" other people.

They have a "Hard Cost" of say $25.00 for the web-
site, they pay $350.00 of Your CASH to the up-line
that recruited You into the illegal deal.

You cannot make money sponsoring someone in
the business......The NEW person MUST receive
Something of value for their CASH spent.

No Retail able product "NO" business opportunity.

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To Your Success,

Rena Williams

1 comment:

Marilyn Kvasnok said...

Good point, Rena. Who would pay good money for something - Then get nothing? I think the hype and excitement blurs common sense sometimes. And some people are drawn to the dream of "get rich quick" with no work. Buyer beware: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.