Mar 13, 2009

Staying Full Of Hope

Stay Full Of Hope

Be a prisoner of hope, don't lose your
enthusiasm as you seek your goals.
I hear of this all the time, many people
usually fall short of their dreams because
they give up too soon. Take the advice of
Hebrews 10:35 "Don't cast away your confidence"

We often get signs letting us know, not to lose hope when we are
waiting for our breakthroughs. The most common signs are when
you constantly get bombarded by what seems like defeat. Don't
give up, it means you are close to what you are seeking.

Keep a good attitude and just know that the heat will be turned up
as you get closer to a breakthrough. Be a prisoner of hope instead of
a prisoner of fear, and discouragement.

Compare your journey to that of a woman about to give birth. She
undergoes months of preparation, then hours of labor with pain so
intense she wants to almost give up. But she keeps on pushing,
before long she's holding the reward or the gift. She knows every
pain was worth it all.

So, stay full of hope in whatever your seeking. Stay on your trail
because you are closer than you think.

Be encouraged,


3 comments: said...

Don't give up if you believe behind everything there is the Almighty God. He is in control and will bless us in due time.

Rena said...

You are right Yeokee,
He is in control.
Thanks for your comments

bp said...

I love this theme - hope is the most powerful idea we can possess. Without hope - what do we have?