Nov 2, 2009

Your Best Network Marketing Tool

Ninety-two percent of the world's population is sales resistant.
People don't like to be sold. People don't like to sell.

How about YOU? Do YOU like to be sold? How do you feel when You
walk into a shoe store and some sales clerk comes up, trying to sell
you, shove you, get you to buy some shoe that's on sale.

No, No, NO!!! You Want To Buy What YOU Want!

Most people are sales resistant. If you don't get this and you try to sell
them, you will ALWAYS struggle in network marketing. You must to
learn to listen. Again, 92% of the world's population is sales resistant.
That is an overwhelming number, if you're out there trying to sell them!

You have spent your entire life recommending and promoting things
to people. Books, movies, restaurants, websites, recipes, stores,
schools, parks, and experts The list goes on and on. Now all of a
sudden in network marketing, someone tells you to make a list of
your friends and family, call them up, let's beat 'em up and SELL them!

This upline guru leader wants to turn you into that pushy, aggressive
salesperson that nobody likes. can you see why it doesn't work?

There is a better way to reach people, its called Listening!

When you listen to people, this will allow you to build a know, like,
and trust relationship that will allow you to consistently build your
business, day by day.

As you learn the four main personality types, you can teach your
people to teach their team. This will eliminate the sales mode.
Instead, they'll be in the mode of trying to figure out, "How can I
best help this person?"

As you find out what Color type they are, you find out their
personality, and their hot buttons. Why is that so important?
Because, just like not everyone wears the same size shoe, not
every prospect will have the same needs and wants in their life.

When you listen and learn which personality types they are, you
then have the ability to communicate directly with that person
according to THEIR wants and needs. That will make all the
difference in the world in your business.

Would you like to know an Easy way to learn the personality types?
Color To Success!

Rena Williams

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