Mar 2, 2009

Motivational DNA?

DNA-(Drive, Needs and Awards)

DNA can represent many different
phrases. Today we will equate it to
the Motivational field.

What's driving you these days?

An eight year study was conducted involving over 10,000
participants, researching to find what factors motivate us.
The test concluded there are six combining factors that
motivate us all to some degree.

Productivity, Connection, Stability, Variety, Internal awards,
and External awards.

Each of the above factors fall into one of three category.

Drive, Needs, or Awards.

D-What's driving you? (The powerful force within that drive you)

N-What do you need to feel fulfilled? (Are you afraid of change)

A-What inspires you to do your best?(The one thing that makes
it all worthwhile)

Once these three questions are answered, you'll become unstoppable
in reaching your goals.


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