Apr 19, 2009

The Cure For Procrastination

The cure for procrastination is to just do it. Have you noticed that
the longer you put things off that you know you should be doing,
or the longer you look at them, the more difficult it becomes to get started?

This one act of procrastination brings on a lot of frustration and
unhappiness to most people that could have otherwise been avoided
if only they would just do the things they know they should do.

The cure is to keep moving. If you've ever carried something heavy or
ever watched someone carrying a heavy object, you remember that
they seem to be alright as long as they are moving. Yet, the moment
they put the weight down and sit to rest, the weight seems much
heavier, the distance becomes longer and the work appears harder
and more unpleasant.

With procrastination its not the work that needs to be done that
overwhelms us, it's the thinking about how hard the work is going to be.

So, the trick to curing procrastination is to keep things moving.
Whenever you have tasks that need to be completed, make yourself
a daily list of projects to do and get started.

Start with the most important one and work your way through the list.
Your list will soon become shorter and shorter. Before you know it the
projects will be finished and your feelings of overwhelm will be behind you.

You'll come to the conclusion that there wasn't anything really hard
about the work itself, you just needed to get going. As the Michael
Jordan "Nike" commercial says to "Just do it!". Stop putting things
off, get it done today.

Rena Williams

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Denise Lee said...

Thank u, I needed that today:)